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hello everyone welcome back to our channel so in today's video I am going to be answering some of you guys's questions I've only ever done one of these videos and it was way way back I will link it down below yes so most of these questions have come off of the community part of our channel where I asked you guys to submit anything you wanted me to spill so yeah I hope you liked the video guys I'm gonna get straight to it one of the most frequently asked questions is what is mine and my children's ethnicity now to settle this once and for all I did a DNA test now the results won't be ready until approximately the 14th of May so then I will do a whole video on what my ethnicity is what my heritage is I will know for sure I won't have it on paper and I will share it with you because I am incredibly mixed and it would be really interesting for me myself to know what my true heritage and ethnicity is so if you want to have like a quick explanation about my ethnicity you can go and watch the other Q&A I did where I give you a brief sort of rundown of where my mum and dad were born etc but it is just so diverse we have a lot of migration and we have a lot of like discrepancies as to who actually was from where so yeah it's going to be fantastic to do that video and just to find out once and for all another highly requested question was actually about yesterday's video where max was seen wearing no varnish everyone wants to know like why was work max wearing nail varnish and the short of the answer is Jean was painting her nails max went over and said can you paint my house that was it and Jean painted his now as there is no bigger explanation apart from the fact that he wanted his nails done he is still currently waiting for Dean to do his toes she has because she won't let anybody else touch her nail kit but she will do it for them so he's still waiting we for her to paint his toes so I hope that answers your question for that we get a lot of questions all the time asking where dad is and I suppose if you are a new subscriber you probably a bit like where is he you know you don't actually know the background basically dad is a shy introvert private person the complete opposite to me and I mean he has absolutely no social media platform at all no Instagram no Facebook he has no idea how these things work and that is just how he is so when I set this up this was something that suits my personality and I really enjoy it and everything else but it wasn't for him and so that was fine so we were just going to keep that kind of separate but as obviously the channel is growing so many of you would just love to see how we like communicate how we interact because then it will just kind of form a bigger picture of our family as a whole so he did say that he will make an appearance on the channel he did say there's like quite a long time ago when I wasn't on like a huge amount of subscribers and he said and when you get to a hundred thousand you know are like I'll be in one of your videos or I'll show my face or something and we are getting there guys thank you so much welcome to all of the new subscribers I am so appreciative like I cannot believe that I've gotten this far and I just I'm just so happy I'm over the moon and yes so 100,000 subscribers and we will see Dad well I've already seen him you guys will see dad so tell your friends shout it from the rooftops let's get it up to 100k dad is like super super anxious about this he's like oh my goodness oh how many what you want now like he's like literally shaking in his boots I've had a few questions from people who would like to know a bit more about mine of dads relationship I think because they have had six children and we did meet at such a young age of 14 for those of you who didn't already know and I was trying to think like of what are the main things that have given us like longevity and two things really stood out to me one of them is that we laugh a lot and laughter has gotten us through so many tough and difficult situations we can find the funny side in almost anything and I really think that that has helped it brings on like good feelings even when the situation is like abysmal so yeah being able to laugh with somebody and have I mean he's not like a comedian or anything like far from it but it's just like we connect on a really of sort of weird like I don't know we connect on this level where we find the same things funny and we just like can set each other off with laughter and it really has helped us get through many many things so I think that connection of last thing together is amazing and secondly we are both very adaptable and so obviously we clash we come to heads we disagree often but we are both always open to listen to the other person's point of view and then adapt if need be we are not like stubborn and like no way I've said this and I can never go back I'm never going to change my mind we are both very open and we talk a lot we have lots of debates we both bring in our arguments not in an argumentative way that we both present our arguments and we both listen and we are both adaptable and I think that those two things there are probably at the core of our relationship so I hope that answers some of your questions also some people wanted to know how we manage like time together and we did used to have a dedicated date night but I found that I was getting a bit stressed out and like I don't know it was a bit too planned for me I really do like spontaneous things so like it would just be on a day when things have gone quite well the children are in bed like I bring up my mum like are you available she is and then we just go out kind of thing so it it does happen not like very very often but that's like totally fine because we don't need to go out like every week in order to connect we have like a deeper connection that cannot be broken okay I'm just going to scroll through my phone and do like a quick-fire of answers to some of the questions on here does Jude eat meat products when he is not at home with you okay so most of Jude's meals are eaten at home in all honesty when I see him coming home with things of little flying packets in his pocket they have been a plant-based he is making the plant-based