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oh yeah so what we're doing today so Kyra turns 12 weeks old tomorrow and today we are doing our first gone to the snow dog treat with Miss Kyra yeah and what we were actually making today is DIY training treats for dogs so this is a very simple limited ingredient type of treat that we are going to make and we are going to cut up into little bite-sized training treats so that we can use them to train Kyra we do have some training videos coming up we're gonna teach you guys how we use the bell to let the dogs go outside maybe some potty tips maybe how we teach her to sit different little things like that so I thought it would be fun to do the treat video first and then go into some of those videos later on if you guys are new here don't forget to hit that subscribe button click that bell and turn on all notifications and if you guys have been here for a while thanks so much for watching share this video with your friends to help us continue to grow the potty ins let's get to making some treats Kyra's first treat video she's like I'm gonna wow she's gonna another with Shelby and Shelby's not gonna get up it's cuz there's food on the table you're gonna figure this out girl you're gonna figure out real quick that this is the place to be so I have a feeling for a lot of this video since this is her first video we're not gonna see a lot of Kiera so I do have my other camera here so that I can kind of show you guys what she's doing down here right now she's laying down she hasn't really figured so yet these two girls are like get on with it lady let's do some treats all right so what do we got to do first preheat the oven preheat your oven to 350 so as I said this is a very limited ingredient treat recipe we're not putting a whole bunch of stuff in it puppies stomachs are pretty sensitive when they're little so you don't want to overdo it with a lot of wild flavors and things like that so we're gonna go pretty basic here I am gonna use my KitchenAid mixer to mix everything so the first thing we're gonna need is about 2/3 of a cup of canned pumpkin not pie pumpkin just regular plain canned pumpkin what do you think I'm gonna try it hold on try it let's see if this wakes her up Oh would you like to try it old man he's not the spoon already not try again oh my goodness yeah that good now you know what's up what do you think she'll be like Oh she'll be here want some pumpkin I didn't think so she always like no pumpkin needs to be in the cookies well she liked that the next thing we are going to add is some peanut butter now I know some of you guys have allergies and you don't want to use peanut butter you can just omit it and a little bit more pumpkin on a little bit more oil and don't eat the peanut butter if you want to you can always modify the recipes any way you would like that this is like I would like the peanut butter make now I know you'll get up here for this oh yeah peanut butter good stuff would you like some peanut butter hold on she'll be nuts cause she'll be good meat no pumpkin King butter yeah she's like don't fool me with that pumpkin I would like to paint burgers all right little puppy peanut butters whoa did you didn't even like stick to the roof of your mouth you just ate it yeah jelly 101 fever yeah how much how about you Memphis here it hurt man Kira Kira Kira she's like was everybody else Lincoln here come here Hebert fist up hopefully the tongue move good stuff alright I think she likes peanut butter next we will need one egg already mixed up making a mess I couldn't figure out which bowl had in it we need about a tablespoon to a little bit more of a tablespoon of coconut cooking oil if you only have vegetable oil you can just use that or if you only have some other type of oil you can use that but we're using coconut cooking oil now that I have all the wet ingredients in here together I'm gonna go ahead and mix now the ovens preheated I can hear it singing I'm gonna mix our wet ingredients together just a little bit yeah I know I know we're making treats is gonna be great it's noodle but the next thing we are going to add is about two and a half cups of whole wheat flour and I'm choosing to use whole wheat flour for this recipe because I want the treats to be more dense and I want them to be really like more crunchy and crackle efore them wheat isn't bad for dogs you guys I know there's some of people out there like wheats horrible for dogs moderation is key to everything wheats not bad for dogs you can also substitute this out if you have a dog that has an allergy to wheat you can substitute it for an all-purpose flour you can substitute it for coconut flour or a gluten-free flour we've used gluten-free flours and a lot of our treats basically just go to google do your own conversion and substitute it out for this flour whatever you want to use for baking so there's about two and a half cups of wheat flour in here it's organic wheat flour as well you want to try the flour anybody might try this I'm just kidding so we are going to pour this in here and make a giant mess we're really good at making messes when you when we make treats sorry we dusted out the camera all right let's pitch it together oh my goodness what do you think huh what do you think it's mixing together and then we're gonna cook