who's going to the groom who is going to his first time at the groomers are you okay let's go this boy doesn't really care for the groomers but we'll see how bad it does it'll be his first time today getting cut so we gotta get him in the car come on boys we're gonna be late Beauty what do I do [Applause] we are on our way we're actually stuck by a train but we're on our way to go pick up the dogs right now and I'm very excited I miss them so much I'm not kidding when we left the groomer I kind of started crying a little bit that's just that's just kind of dumb I don't know why but I just love them so much and it was like being its first time getting a haircut so it's just really nervous for him and like collie with you I don't know why if he does well he wasn't gonna put a guard to him if he was squirming yeah so we'll see how they look I'm really excited to see how they look and when we get them back I'll tell you guys everything that I normally tell the groom we're because I know a lot of people have asked me that so I'll let you guys know that and I'll show you guys some of the products that we use to kind of keep up on their grooming at home too boys got their bandanas on what good boy I'm gonna do any to go ready 1 2 3 oh please pack everything the boys are panic hang on boys how was it boys how was he how is your grooming you look so good the end it's legs are crossed just chillin up here he's chillin just like my look when he does that why do hey you had a big day a very big day getting injured she said you did a good job buddy yep we're proud of you by in front of you good job you too cute a little bit yo someone is thirsty let's do these leeches off oh boy do you do it where you good at the groomer you want tweets all right as you guys can see we're back from the groom where the boys look so handsome this was being its first haircut so I was just like a little bit nervous for him but she said he did really really good and she didn't take off that much but I think it still looks good for his first time and then maybe the next time we'll take a little bit more off as you guys can tell Banda's hair is much straighter than dudes which is so weird because he's actually 75% poodle he has a puppy coat right now so we're not sure if the puppy coat sheds like maybe he'll end up getting curly and we don't know I wanted to walk you guys through what I asked for when we normally take dude in because a lot of people ask that all the time I always ask for the same thing on dude I tell her to do his body a little bit shorter and then I always keep us tail really long she trims it a bit but we keep it pretty long I just think it looks really cute nice and fluffy and then I tell her to keep his ears longer and then I say to keep the top of his head like an inch longer than everything else I just think it looks really adorable like that and she does a really really good job but then his whole body is like the same length whatever that is I wanted to also share with you guys the different tools that we use like in-between grooming appointments – so if Dave doesn't get to manage because with curly haired dogs they do tend to get a little bit manage one of the first comes that I did end up getting was this one this is one that they sold at a grooming place the woman there suggested it to us so this is more for like fine details work look if you really want to get in there like get down to the scalp and get like a really small little knot al this is really really good for that another one that we get is this slicker brush I found this to set with a dollar store type place but this one's really good for just kind of getting like the top of the coat dude does not mind me brushing him at all bandit on the other hand he'll just go ahead and hide the couch hit that smile you did it might be too much but yeah this just kind of gets like the top of his coat I know it dude actually likes this brush but yeah it's not really gonna get down like to the scalp that's what it's called on a dog this scalp I don't know but yes and we use this one and I'll leave all these link down below and then this one I really really like because the teeth on it are really long and this one is super super great for giving like down to the bottom where your skin is I noticed like whenever I use this one I get oh he does not like this one but it does like kind of D shed him a bit too which is yeah you out of here so whenever I brush paint it doesn't suit he gets give you come here come here I come yeah my brush oh and dude the pot is literally underwear my dad's Eva's beauty come here beauty – mama brush you hi good boy good boy this is what he's gonna be he's gonna go on the cup baby he wants you to save him he's going under the chance I can still get you under here can you get you paws I just she said he did so good I just I just wonder what he did could this is what he does for me it just hides its Hey oh I'm sorry I know you don't like it oh okay you had enough you learn enough no well that's going to be it for today's video I hope you liked seeing this little video of seeing the boys get groomed what we asked for the stuff that we used in between their grooming appointments and stuff so it'll be really interesting because being it's going to be getting fixed really soon probably in a week so we'll give you guys a little update that happened so hope you guys are having a great week please give this video a thumbs up if you liked it subscribe if you're new and we will see you really soon in the next video


  1. We had to do that with our pup yesterday, I couldn't focus on anything while he was in there, he was so pleased to see us he peed himself when we picked him up. Felt so guilty. ?❤

  2. They both look so beautiful! Dude has a lovely hair cut and bandit looks so tidy now. Oh btw just a tip the third brush you use on dude is an undercoat rake it's used on huskies and Pomeranian type breeds to get out the undercoat ? in always wondered if dude sheds at all? Not as much as my lab i think he's the worst shedding dog I've ever met (aside from a few huskies)

  3. You want a teddy bear face…that’s what you say for what you want…
    Best brush is the “Miracle brush”…. get it in amazon…..excellent for Doodles and many others breeds….

  4. I know you just made a lake video, but would love to see a video with a packing list for goldendoodles for the lake. I'm bringing my 9 month old pup to our lakehouse, and I don't want to forget anything!

  5. I am surprised that bandit is a f1b looking at his coat. We have six 4 week old mini f1b puppies and they are soooo cute. I’m excited to see what their coats do too. You just never know!

  6. My double doodle hair is just like bandits. They could be twins. He’s almost a year old in a few weeks and still has the same hair and looks like a Golden Retriever. Look up “Flat Coat Doodle” or “Smooth Coat Doodle”. That’s what Bandit will be.

  7. How adorable! We are getting our goldendoodle in a couple of weeks June 21st to be exact. So nervous but excited! Abby do you think you could make a video about teaching your dog to potty train? Or what process did you go through.. It would really help out. Thanks!

  8. Oh my gosh..adorable pups!!
    Is Bandit a Doodle too? He reminds me of a Golden Retriever. Dude is a pro.. got the grooming thing down pat.
    Love the matching bandannas!
    Dogs are the greatest!

  9. Dude and Bandit are handsome and adorable!! Bandit is getting big!! I love ur video and I hope you see this and you will like the video and my comment, everyone who sees this!! Show love from Seattle

  10. They looked excited anxious and worried on the way to the groomers that was too funny like they knew they were going somewhere but didn't know where

  11. I have a German Shepherd Husky mix and she sheds a lot. So I brush her 2 to 3 times a week.

  12. Been a sub since day 1 on this channel! Me and my 5month old goldendoodle Bear watch these videos together and he tilts his head whenever he sees your doods on the screen! Love it! Can't wait for more videos!

  13. Bandit looks so much like a terrier mix with golden retriever but isn’t his mom a golden doodle wonder why his hair grows Nappy looking lol still cute though‼️

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