Puppy with Neck Wound Rescue from Euthanasia

hey guys welcome back to my ranch I'm dr. Dave you can see this is ice I really mean this is pitbull it's kind of a cool story today so ice was rescued from death row at our local shelter he's got a really bad bloom on his neck his plight chained up in the yard I'm sure that Animal Control came and got him and I don't bolt them at all these he's a pit bull and he's got a wound even though he's sweet they were gonna put him down they just don't have the resources and treat stuff like this so there's a really nice lady here with a rescue and we were at the feed store in a small town we do all our business at the feed store and she said Oh dr. Dave I think I have something for veterans and she showed him to me and I saw him he's super super sweet obviously and I don't know why it feels so good he's got a gaping wound on his neck I'm sure you've never been socialized but we said yeah we can definitely fix ice so we're gonna sedate him clean that up suture it if we can nutrient give me shots and everything and get him on some antibiotics here's is all ready to get cleaned up here's the whole wound and it's really old you can see it's starting to scar over he's got tons of ticks all over we're gonna pick all those off and on his ear give them some s and to keep them from coming back and then we're gonna go ahead and snute him and he'll be ready to adopt this is actually it's just super oil I'm sure he just chained up most of this life which is really sad he's got a lot of energy is super sweet so this is this is scarring in this is what we call granulation tissue this pink stuff here so I mentioned this would heal but what I'm gonna do is trim some of this back and this side as well call it freshening so that I can bring this big kind of gaping craft right here together like I said it would heal this will make it heal faster probably more comfortably and he won't have quite famous car so we cut a little bit this Scottish me off to get it to bleed the beating is what's gonna help it heal and just kind of shave it like this shave on the other side as well you can see it's bleeding quite a bit which is actually what we want in this case usually I've get scared of dating but this is good because you cannot allow it to heal better because the sub-q air and now I'm gonna do the intra dermal here these intra dermal stitches are really nice not only because it helps it feels really good I'm a crazy little puppy like this especially after he starts to feel really good after all this is done getting the stitches or staples out of his neck will take you half an hour probably but this way they're absorbed totally we won't ever have to we'll look at them but we don't have to do anything with them and we'll never have to deal with taking them out some of this stuff is is just gonna have to heal on its own like kind of down here on the edges but this big gaping aim if it closed up and and I think you'll feel a lot better I would can you see these guys little hit checkers I'm gonna get rid of these give him some medicine they keep him from coming back these are disgusting disgusting here's ice a couple days after a surgery and it's looking really awesome you can see this coming it's just healing perfectly actually a little bit from where we didn't quite so it all the way up but where we sewed it looks so good so we're gonna keep him here for a few more days until it's all healed up and then he's gonna go to his new home can you sit oh good boy good boy it's been 10 days since Isis surgery and he's doing awesome he looks beautiful to help save a puppy's life by donating Tyndall's of blood so yeah he's we've saved two lives with ice today his and/or this week his and puppies so we were glad to have him and we're happy to see him go and get adopted thanks for donating and we'll see on the next thing sometimes from the feeling toughen you're caught up but you know nothing wrong with strong bed [Applause] I wanna be working my child the cruise I'm just a fool last week I was common entry [Applause]

24 thoughts on “Puppy with Neck Wound Rescue from Euthanasia

  1. I thought scraping and trimming the granular tissue in order to suture it was called debriding. Is it freshining?

  2. Oh my gosh ice is so sweet. He probably was really happy because he knew he was going to get help. He was so sweet. ???

  3. I love the pride and love and genuine care all of you take in your work. He is beautiful and very loving. I hope he finds a family that will treat him as loving.????

  4. I don't understand why people think pitbulls aren't inherently aggressive. Only very strong people should ever own one. There's too many "out of the blue" attacks that result in children's deaths from pitbulls. They're only about 8% of the dog population and make up almost 80% of fatal attacks. (google fatal dog bite stats if you don't believe me)

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