choices but I don't think he wants to call himself vegan so I mean he does go to his friend's house and has dinner there probably about once a week but I know his friend's mom does make quite a lot of plant-based meals I'm not entirely sure what he eats there but like I said most of who is eaten at home but yeah he is pretty much plant base but just wouldn't call himself vegan at the moment are you going to send olive to school when she turns 4 I'm not sure because I'm not sure where we're going to be or what kind of situation we're going to be in then I'm not very good at like foreseeing the future or planning for the future because I have such big crazy ambitious dreams that hopefully I see myself like on the road in a big giant bus with all of my kids just like traveling around and vlogging and living life but hey ho who knows I am always open to new ideas and probably need to come back to reality sometimes who looks like dad from the kids Jude how is Dean doing a chair she really likes it but when she went into chair yesterday she slipped and fell and has a huge graze on her knee if you could switch lives with any of your children who would it be and why I would probably switch lives with Jeane purely because i would love to give gene a bit more confidence she is an amazing character an amazing person but she definitely lacks in confidence and second-guesses herself far too often and I mean I know that's her but I I want her to feel more secure in herself and so if I could inject a little bit of that into her that would be great also I would like to see the world through her eyes yeah I think it would just be amazing would you guys ever come to the u.s. of course we would travel anywhere in the world I absolutely love traveling I mean we have traveled with the children to Australia so we are not scared of taking the children away are you going to move house of course we would love a bigger house but obviously bigger house means bigger expenses so we need to just kind of save save save and save some more until we are in a position to get the bigger house but for now what we have got here is like so so far better than so many people in this world that we are just grateful for what we have already got would you want another child no I'm not going to have any more children but when I say I'm not going to have any more children I think that I would like another child a kind of doesn't make any sense at all but I'm definitely not having any more children but I'm just I think I'm just such a free spirit I don't like saying no never that's why I always say never say never but there are no plans for any more children in my future grandchildren yes I'm looking forward today is very much where now am I gonna cut irises hair I'm gonna cut it over tonight or tomorrow for sure so watch out for that video have you ever been bullied me myself I think I did in primary school I don't know if my mom would agree with me but I think I remember the feelings I remember feeling scared I think the issue was the girl was my friend so I think that's what was a bit confusing for everybody and I think it was a bit confusing for me as well because we were friends but I did also feel bullied by this girl and in the end it all came out and it got sorted and we did remain friends but I think there just had to be some kind of line drawn between what is and isn't acceptable but I definitely felt bullied but I suppose that is all that matters and I am a strong advocate for anti bullying I have always been somebody that stands up for other people even I put myself in some dangerous situations before I once in our local town I must have been about 15 years old I saw a group of boys trying to take things off of another boy like hugging him and I just impulsively no this is not happening I'm not going to allow this you know I've stood between them and I prevented that boy from getting mugged and I just when I well afterwards like I had so much really my heart was pumping after what I was thinking well like anything could have happened to me but I just cannot help myself I cannot see I cannot walk past in Justices and let them just have I can't I have got too much integrity to allow something like that to happen in front of me I I have I seem to have more passion for other people like I would let myself so I've got maybe taken advantage of but when I see it happening to somebody else especially somebody that I love well just in general to anybody else I just cannot cope with it I just think I'm like a superhero no not really but I just honestly it's just in the belt ingrained in my soul that I have to help those who are in need which is my vegan okay what job did you have when you were younger I'm already young no okay so I worked in accountancy I got into accountancy purely because it sounded good and I thought that I would make a decent amount of money which I did but I did not like it so I really recommend that nobody just goes into a job because it seems a good option to make money because ultimately you're going to hate it and we only have one life you do not want to spend the majority of your life a huge chunk of your life doing something that you absolutely hate and like praying for Friday and dying and crying on Sunday night because you have to go back to work that is just like the life from hell say yes I did accountancy up until I was 23 then I had gene and then while I was off then I thought I need to just like react ate myself and find something else to do because I cannot stand this and that's when all the Fitness came in and I became a fitness trainer personal trainer and I did online plans online coaching and I worked alongside well my friend helped me Michele Brannan who runs showgirl fitness now but again something was something was missing from that I liked it more than the accounting but it still wasn't my thing you know and then YouTube came along and I just feel like this is what I love doing I was fortunate enough to be able to try and get my YouTube up and running without it having to be our main source of income which I know is very difficult for those who need to have an income and try and get their new business off of the ground as well but and that's a big juggling act so yeah and I'm still trying to build my youtube channel now but