Puppy Training Video – Welcome Home New Puppy (Episode 2)

hello and welcome to the Eukanuba puppy training series here on Eukanuba TV i'm jim pit at world famous non dog expert well if you don't like me and you're seriously considering getting a puppy or maybe you even just purchased one well either way you're probably not sure how to prepare for the new addition that's why I'm very thrilled to have here today Martin D Lee one of the world's foremost training experts thank you Jim good to see him it's good to see and I brought along little Chloe to help you out and then fantastic well Martin let's get to it what really goes into welcoming a puppy into your home well yep puppy's gonna be experience a lot of new smells are the new sights it depends very much on the puppy but we want to try and make them comfortable we're trying getting confident and accepting of this new home so quietness calmness easiness you notice within this little dog she likes calm movements yeah so keep your visitors to a minimum they'll all want to see a little cutie like this it makes absolute sense he's just left the pack that's an adjustment now is there anything I should do at home before I go and pick him up well there's very supplies this is probably the most economic thing you buys the dog now everything else goods become six sure yeah but you want to create of course which is very useful to housebreak and to sleep in at night things like that break a puppy pen yep if a little dog like this I like to put them right on the grass in the shade so they can get used to going on the grass with their little bathroom stuff yeah course a leash collar baby gates so you can section off your house a little bit and let it just be where you are yeah toys chubby want there's some suitable ones and some I wouldn't recommend right and of course food bowls and good old Eukanuba but that sounds familiar you can do but that's it so it's it's one of the things there and really you want to find the space that this little dog can go into now right I like to put them where these a little bit of traffic where the see thing sense things and get familiar with what's happening within the house for puppies main area well for me that would have to be I would say the kitchen it is for most people and it's a good place to start on let's go let's go there well here we are the pivot kitchen his love a gym it's perfect in fact what is nice is aside from between a good-sized area where people will be going through children you'll be cooking in there little bit different kinds of things happening here that will help when we are make it wanted too much easily it is and what I would say is I'm going to place the crate aired during the day it may be wise to actually even put it over perhaps by the door so you can say outside what you need to go out to the bathroom okay there's very very good in that way just make sure there's any small objects will be taken away any wires magnets that you might want to get rich anything like that where which could adjust it maybe go lower tommyrot so muttering you mentioned earlier that children should be on their best behavior but at some point obviously they're gonna want to play with puppy what kind of games are good to play with this but really the first thing is to say we should stay away from some games it's not want to chase puppies you chase puppies around then what test happens a puppy doesn't want to come to you it tends to see yourself has been a leader running around and it might even create fear so it makes it harder to socialize so stay away from that and also stay away from tug-of-war and wrestling it tends to use their mouth a lot more and they could start and a bite and fall and hold onto things and we don't want to encourage any kind of aggressively this one's bringing a bit Oh exit and ball wisdom so what games would you consider the safe ones I like to play fetch and so a little soft toy with her on the floor in a little area where she can't run away play free it back and then the kids can really have fun tada we want to really involve the puppy and the family together and familiarize them lots of affection so the puppy being with your family being with your children but making sure you supervise do the same and really shown the nice rhythm 15 to 20 minutes maximum really that's it what a brain you're very quickly when the brain goes is quite children here a little bit kind of try and obnoxious and they don't know what they're doing an x-man is making a puddle on the floor or the biting your hands or there is something wrong the brains gone so it's better to have 15-20 minutes out playing when you can watch a super bison build in the training the other time what are they correct what's your limit 20 minute I knew you're so evolved thank you so much for all your great expertise thank you please do very knowledgable arts in Delhi okay let's recap with the Eukanuba five stars on welcoming your new puppy home and remember you want ongoing information and training tips for your puppy no further than you can do / not one don't forget to puppy proof by designating a safe area for your dog to play in remove any small objects from your puppy's area that he could possibly choke also make sure you can't get to the cords and chew on them number two bring your puppy home to a quiet calm house and only bring him into rooms that you want him in for the first couple of weeks free try to make it just the adults for the first hour or two and then bring in the kids but make sure there is calm and as quiet as possible for be the leader of the pack always supervise interactions between children and a new puppy 5 teach your children the right ways to play with the new puppy no tug of war no wrestling and no chase thank you for joining us we'll see you next time on planet puppies puppy training series dedicated to making your good dog great you

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  2. Awesome clip!
    I'll provide you some good ideas, tips, and instruction to help you turn your puppy into the best behaved, most happy, jogging, bouncing, slipper-fetching best pal you always wanted

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  4. It's weird… My big brother wants a snouzer or however you smell it… I am like… 9 years younger than him amd I want a Doberman. Lol… These vids are really healthy…

  5. Im sorry but I dont agree with children being 'too' gentle or quiet around dogs. I think they need to be exposed to a LITTLE roughness, or they will grow up being afraid of loud noises and children and may lead to nipping or other aggressive/afraid behaviors

  6. what is with these people, play with a puppy 20 minutes a day then put it in the crate the rest of the day. TRAIN your dog, you don't really have to teach them all those cool tricks and stuff, but train them to use the bathroom outside. Also a few "mistakes" are inevitable. Let a dog be a dog, if kids wanna play tug of war, safely of course, making sure not to hurt the dog, then what is the problem. Idiots trying to take the fun out of life, BTW, eukanuba is not really the best brand of food.

  7. @Lovegoddess999 Actually, no your wrong they give the dogs a walk and they go to the bathroom in the mills, its just a dog instinct, and every dog has this instinct, they dont do there buisness where they sleep. Thats also how cage training works, they dont do buisness were they sleep, then soon when they get caged for a while and then assossiate the new room or whatever with the cage.

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