Rabbit 2019 Astrology Forecast

So rabbits! Cute rabbits also really good
year um you have the golden lock. I don’t know how other schools will call it but
basically it’s when you see the golden lock and in astrological
chart that usually means money luck is really, really strong. And so it might be
a good year for you to invest this year but okay but do your homework before
taking the plunge. Don’t just say – Oh, I’ve got the golden look golden lock this
year, I can just put my money and it’s gonna grow anywhere – No! You still need to
be smart in terms of where you put your money okay. There’s also the five ghost –
now there’s a traditional reading and I guess a more modern reading into this
the traditional reading of the five ghost is a little bit panic inducing I
should say like you know in terms of spirits being around you or in terms of
a tip of my tongue I don’t know that word but it’s it’s bad spirits and
how it will affect you emotionally, spiritually, mentally. That is the older
explanation to it and it may depending on the rest of your chart and your home
because some homes can invite spirits a little bit more than other homes. Rabbits
are hit with the five ghost this year on a more modern tip the five ghost – just
for me I would just call it internal struggle okay or an uneasiness because
sometimes I don’t know if anyone has felt that sometimes, you just feel like
something is wrong but you don’t know what it is right? Something is wrong but
it’s like damn it if I I can’t, I can’t put my finger on it so this year could
be that year where you feel like that okay? I urge you to seek support talk to
someone friend or family or if you don’t need to talk to someone professionally
feel free to do that – highly recommend it that you do that
because this, this could be that year where you just feel that internal and
easiness okay? There’s the general star so whether in career or in business or
even in your societal standing, the general star if you think about the
general in the war in in the military right the general is almost well almost
always on a horse and let you’re looking down to the rest of your army right and
so you get the respect and you have the authority so the general started going
to push you up. If you were in a position where you have you have staff or your
you know you have team members or whatever that work under you, this would
be the year that they you know you get less trouble from them right. You give them
a command and things get done. You also have the three stages which also means
increase likability so that’s the thing the combination of the general Star and
the three-stage sam pai is really good because sometimes you get Authority but
people um people don’t like you right? In this case,
in the Rabbit’s case you get the authority and you’re respected and liked.
So that’s a good combo very similar to the tiger is also potential legal
hiccups so again anything that could open you up in terms of legal
liability just be really careful with that I’m just gonna take a I’m just
gonna take a quick drink of water. Okay.
Relationship-wise there are potentials especially if you are single and it
could come from your current pool of social circle so if you’re a single
rabbit – just open your eyes a little bit sometimes the love of your life is literally just under your nose and
you’re not seeing it well not literally but close.

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