the LG forgot to release only that your release only let's catch them all with catch them all fishing with Zack ketchup yes there's one thing I gotta do before releasing lever is oh look at someone's ocupado go on go on little girl are you bastard get under the leaf head leaf Oh whack whack together there's another one but he's ugly I don't want to touch that one all the way small fry dang it had him I had a oh you get him Jim get him don't hesitate you can't hesitate oh he jumped over wait don't move – move get him get him don't hesitate ah I got him oh my god yeah teamwork alright guys so as you know we haven't played bass and he's really cool her name is shyamu and this is what Shamu like Street Shamu oh look there's a snook is everybody peacock red tail camu camu everyone wants to see it in slow-mo I know I know you love the motion [Laughter] is recording know-how minnows are you know I command me to go away because I've been making it warmer guys because now that winter is upon us instead of having an overhang which kills all the algae all you need to do to kill algae and your mom's guys is have shade I have no shade because I want very warm as the winter months the protest I don't want any like fish dying they're all really tropical fish and I'm trying to make up now transport off live I record this like we're walking like for 10 miles guys we've been walking for quite something job but now it's time to get our big slots nut guys it's been eating on camera I might sneak some stuff on my other channel CARICOM I'll live out there for you of an evening but I'm releasing this snook one because I need more snook to eat and I'm going to Sebastian pretty soon with my friend mad and all those guys you know they like to eat snook so – I call it FWC about getting a permit to keep these things and guys we can do it I just don't want everyone getting them cuz I know there's a lot of people that are as responsible as me they might not know about the heating systems and I see fish dying in little ponds here and there but I don't want everyone to just have like a pond and just fish dying left to right people don't want us to blog but anyway guys so I don't want the efficacy to be able to just come in here whenever they want and just like put their hands in my pond and do annoying things but as much as I appreciate them for what they do and like they keep everything like alive and conserved you know but I don't I don't want them to be like involved in what I'm doing that much so I did not apply for that permit although I think I can get it so we're gonna have to release this big flop but we're gonna release in a very very special place as you know by this fire thumbnail be a good boy come on good boy man this nook it's so cool I'm so sad about this come on don't want them to really hit the ground just tore a hole through our net thanks Leviathan I appreciate that I'm gonna have to sew that one up so guys then just stab the guts out of me I'm bleeding and probably enough to take a spin out of there but anyway I wish I could keep them wish the rules were a little bit different but like I said I do not want to apply for that permit cuz our slots nut guys looks just gorgeous completely freshwater trained to eat Wow buddy but I'm gonna put them away 30 inches on the money relax big guy so we're gonna get them to the punt out fighting fathom peak but yeah we're gonna get them to the pond that's how you know there a lot of them will when they bite you all right good we're gonna rock it over to the release pond follow me look transportation station at your service these planes today bro but anyway how you doing you're doing good you ready to go night-night all right night-night let's get them into the transportation stage good job Josh lime jo Islam you that's enough bullshit good job high five we're at somewhere special releasing one of our pet fish that really inspired me to make a the big fish here come take a look at this bar pushing those massive bass if I would have a great home here but we just talked to Bass Pro Shops killed my friends in here and they said we can't put them in here without having the license ourselves and I know we just went back and forth about why I don't want to have the license myself so that couldn't happen we can have cool stuff like this cool yeah so I have to get a gator guard guys that's coming up future episodes and now it's time to go the odd you forgot to release only catch or release only time to release and not catch em all pinball guys I've seen snuck in here cops looking here okay Levi's Maya came in from here I'm just saying I'm just saying you might have come from the other side that's connected to this side but I don't want to divulge that but that one that that might have been what happened where we caught him anyway so you're gonna believe guys it hurts me to release this guy I've never had a pet sloths not eating before but debating here I've seen snuck in here I know this big catfish in here I've actually seen coin in here too one more time for the one time good nice little picture my baby soft on shoes in there yo you all right anyway guys yeah I do the right thing and I need to eat a lot of fish being one of those on this side but guys you gotta follow the rules and sometimes you got to do what you gotta do catch you up oh I'm gonna say catch him on your look into the into the Sun yeah you got to do what you got to do and sometimes you gotta catch'em all fishes YouTube and Instagram you like this song right light and calm

44 thoughts on “Put My Pet Fish in BASS PRO SHOPS POND!

  1. How would you like to offer a huge discount for your viewers for free at bass pro and hundreds of other retailers and increase your profitability at the sand time? This is very cutting edge and works great.

  2. nice fish thx for the tip ima go there and catch him lol ! ill make ya nice lil blog with him in a nice homemade batter on my grill BAAAAAA , not even kidding bruh

  3. The handling of that snook was atrocious and I definitely hate seeing it in my hometown. looks like he lives in lakes of Sherbrooke in West Palm Beach Florida and he's going to the Bass Pro Shop in Dania. but man was he rough on that fish especially toting it all around the parking lot for other fools to inspect it and touch. this is exactly why they make people get permits for this type of crap.smh

  4. Ahh I thought you where gonna put him In the indoor pond that would of been awesome if they let you do that and you come visit on weekends

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