Quatro Patinhas NGO presents: Priceless Pets

The shelters are usually in bad conditions. Animals die of diseases and maltreatment or due to overcrowding. Some people abandon animals in shelters thinking they’ll get adopted and receive proper care. But they usually end up dying from many diseases and depression. People still pay a lot of money buying animals in pet shops. But there are many other pets that would bring so much love with them for all their lives and people don’t need to spend a cent for it. Good morning, how are you? I want to buy the spotted dog. This one? Yeah, this one. OK. It’s for free. Bullshit! For free?
Yes. Really? So I can actually take it home for free, right now?
Yes, that’s it. Is it for real?
Yes. I was just about to ask for a discount… Really?
Yes, it’s free! What do you mean for free? No cost? Free of charges?
No cost at all! You’re kidding me!
I’m serious. Please, honey. Let’s take him! Oh, I want it! I think in the end what really matters is the empathy between a person and the animal. There’s no difference if a pet is purebred or not. What really matters is the love that will arise there between the person in the pet shop and the pet behind the glass.

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  1. but wait, if we all adopt only, what about the ones stuck in the petshops??? behind those glass all stuck??

    lesson……BUY AND ADOPT EM ALL 😀 😀 😀

  2. The only word I can think of is aaaahhh. My dog was a rescue. Happy to say she is 13 and still going strong.

  3. I bought two "easter" bunnies from when people bought them as cute little bunnies for their kids at Easter and a year later didnt want them. They lived 10 years and were amazing little guys. I also have a rescue cat and have had dogs from the pound as well. They have all been amazing pets 🙂

  4. its not really fair too because they only put out puppies for sale, most people only want to get dogs or animals when they're still young and the reason whhy most dont want to adopt is because most of the animals there are adults

  5. If you adopt you stop the backyard breeders from selling their pups to the pet stores. Plus you also help put an end to the puppy mills. And you also help decrease the number of dogs in the shelters. Which helps them to be more able to house the homeless dogs without being placed in the position of having to kill them. Because no animal shelter wants to do this. This in turn creates a positive sweep for ending the "homeless starving dog situations".

  6. I post this on Pinister. To help get the word out to people. Truth is,… if you want a pure bred dog you will find them at animal shelters or dog rescue groups. And they come to you fully vaccinated, miccrochiped, with rabies shot and are spayed/neutered all for a small fraction of the price pet stores charge you. I am not saying $1000. You can adopt them anywhere between $50-$150 with all of the above included in with their adoption price.

  7. Greg cantelli. Right you are. The puppy mills need to stop. I can't tell you how often I see female dogs dumped on to the streets that come from them. What puppy mills do is breed their dogs back to back until the mother's bodies get very woren out and runned down. When she gets to be 3 years old or a little bit older. They dump her onto the streets with no food, shelter nor water. She is left to fend for herself. I found a beautiful pure bred 4 years ago. She was young, only 4 years old. She was very skinny and malnourished. Living on the streets she came down with distemper. With my vet's help, we tried to nurse her back to health because the virus hadn't yet taken full hold. We lost her 3 weeks into her recovery. Her immune system was just too weak from not being able to find enough food to eat while she lived on the streets.

  8. Breeding dogs back to back reaps havoc on their bodies. It leaves them extremely vulnerable to every virus and disease that a dog can catch

  9. All 3 of my cats have been rescues and when I have a house and can get a dog too it will most definitely be a rescue too. Rescues tend to be non-pure bred. Which means they are smarter, healthier and in general nicer pets. Not to mention you are saving their life or at the very least ensuring you are giving them the best care and life possible.

    So it is good for the animal and it is good for you as you are getting a better pet than you would if you paid for a "pure bred"

  10. Oh, I absolutely love this. and those words at the end, "Better than buying a life is saving one." – so true.

  11. There is just one thing I have an issue with here. This is a great idea to help shelter pets find home but, the fact they are free to take home I don't like so much. When someone visits a shop and something is free – damn right they're going to take it home. Why not, right? Just because one person understands they cannot afford it, others don't. They love the idea of free. People will hear that and as some make decisions on a whim, even if they THINK they can afford it. Why not just let people put forward money for the pets, no matter where they came from? The first man was willing to pay for that cute little spotted pup. I see "rescue" being a scary word for some. I happily support rescues and even gave money for mine!

    I see some of these dogs ending up in shelters again. I see a lot of times people on Craigslist giving pets away for free and they don't research the potential new owner. The pets end up as fighting dogs, kittens and rabbits being used for food, abused, malnourished and even flipped. I just really hope they are asking for vet references and doing home visits for these free pets. I don't know how they run things in Brazil but I hope all of these pets went to wonderful, caring homes!

