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pet owners of Reddit what is something seemingly caring and adorable that your pet does to you or for you but screws you over a little whenever I pack my work back my cap sits in it as if I won't realize and will take her to work with me she always seems sad when I take her out when I was still living at home my cat would always barge into my room and stretch out on my bed right as I was about to leave for work or school he wasn't physically preventing me from leaving but I lacked the willpower to ignore him I was late a lot a little bit late but I thought a cat tax might be in order my husky does something similar little background I stay in a hotel MF as I work out of town but I'm home on the weekends when my pup sees me packing my uniform or putting it on he looks at me with a very sad face usually I give him some really good pets after he proceeds to lay in front of the front door to prevent me from leaving it breaks my heart every time picture of my pup if you don't already consider leaving a smelly sweater or workout clothes for your pup having something that smells strongly of their person can really help them until you get back having a goodbye routine can help too but the cuddle thing is a big deal my cat is very protective of me he follows me like a shadow and has attacked an ex bf who was yelling at me whenever I brought dates home and eventually my current bf my cat tries to assert dominance he will stand on their laps face height and give them a staredown if they try to move him he will cat slap you I don't let him get away with this behavior and will remove him but I have to admit that it has made me chuckle I use this as a standard when we had our family cat if she accepted my girlfriend then I knew it had work out I then did the same with all my ex's cats to try and win their affection to strengthen my appeal to the ex my ex had a small dog that would only listen to and follow her around and two cats one that was extremely antisocial the interstitial cat loves sitting on my lap and I was able to walk the dog without Elise because she would stick right by me my ex was amazed but some things just don't work out even if the pets know how good you are I have a pet rat rats love chewing my rad chews off my belt loops she chews when she is comfortable I miss my rats they had such distinct personalities voodoo was a fat mama's girl vole Carrie was fiercely independent they both still came to me for comfort and vorks wouldn't even let other people hold her she jumped from their arms into mine voodoo even as a hyperactive baby rat just wanted to lay on my shoulder and lick my neck they were so sweet honestly I almost cry sometimes thinking about how wonderful they were losing them was devastating each is a unique soul I had three girls near who was an adventurer at who didn't care much for people she wanted to be out and exploring Murrow was sweet and caring to everyone grooming strangers and hugging her sisters Nana was scared of everything and would explore only if nuru went first she was the most playful and cheerful but a little slow they were all completely different my dog really thinks she adds value to the household and earns her keep by barking at every truck that goes by even looks at me real pleased when she does it very adorable very loud saying and he does it five times as much when we are eating to try to get little treats he will run up to the front window and bark five times and come sprinting back and look at us expectantly like payment for the job I just did please my neighbors have Adam who starts to howl every time something with a siren ambulance police fire truck drives past and we live in a street which is a major feed for those siren things so now we hear something like we are Yaya and from the other side like an echo allahu allahu so whenever so and i hear a siren we automatically martha hoooo to each other even if the dog isn't actually home you have been successfully pavlov ed by a dog my 15 year old kitty scoots likes to park it and loaf between my legs when I'm reclined he gets super comfy starts kneading and purring and his warmth makes me sleepy until I eventually nod off until he farts and the ensuing olfactory onslaught permeates the room so much that I have to get up and leave wow thank you so much for all of the hilarious and informative replies and Big Ups to be anonymous redditor for the gold you pop Mayra did gold cherry here's my cat tax of scutes big grayble and his fourteen-year-old brother – ewwww mind for today bit until I changed her diet check the meat content on the pouches and discovered that the same brand canned stuff was cheaper more recyclable and had more meat less carbs in it she hasn't done her silent but deadly drive-by farting for ages now equals D sounds like a sauna cock named scoots the cat if my dog wants to cuddle while you're looking at your phone she will try to knock it out of your hands with her paw it's cute but it can be annoying especially if you're lying down and the phone falls on your face heavy-handed reminder that she's the love of your life my little dog has a very precious thing that he does every time I'm sitting on the toilet I don't know why he does it there but maybe it's because he can reach me there he will sit on his hind legs and ever so softly hold onto my hand with his paws while he licks my hand he does this mostly after I've eaten something all washed my hands he is a trip my mom's Rottweiler does this except she doesn't know how big she is and she ends up eating your phone across the living room or does he 100% know what she's doing and is simply more effective at getting the phone away my cat has two modes terribly polite and terribly loud terribly loud involves standing on the highest surface she can manage and shouting swearing at us until we fix whatever's wrong were 25 seconds late for when she