Quiet Collar Tags for doodles

hi this is Betty dudu boomer chick and in this video I'm gonna talk about quiet color tags the reason I made this video is because I saw a lot of doggies really hating their own colors because it makes so much and so loud noise so I come up came up with a few ideas what you can consider changing color tags to something more quiet if you are into color tags then the first thing I wanted to show you to consider is a vet tech silencer now you can get it in many colors the thing it does is you can put up to like five color tags I think in here and with a little screw here you can clean them close together so they're not gonna make noise you're gonna keep be able to keep all the information on your doggy because that's one of our needs like keeping our information on there in case doggie and gets lost then people can get them back to us and our other need what I would consider is our doggies health they have super super sensitive ears in case the color tags are drinking all over Dankers it's not just Christmastime is throughout Italy then they're gonna go nuts and the recall is not gonna be that good and somebody's I saw so crazy tooth marks on their rabies tag what they had in their color and the doggie can break these so if you want to keep their safety and their health at the same time and they're yourself at the same time as priority I would suggest something like this one another thing that I really really like is little tags name tags with rivets now you can get a little thing one like this one so it's not gonna take up so much space on the car doggy's color I really like this one you can put up to four lines of information in there like we have our street houston burn street I call or text and then my phone number and my husband's phone number anyway so in case of my dog he gets a way for some reason and the reason it can happen then he's gonna have the information on this one is very very sturdy you don't have to worry about school getting unscrewed that's one is realistic as well I'm just talking about nonsense situations like this one who you will have to fight with pliers to get it off so this is a very very useful one you can get it in different sizes if you want more information on the body then very sturdy one I would go with this one plus this has another advantage it's not gonna be flopping against the coat especially winter time even these little tiny thingies can man up the hair big time around the collar earlier so from great perspective again your need for safety and our need for the dog is health and here your health and from grooming perspective that's the third one so I'm gonna give us extra work on the doggy I will go with one of like bit one of one like this one or you can get information embroidered doggies color now my little thingy problem with that is you have the limited amount of information I want our address and my husband my phone number on it at least so that that's at least three lines but you can go three lines with embroider so it's nice and it's laughs it's a long lasting but still not the type of thingy I would really really enjoy because it doesn't have flow flow my need for leaving so much information in there as much as possible so personally I love this when I go with this I get it a person wearing something like 10 bucks ridiculous price included the engraving and you can do two right there it's amazing I think and I put it on all our kitties colors as well not just my dog yeah he's not there to grab my dog's color today because he's sleeping and in case go nuts and what never wanted my support for this video so that's why I'm showing the kiddies color because I just didn't want to wake him up so I hope this helps and I hope you consider your doggies your own and your doggies needs versus priorities and add a little bit of grooming side when you choose to pick your doodles color and color tag so that way your doodle is going to be nice and comfortable and you don't have to work that much on the coat and you can keep him safe hope you like this video give me a thumbs up if you do and subscribe if you want to see more and as always I hope to see you in the next video and your dude bye bye

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