  12. I wish I could buy all animals I really do 🙁 I hate to hear that they died of depression etc 🙁

  13. i love this! made me tear up abit ahaha every animal out there deserves a home and most importantly, love. wish every pet shop would do this

  14. Sad thing is. I got denied to adopt because my family had too many pets though I was moving. So that's pet #1. The other 4 is because I lived in an apartment. The pet store of course only there for money. I want to adopt now but don't have 200 to adopt.

  15. ok who are the two idiots who dissliked this video? maybe they are breeders.

  16. What a Kind Heart.
    i think it was great
    Helping people to have dogs
    and at the same time they are rehoming the dogs

  17. soy Mascotera y debo decir que , mucha gente va a las tiendas confiando de que el animal tiene pedigree y ha pasado por controles y va a comprar una mascota sana , aveces los refugios en sus desesperacion por darles hogar , entregan animales con todo tipo de problemas de salud , siendo mas caros que un animal sano comprado en tienda , me paso , fui a un refugio a buscar un gato , me entregaron a la menos conflictiva ( mi hija era muy pequeña para tener un animal con problemas ) cuando llegamos a casa , la gata era Bipolar , de estar tranquila pasaba a la agresividad sin motivos , tenia una alergia en la piel que tratabamos pero el problema eran sus problemas de comportamiento , atacaba a todos en casa … vecinos han adoptado tambien y solo le han durado 1 año , eso si con unas facturas veterinarias impagables por los problemas con que venia la mascota , no te dicen que el animal necesita atencion y que ellos ayudarian a atenderlos ( los refugios tienen veterinarios , deberian darte un informe de salud ) , una amiga adopto un Gato que tenia traumas y problemas de riñones que no le dijeron , murio a causa de su enfermedad y a pesar de ser atendido por esta chica , no se dejaba querer mucho y cuando empezaba a confiar , muere y eso que tenia 5 años , las facturas si siguieron vivas , si No mintieran en los refugios , quizas se confiaria mas en ellos. Yotengo 2 Gatos , los adopte de casas familiares , ya superan los 10 años , han tenido problemas de salud normales  , nada que les pusiera en riesgo  , cuando mis niños me dejen , ire a un refugio a pesar de lo visto por mis conocidos , les dare otra oportunidad .


  19. this video makes it seems like people are excited about the shelter animals because they're free, not because they're in need of good homes. in reality free animals are more likely to promote impulse adoptions, because people don't consider the costs of properly caring for an animal. adopting a pet is a huge commitment, not a snap decision.

    also, this video only shows cute puppies and kittens, not the many adult and senior animals that are surrendered and end up in shelters. if anything, they're the ones who need to be featured in stores.

    I love the message but I think this video misses the mark in a lot of ways…

  20. Dogs don't have a say in where they come from whether they are in a store or a rescue.  ALL dogs deserve a loving home. Let's stop animal shaming and let people decide which avenue they want to take.

  21. Well, clearly they were only surprised by getting a free pet instead of learning "NOT" to buy an animal.
    I don't think they deserve that.

  22. Thing is that's Brazil. Here in America, shelter dogs cost upwards of 500$ in the South, the price of a nice fullbread dog  from a breeder.

  23. This is so cool. But why do Westerners care so little for pigs? They are just as intelligent and sensitive as dogs and cats. The same people will be horrified if a dog or cat is harmed or killed, but give no regard for pigs. Someone please tell me why there is such bigotry.

  24. 1:08 "I was just about to ask for a discount…really?" at that point I would've made the entitled bitch pay for the dog.

  25. I hate Brazil as it is an evil country with the scum of the earth living in it however this is a nice gesture

  26. It's simple mathematics. When you purchase a breeder dog or cat, you kill a dog or cat in the shelter. There are only so many homes for pets.

  27. Gostei muito do vídeo, acho certo as pessoas adotarem cachorros, eles precisam de um lar melhor, mais também acho que as pessoas que querem adotar deveriam passar por um tipo de avaliação ou ser cobrado algum tipo de impostos, porque já conheci muitas pessoas que adotavam ou compravam cachorros pequenos e quando crescia jogava  fora, acho que quando se adota um cachorro e como um filho, é para sempre. Mais foi muito bom essa iniciativa do video. Mais não adianta so adotar, tem que adotar e cuidar para sempre do seu amado cachorro adotado.

  28. I like very much the video, i think its right people adopt dogs, they need better places, but i think the people that want adopt a dog should pass for a sort of test or pay some taxe, because i met a lot people who would adopt a dog but when they grow up, they would throw away the dog, i think when you adopt a dog it's like a son, its forever. But the video iniciate ist very good . But doesnt work just adopt , i have to adopt and take care of your loved adopted dogs.

