R.I.P BGS? DUPING SECRET PETS & Getting Players BANNED! Bubble Gum Simulator!

ladies and gentlemen it is your host loopy meme still it's Gabriel into the native PGS is having a crisis ladies and gentlemen ladies and gents before we get into this bgs drama make sure to drop a like subscribe and tournedos post notifications so you never miss another video in yo life boy because peso later 2 is coming out and you never want to miss another day that but in today's video guys we're gonna be talking about duping and how it's becoming a very popular thing happening right now again at Bubblegum's simulator I don't know how it's brought back up guys but today we're going to be announcing the duping crisis that's been going on in bubble go simulator that's literally causing people to quit the game and it could possibly mean bubble go simulator it's going to diagnose because if this doesn't get fixed because the developer can't fix the duping glitch because it's a roblox issue is not a developer like game issue so he can't fix the glitch so as long as robots continues to have their game be able to have new pets there will always be dude pens and that means guys you know what that means bgs can't stop having duke pets i can always be in the game unless roblox themselves does something about it guys this has been a problem because the youtuber is all over all talking about it and let's go take a look at what happened to pH mittens because of duping pets guys and not only her but other people now that you guys have seen some footage of pH well hold on I think this guy might have a dupe so hard all right guys we're cracking down on this guy all right nice so hard where'd you get it huh where'd you get it huh oh we find out that this guy just duped this so hard we're gonna get on him we're gonna get on this dude I know he traded it broke he traded it he traded it I call dude guys I call dude I call duplication I call duplet where'd he go he left he left we can get out the conversation no you're not you're not getting out of this conversation you duplicator look at him he's gonna go away he did do it he did do it he duplicated guys guys he duplicated for that solahart we're gonna crack down on him uh did you do these soul all right guys we just said did you dupe the soul he said no did you dupe this soul don't you lie to me don't you let him in what don't do that guys I said if you were innocent you wouldn't be running away where'd he go bro he's hidden he's not even here anymore hahahaha I just cried out on a duplicator anyway guys now that we just track down a duplicator let's get back on topic on duplication so youtubers are talking about how the game is going to literally die if Bubblegum's simulator continues to have duping in the game the game is never gonna die because like some other youtubers were talking about like I think it was alpha GG was talking about something like if the game doesn't get duping out in the game it's gonna die because it's already not doing so well as is games already doing pretty bad it's going down to like the third fourth fifth page on the popular games a bunch of other new games are about to come out like pet simulator too and stuff and now duping is back not only is that bad because it's destroying the marketplace but it's like making people quit the game and then it says oh this are gonna be rolling out like a lot slower and it's gonna cause the game to go down so with that being said guys I mean I don't know what to say about BTS let's take a look at this so hard let's take a look at this so hard he says it wasn't Duke I can't even where is he oh whoa he gave me that bro thanks bro I thought you were a duper but I mean you gave me that for free so I might as well believe you he gave us a free platinum dual-core and thank you so much but where was I where was I oh yes Alpha GG was talking about like if the game has duping in the game people are gonna quit the game here we're gonna get mad quit the game you know because it's frustrating because if you guys don't know if you get duped if your account gets duped on okay all you have to do to duplicate is have one pet right trade it to somebody else and then they both have the same pet and each other's inventory that they don't trade it but they light they like multiply the pet and they have and the person that's trading it still has their pet but the other person has that same pet as well so you won't get banned for duping but you will get banned for having two of the same pen so let's say you have a regular pet and then you get a Duke pet of the same pay you're gonna get BAM while you go and get buy it that's the scary part about it guys and you can't even track who's the one duping like because there's so many people that have already doomed like it's literally impossible to track down who did it guys so we can't track down and bad who did it and there's multiple people that I can be doing it now cuz it's so simple so with that being said guys I think I don't know how I don't know how it'd be Justin got of this I don't know how it can get out of this mess Isaac can't fix it everybody's duping right now I don't know and people are quitting the game people are having to delete pets literally pH means somebody quit the game the person that doomed they did dupage means okay everybody's hating on the person that quote-unquote duped pH means they did it okay they had to get their guy fondle eat it because it was Duke and they quit the game mph minions had to delete a shiny guy phone delete a shiny guy fun you guys dude that that is so that is so crazy brawl I deleted a shiny head point brung a shiny secret pen getting deleted shiny secret peganum leader that is just out that is absurd that is ever since sir the only thing that can fix this now guys the only thing that can fix this is bubblegum simulator – oh ho ho oh that's right guys the only way this game can thrive is if we make a bubble gum simulator – gotcha DuPont you chill obviously Isaac can't fix the game because it's not his like he has no he literally can't fix the game he can't fix the duplication because it's a roblox error not a BTS error so the only way to fix this is contact roblox and tell them to fix it or make a b gs – guys and i want you guys to type in hashtag b gs do awareness month okay July I mean June is bgs doop Awareness Month guys type in the chat bgs doop awareness month in the chat right now or in the comment section I'm gonna make a weirdness in the server duping is ruining the game and if it doesn't get fixed BTS will die there we go and if it doesn't get fixed bgs will die how let's see how do we fix this how do we fix this guys how do we fix this I'm broke this guy still thinks I was just kidding I didn't think you were a duper ok that was a joke people are like bro I know this is a prank how can how can duplication be a prank guys we need to make duplication Awareness Month a happen guys if you guys can't make duplication Awareness Month happen B just might die ok it's in our hands ok the loopy squad it's our job to fix this game and if my fans are trying to take it seriously then there's no way we can fix peach yes ok I don't even play me just that much I don't play it that much but this game helped my channel out so much that I have to return the favor Issac I have to return the favor and I have to make this game come back alive again and fix and save the game guys and this is any if there's any time to step up and take charge and be amazing now is the time guys now it's the time if we save Bubblegum's simulator as a loopy squad no other youtubers gonna be able to do it not Meru shirt not pitch mittens not outfit GG not uh uh-uh-uh-uh-uh Kellogg is nobody guys only the loopy squad can say Beach yes so all the other youtubers that wanna like help bgs get undoped you can just like no it's gonna be us guys and with that being said that's all I literally have to say for this video make awareness to this duplication everybody go to roblox and type hashtag bgs duplication Awareness Month and bgs I mean robots will fix be just forever all you guys to do is like this video type that into roblox and message that to roblox hashtag BTS duplication Awareness Month and you will help bubblegum simulator I don't know and with that being said I'll see you guys in the next video thanks for watching I am going to play some unboxing simulator yeah I don't really play this game anymore but with that being said see you guys in pessimal err to think guys so much for watching I'll see you guys next time good

47 thoughts on “R.I.P BGS? DUPING SECRET PETS & Getting Players BANNED! Bubble Gum Simulator!

  1. Erik cassel:fix clients and improve roblox
    David baszucki:make more money,bot scammers and remove features and break the client

  2. Bro is Bgs 2 come all my game pass will go away and I used all my robux and my parents won't buy me anymore robux 🙁 my Roblox username is FanaticFiber444

  3. Well, he’s working with ROBLOX now. So I think he’ll try and figure out how to fix the duping issue. But I kinda wanna see a BGS 2 to be honest, I reckon he could make the map look so much better and the pets look even more awesome!

  4. DUDE I have two cerberuses I'm 100% sure none of them is duped cause I hatched one and I traded for the other one and I'm fully sure cause I had it weeks ago before duping been startes

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