it in the oven now you're fully paying attention Memphis is like this is what we do little sister I'm gonna show you how to be professional and making the dog treats and then Shelby's over there once it's all mixed together it's gonna be like a play-doh consistency it's pretty much what you're looking for you don't want it to stick to your hands I want to be able to make a nice ball would you like to try some Rocco mmm let's see let's see would you like a piece and how about you ready nice about you Shelby Shelby is concerned about the baby gate that's here I know it if you guys watch her during the video she keeps doing like this head tilt thing she's she doesn't like baby gates when she was a puppy when we used to used baby gates for her one of the baby gates fell on her and ever since then she doesn't like to get near them so this probably wasn't the best idea for the treat video but it worked to keep the puppy over here okay so now I have my baking mat out I have my favorite rolling pin in the entire world because you can make these adjustable and roll things out to the perfect flatness and thickness we are actually going to roll these out a little bit thin today we're gonna do the 1/16 of an inch that's what we're gonna happen because I want to like I said I want to be small because with training treats when you're using food you're giving them a lot so you want to be able to make them nice and small so we're going to take and I'm going to put a little bit of flour on this surface actually I'm not gonna put a little bit of flour on the surface because this is gonna roll out pretty easily and this is nice for nonstick and this dough is like this is probably the best dough I've ever made for any treat video ever good job us so we're just gonna roll it up so now we have our crooked square this is definitely crooked hopefully you guys can see it and we're just gonna roll take the pizza cutter and roll it into strips so now we got them into strips and then we just roll so we end up with little tiny training treats now I'm gonna take these and I'm gonna put them on my cookie sheet I'm gonna go ahead and cut out the rest of these and then we're throw them in the oven so once I get my sheet filled so it looks like so I have one pan full I'm probably gonna be able to fill at least one more pan now what we're gonna do is we are going to put these in the oven for about 25 to 30 minutes at 350 degrees Fahrenheit and then I'll probably shut the oven off and let them sit in there for a little bit longer because I really want them to dry out quite a bit and that'll firm them up and they'll be nice and crunchy and for those of you wondering about storing them you can store them in an airtight container if you dry them out really well you can storm an airtight container out on the counter for about five to seven days otherwise if you don't think they're dry enough put them in an airtight container put them in the fridge probably good for about two to three weeks so we're gonna go ahead and pop these suckers in the oven what do you think where's the puppy oh wait let's find out there's Kiera she's out she's like guys I'm napping smelling all this food and napping right here all right treats are all done they're nice and crunchy I let them cool before I put them into this container and I ended up with about two of these jars we are gonna go ahead now and see what they think all right Kiera you got a sit sit oh good job that's for Kiera Shelby what do you think the good stuff here you go Shelby there's the real test oh he likes it it's pretty crunchy what do you think Memphis okay nice and crunchy and since they're so little this is what Shelby this is Ric Kira right nice there you go nice good crunch huh yo you think Memphis well I think those treats are a win as always you guys if you want to see more of our tree videos there will be some links up in the cards and down in the video description below if you end up making these for your dogs and doing some tricks or some training tag us on Instagram Instagram comm slash gone to the snow dogs or on Twitter so we can see what you are doing with your pets and the fun you are having leave us some suggestions down below for what you want to see in our next Treat video we think I think huh we think all right that's all we have for you guys today as always thanks so much for watching thanks for subscribing stay positive dream big and we will see you again soon nice Memphis nice go bye audience [Applause] in Chinese

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  1. YES! We are making treats with Kira! Of COURSE we are making treats with Kira! We decided her first treat video would be a Puppy Training Treat! Remember to SHARE this video and Paw that LIKE button for us!
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  2. Those look great, very crunchy! Wonder if it would work as well with sweet potato, Key doesn't like pumpkin but loves sweet potato.

  3. Love hr so cut??????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????❣️?????????????????

  4. Thanks Jess, for the recipe. Your girls are gorgeous and smart. Love your treat vids. I'm going to try these for my girl, Charlie. We're both trying to eat healthier. Can't wait til the next one. Cheers ffrom CALI.

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