Quick Tips For A Well Behaved Dog

hey it's Tim you'll hear from Doc Mathers and today I've got some quick tips for you on getting a well behaved dog the first thing is to have a good clean diet feeding cheap dog food is like giving your kids take away every night they're gonna live they're gonna survive and it tastes good but they're not gonna thrive secondly make sure your dogs getting plenty of exercise the next thing is to leave environmental enrichment for your dog this means leaving your dog things to do when you're not around the next thing is just simply to make sure that you spend good quality time with your dog this can even be just hanging out on the couch the next thing is to give your dog some house training house trained dog is a happy dog it goes down it's good to have rules and boundaries around the house if your dogs not house trained yet I don't recommend leaving them having free rein around the house because who knows what they're going to get up to when you're away and of course if you've got a pet dog I recommend you get your dog desexed thanks for watching and I hope you've enjoyed this video if you want to see more videos like this one including some with actual dogs in them sign up at Dogma Descamps today you don't forget to like share and subscribe now where'd he go you

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  1. so what would constitute leaving things for your dog to do when you’re gone, if you have a malinois ?

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