  29. Wow what an amazing thing for shelters and pet stores to do!  The problem unfortunately is that when these animals are given away for free, they are exposed to : 1) No homechecks 2) criminals who will use these pets as bait for their fighting rings 3) Giving away pets for free (or anything for that matter) is known to be a big no-no as people do not always appreciate things that they did not have to pay for. 
    its a real catch 22 situation, but overall, I think the heart is in the right place, lets hope they just do it with some sort of plan for after care or follow up checks.

  30. It looks cute but I disagree with it. Anything that can have for free people don't appreciate much (except the real dog/cat lovers)

    And now you posted video about it, dogs hunter might pretend to go to your shop and get those puppies for free and raise them to fight or use them as dog bait..

    I like the idea of getting dogs/cats a home. But should also double check profile who you give away free pet to. Have them register their profile that get enough information. Well up to you. Pets in shelter are sad and we would want them to find a loving forever homw. But I would regret it if I gave away free pets and they ended their life in a worse place than being in a shelter.

    It's great to stay positive but also not to realise the ugly truth.
    That's my opinion. Dont hv to agree with me.

  31. Boa tarde
    Amei o vídeo gosto muito de compartilhar
    Todos sobre animais não posso ver vídeo fotos de animais eu compartilho
    Sucesso beijos

  32. This method won't work where I live.  The word 'free' would make people think there's something wrong with the animal.  A good workaround is to give a price for the shelter animals and give away 'free' pet food and toys.  In other words, the price is actually for the pet food and toys.

  33. Oh jeeze, now I'm thinking of the day I adopted my cat (than kitten) at a no kill shelter event. Other adoption agencies had moderate to high price tags but my little bugger was only a $54 adoption fee. Adoptees are the best and loving pets ever in my opinion, plus we both have respiratory problems so its nice to share that with someone lol.

  34. My dog was a rescue. Only a few hours before euthanization. She was old, and no-one wanted her, So we gladly took her in. We loved her, although she may growl a bit when you try to kiss her, She was very sweet, and often stopped my other dogs from fighting.

  35. Shelters are a hassle. forms to fill out, people questioning me integrity. plus an outrageous cost for an mature mixed breed.
    I go to a breeder and get my Golden Retriever for the same price, shots an all, no questions asked.

    Sorry, I think animal shelters are a good thing, but they make so hard to walk in, never mind walking out with a much needed adoption.

  36. ペットショップの動物もシェルターで飼われている動物も変わらんよという動画かな?

  37. I rescued my Rottie (full blooded) when she was 6 months old front the local shelter (animal protection society) and she is now 9.5 and still acts like a damn puppy when she gets excited. Had really zero issues besides a sensitive stomach. Loves everything and everyone, unless you walk by the house and she's inside. She is protective but not aggressive ever……….the same cannot be said for my previous "Bought" Rottie. Whom only lived to 7 due to hips and renal issues.


  38. i love this! people think animals from the shelter are sick or dirty but if you get those rescue animals cleaned up and placed in a petshop would there be a difference? just my thought

  39. "Rescue" dogs where I live can cost as much or more than buying from a breeder. Its ridiculous. I can understand trying to recoup the costs from vet bills and care of the animal but $500-$800 for a rescue dog is crazy.

  40. I have a rescued cat, and it turn out to be the most amazing cat ive ever had. I think he thank me because before i adopt him he always lock at cage. :')

  41. I took a neglected stray kitten from Chez-Republic to The Netherlands with my parents a couple years ago. She sleeped all 12 hours in the car on the way home, and when we got home she was so curious! This life was completely new for her. She acted like an actual queen haha. Unfortunately after 4 months of taking her home, she got hit by a car and died.. I don't think I've ever felt worse, we'd done so much for the little girl.. The person who hit her even took her collar, I'm still upset about the fact that they took it, even after 6 years.

  42. Forget that! When my cat and dog do wrong I beat them like im fighting a human being…animals must learn their lessons!

  43. I believe around 30% or more of pets are purchased instead of adopted. Can someone who decided to buy (paying for an animal that is purposefully so the seller gets a profit) rather than adopt (yes, you pay a small adoption fee which covers spaying/neutering, shots, worming, and first checkup) please explain to me the rationale of why?? One causes death, one saves s life. I don't get it.

  44. I want to work there i am 11 years old how old do i have to be to voulentier i do not care about the money i just want to help poor animals please comment

  45. esse vídeo tem 3 anos ?? só tive conhecimento numa matéria que li hoje ! ficou incrível d qualquer forma !!! as pessoas precisam PARAR D financiar quem vive da perereca alheia !!!

  46. depois que crescer volta para as ruas adultos pior ainda por que quando filhote tem alguém do lado cuidado e olhando depois que ver nao tem nenhuma raça vai para rua …. eu não sou psicologo nem psiquiatra quando dono pet fala quer grátis povo da aquela olha duvidosa

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