46 thoughts on “Puppy's first weekend at home | Herky & Milton | Cavalier King Charles Spaniel

  1. У нас в семье,такая-же порода!!!!Мы всё, очень любим, обожаем,нашего Альфика!!!!Нам уже,7месяцев!!! Спасибо большое,за прекрасное видео!!!!?????????????

  2. Did I Sub too late to join the "Fun" of your vids? Former Crazy Cat Lady here, really seriously considering on getting my very own Cavie ? (ok, so I still luv Cats ?) and since I'm a woman of Faith, Praying about it! Cuz it's a big deal 4 me…Thx 4 sharing Girl! Hugs to your Cavies & God Bless Y'all

  3. I have a Cavalier King Charles same color in the video his name is Darcy. He was 15 years when he passed away old due to heart problem, arthritis, Gallstones. I just missed him my very sweet dog..?

  4. Dont Own This Dog Breed There In Allot Of Pain Because Of There Looks Allmost All Die Of Heart Problems The Suffer From Mature Headaches To It Iant Worth It To Let A Living Creature Suffer For Your Enjoyment And The People That Dont Agree…. You Need A Dick!!!

  5. OMG! The adult one looks and behaves exactly the same with my one! He is interested in everything, but scared of everything?

  6. 滑ってるよ! Dog is sliding.
    Dogs injure their knees.

  7. tellement adorable !!!!!! <3 A quel éleveur êtes vous allé ? Lorsqu'on sera prêt pour un chien, 95% chance que ce soit un cavalier king charles ! Trop mignon!

  8. Hi, I’m thinking about getting a cavalier, how bad do they shed and how good are they with kids and training, please advice kindly thanks

  9. I love cavalier king Charles spaniels!!! But they shed why to much for my brother……? I might get a schnoodle!! If anyone has or had a schnoodle before please tell me how much they shed!!!

  10. I have a black and white cavalier Spaniel. She is awesome and now 4 yrs old. She is so smart, but does get into mischief. You can’t leave any food or snacks around. She will find them. She is a cuddle bug and I love her very much.??? I live alone after losing 2 husbands and makes me happy??

  11. Oh my goodness they are beautiful Cavs…..Milton looks so much like my Blenheim Zack that I had growing up, trying to convince my hubby to get me one!

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