thinks her dinner should be served there was a shadow her sister is sitting on a box terribly polite involves tapping my hand gently with her pour toast for fusses tapping my leg to make sure I'm happy for her to sit on my lap and bringing me gifts she refuses to go outside so she carefully brings a selection of her toys puts them in front of my bedroom door every night's a tiny little black cat in my favorite void cloud in the world I've taught my cat watch shut up means when he starts howling for no reason I'll yell theta shut up and he usually does favorite void in the cloud is a wonderful description when my dog was alive he used to sleep next to our heads the only problem was he really liked to lick the lows so we would wake up with him laying on the pillow and a huge wet spot next to him sometimes it would be like half the pillow and I would have to move him in the night to flip the pillow so I could sleep on the dry side my brothers dogs do this except one will lick and the other will nibble there's no escaping it my dog would also lick our catch so when we sat down there was a 50/50 chance we would sit on a wet spot so much fun even though some stuff was annoying I still miss him thought my dog was licking the couch had big wet spots turns out he was licking his paws due to analogy in the midst of trying to figure out what food is causing allergies right now on meds and no more wet spots but he has so much more energy he's 95 pounds my mom's dog puts her neck over your face if you are laying down we call it snuff ocation and she doesn't do it to my mom only real me I'm glad my highest comment is about enough vacation thanks all only she can be the sole beneficiary of your mom's affection sh hhhh best part is she is a basset hound and I'm the only other person she listens to my dachshund used to do something like this as a teeny pup she'd lay across my neck to sleep then she got bigger and I woke up cause I couldn't breathe snuff occation is my new favorite word right up there with crab-alanche when a pile of stuff loses stability and topples krappa Lynch is great I used to work as a stoker and the number of times people failed to stack pallets right is insane so we'd get crappy lunches regularly and cold views the term if my cat is in a bad mood she'll run at me as in walking and bite at my ankles but if she's in a good mood she'll run at me and rub against me it's fifty 50 with this cat even if she's running to give me some love I have to take defensive precautions in case it's an attack this is especially stressful when it's dark and him walking down the stairs she does the profit by doing the attack and if someone else comes a new best bet she fight back cats doing some wartime mental warfare trying to keep you stressed and on edge always uncertain at what's to come I'd be careful to me it sounds like she's got pent-up energy and wants to play maybe get a dangly toy and try play sessions before bed if you haven't already yeah that's what mine did when he wanted to play when I'm incredibly stressed my sixteen pound cat will climb onto my chest when I'm sleeping and need my face and neck it's adorable but only between 2:00 a.m. and 5:00 a.m. rip sleep also pain our cat will begin licking my head if I don't scratch him when he thinks I should waking up with half my head wet with caps bit is less than ideal just imagine how smooth your skin is though I swear cats tongues are made of sandpaper and exfoliants I'm losing more hair than I like to admit I don't need my scalp sanded down my cat isin't allowed out of his room unsupervised because he is very rebellious and destructive but if he was he would do that it kind of sounds like your cat is going through an angsty phase Harvey likes to bring his toy over to us and shove it in our faces it supposedly means he thinks we are alpha but it's very difficult to do anything with a toy in your face we've gotten around to saying thank you for the toy but no thank you what if he recognizes that you're working but thinks you're too stressed and need some toy time I wouldn't be surprised by that either he's such a sweet boy dogs are so good and we don't deserve them my dog gives her slimy rubber toys to my baby to try and teach the baby how to play throw like the other humans do instead of throwing so dog oak and then fetch the baby proceeds to chomp down on dog saliva coated toy assuming that the dog is sharing a teething toy it's sooo gross kinda cute he lays on my bed when I'm gone he does it because he likes my scent but he sheds like no other he likes your scent but what if he's doing it because underscore he likes your scent and wants to impart his scent because he thinks you underscore like his scent I have a cat that's obsessed with the smells of his people especially his favorite one any clothing left out after wearing he rolls in and snarls they must scented areas like the color line or armpit clothing after a good workout is his favorite and he also likes to sniff and lick ambit's he's a weird cat but I love him my cat will just shove his head in people's shoes and roll around with the shoe in his head doesn't matter Hoover shoes belong to he's got a sniff we taught our hound George to sit and shake hands before he gets his dinner or treats it's also evolved to a point where he put his pour on your lap to ask for it when it's dinner time unfortunately sometimes he gets so excited for food that he punches in the face or in the groin my stepdad taught his German Shepherd to give you a kiss on the cheek for a treat if you tap it one day we are having pizza before I can even think she gives me this cartoon-esque head moving kiss across my cheek and snatches my pizza and runs off with it Touche Kirby Touche my caps shake hands as a trick so when we are eating a really good snack they will stick out their paws to be shook I die every time

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