Pura: A Smart Fountain for Cats

cats often suffer from dehydration because they are finicky about their food and water source water quality and volume is vital
To keep your cat hydrated and healthy so we’ve created Pura Pura is a smart fount for cats it automatically monitors and keeps track of how much water your cat drinks the specially shaped water bowl allows your cat to drink water without wetting their whiskers The hassle-free water-changing mechanism makes it easy for refills easy for refills the activated carbon filtered allows your cat always have fresh and healthy water to drink always have fresh and healthy water to drink if you have more than one kitten no
worries Pura is designed to work and synchronize with multiple Puras for multiple cats with multiple Puras for multiple cats the Pura app will provide a friendly yet insightful health report for your cat we’ve already finished the pilot trial and we believe by studying our cats behavior it’s possible for us to help them live healthier and longer and the key to this is to bring Pura into their lives Pura thirst for pure

13 thoughts on “Pura: A Smart Fountain for Cats

  1. "Multiple Puras for multiple cats" is hardly a solution when I have a hard enough time keeping mine from eating each other's food. Probably wouldn't use the tracking feature anyway.

  2. Just wondering if it can use facial recognition… I have 15 cats in my house and i'd like to know if they all get to drink the right amount of water..

  3. You had me at mek-ANN-izm

    I'd thought this was an April Fools but that would have been wishful thinking:

  4. Please please make this a reality, my cat needs this really badly. Does anyone know any alternatives with a water filter and running water? 🙁

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