it's not it's the thing is I think you know you found the job that you liked doing when you would do it even if you wasn't getting paid for it and that's kind of like contradictory because you need to have a job in order to sometimes do these things but I would film on my phone I would film anywhere because I enjoy filming and editing oh I love editing I wish I had more time to do it because I've obviously got the children but I do love the whole photography videography editing and I wish I knew how to do more everything I do on YouTube is completely self-taught I've never done a course in my life so yeah that's why sometimes it takes a bit longer for me because I'm trying to figure it out as I go along on this journey but I absolutely love it and I wouldn't stop it even if you to close my account down I would go on the darknet and upload videos there okay someone says here you weren't vegan before but you've already eaten them before what made you change your mind I think I was just very what's the word ignorant I didn't dare I didn't I didn't care to think about where my food came from before I picked it up in the shop I knew it was a chicken but I never made any connection to a life a desire to live torture pain I had none of that I just thought this this is in the shop it's all nicely packaged you know you buy it this is what everybody does how can it be wrong if so many people do it I don't know if there's many people out there that could go to slaughterhouses watch earthlings you know see the cruelty for themselves I mean so many people cannot watch I will not watch and we'll sign every petition Under the Sun to prevent these dogs in China being you know absolutely tortured alive in front of crowds of people and that's because you are visually seeing it but this is happening here I know it's slightly different but it's still happening I mean like what if someone say they said you can't you can't kill a pig like in the street but put it behind closed doors you can kill that pig just because you can't see it doesn't right basically I went and watched a ton of these videos and I was just overwhelmed with guilt overwhelmed with like oh I just knew what I had to do right there right then and I did it I think this whole mentality of because I've done it before it's okay you all you have the ability to change every second every minute every day you can change the course of your life you can right those wrongs it's not like a clear-cut ending what I've always done it you know we all have the power to change the direction of our lives we just have to want it enough preach girl preach girl what is your least favorite part of being vegan probably not having as many options I think it's absolutely amazing that I can pretty much go to any restaurant now even like steak houses I haven't been to one but I know that they do provide or will provide an option free of animal products but sometimes you don't you have a limited choice but I think that all of the companies that are introducing more vegan options are doing absolutely amazingly and it's just getting more and more so I'm just completely pleased about that but yeah probably options what are your YouTube goals you would like to reach by 2019 I don't know if I have God I was I actually got out a piece of paper the other day and I thought I'm gonna write down some guards and I just sort of sat there and scribbled and doodles and drew marks of arrows and stuff I doodle a lot I procrastinate a lot also I don't know I've set like this mini goal of me putting out five videos in five days and I'm nearly there this is video number four but I haven't actually wrote down any goals for YouTube maybe I should I don't know obviously everybody wants more subscribers and I want people to like my videos I love the comments I want to keep the interaction I want to keep it fresh I want to keep it funny I know what probably you know I would really like I would like to I feel like I'm in myself on camera but I feel like I really want to be more of myself I really want you guys to know me like you were my friend because I don't know I really want you just to know me more and I'm trying to get that through in my videos but it is really hard so yeah so to be able to maybe build a deeper connection with my subscribers obviously increase the subscribers I want to get better at my videography and my editing and ultimately I suppose this is a goal I would like to put out a video every single day just gonna have a quick skim see if there is anything juicy that I have missed there's anyone else being you know Nelson out of school no but there are vegetarians have you ever thought about getting a pet yes we would get a pet or I wouldn't buy a pet I would rescue a pet we would like to rescue a dog but not until we have better bigger accomodation and yes I would feed my dog a vegan diet look it up on YouTube so many amazing recipes how old am i I am 59 no not really I'm 36 my birthday's November I'm a Scorpio I don't really follow astrology or anything like that but yeah November the 7th I will be 37 this year to end a QA I'm going to answer this question that I think was amazing if you had to be one animal in the world including mythical creatures what would you be and why so if I was an animal I would probably be a scarab beetle and I don't really know why thank you so much for watching this Q&A I really hope you enjoyed it I tried to answer as many questions as I could without making the video super long why did I sort of like filtered the questions with the top comments first so the ones that got the most likes so I'm assuming those were the ones that people wanted answering so yeah tune in tomorrow for another video possibly quite possibly the video where I cut irises hair I've had a great time talking to you please give the video a big thumbs up if you liked it let me know what else you would like to know about us and our family I appreciate every single one of you honestly like I don't know how to put that across to you more in words maybe I need to like deepen or expand my vocabulary so I can find a word that can really explain how much how grateful I am take care guys bye oh you don't go now when I'm involved maybe yeah I don't want to know

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