Puppy Training – The Puppy Play Den!

Hey there, today we’ll be expanding an idea
we’ve mentioned several times, the Puppy Play Den. We’ll show you how to build it, why we do
it, and how to put it to good use. Coming up. Ian here with Simpawtico Dog training and
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we talked about. Now a puppy Play Den solves a big conundrum
when raising a puppy. For starters we know that puppies should not
have free-range of the house, especially while you’re gone. We need to prevent potty and chewing mistakes. Many puppy experts recommend toy-feeding your
puppy in their confinement space to habituate them to it, to teach them to enjoy being alone,
and to help them become chew toy trained. This greatly reduces the likelihood that a
dog will chew on inappropriate items or develop distress or anxiety later on. But: we also know that a puppy usually needs
to go potty soon after they eat. Plus, most of us working stiffs will have
to leave the puppy for a few hours at some point. So how do we reconcile long-term confinement,
toy-feeding, AND potty training? All of these loose ends are resolved with
a Puppy Play Den. The puppy Play Den was first suggested by
world famous trainer, behaviorist, and vet, Dr. Ian Dunbar in his landmark book, “Before
and After You Get Your Puppy.” The plan was later picked up by Open Paw,
which created the textbook for planning and care of shelter animals. The Purpose of a Long-term Confinement area
as far as puppies are concerned is two-fold: One, is prevention. Errors increase the likelihood of more errors,
so we confine the puppy to an area that precludes chewing and potty mistakes around the house
when we cannot superivse them. Two, is proaction. We want to maximize the likelihood that the
puppy will learn to use the provided toilet, to chew only chewtoys, and to settle down
calmly without barking. Prevention and proaction are your best friends. Most behavior problems are predictable and
therefore preventable. Don’t wait for your puppy to make mistakes. You’ll just be running after the puppy doing
damage control and you’ll always be playing catch-up. It’s much better to preemptively set the stage
and short circuit problems before they appear. The basic components of the Play Den are:
A Waterproof floor. A crate or comfortable bed
Hollow, stuffed chew toys water
And a doggy Toilet, not pads, in the farthest corner from the bed (we’ll go into detail
with the toilet in a second) An Optional add-on is an X-Pen that you can
use to surround the individual pieces if the room is too large, or cannot be safely puppy-proofed. Let’s drill down on the individual components. STEP ONE: LOCATION Figure out where you’re going to set up your
puppy’s Play Den. Ideally this could ba a kitchen, bathroom,
utility room, or section of a room sectioned off by an exercise pen. Ideally you want this close to the outside
door so you can get them outside quickly when it’s time to take them out of their Play Den. It’s good to establish going outside to potty
as part of the routine any time the puppy is going to spend time with you. TWO: BEDDING
Give your puppy a crate or a bed. Plastic Crates are the preferred tool here. You can take the door off. You can even take the top off for an easy
to clean bed with high sides. A typical dog bed may encourage chewing on
the wrong thing. In a pinch, a towel can take the place of
more easily chewable bedding. THREE: STUFFED CHEW TOYS:
We’ve recommended before, as do many puppy experts out there, that toy-feeding your puppy
in their confinement space is hugely beneficial for teaching them to enjoy being alone, and
to help them become chew toy trained. This greatly reduces the likelihood that a
dog will chew on inappropriate items or develop distress or anxiety about being alone later
on. Toy-feeding and work-to-eat toys are the fastest
and best methods. These include Kongs, Buster Cubes, Squirrel
Dudes, Barnacles, or Atomic Balls. Confinement prompts your puppy to focus on
their stuffed chewtoys, leaving little time to worry, or bark. We’ve talked about how to deploy these toys
before in our Kong video, but remember any brand or configuration will work mostly the
same. No matter what, though, it’s important that
these are the only sources of food or chewables available. Do not use a food bowl. FOUR: a bowl of fresh water. Pretty self-explanatory. FIVE: YOUR DOGGY TOILET
Listen: ditch the puppy pads. Puppy pads do very little to help potty train
your puppy. They just prolong the process and potentially
create bad habits. Instead we recommend a home-made toilet. Understand that puppies form three soiling
preferences: Olfactory, Substrate and Spatial. If they smell poop or pee, even someone else’s,
it’s a toilet to them. Smell triggers potty behavior. Dogs form a preference for the surface they
like to go on. For a puppy, this is your opportunity to teach
them what you want them to go on. If you don’t pay attention to this, they’ll
form a preference that may not be what you wanted, such as your hard wood floors or your
area rugs. They also will also come to prefer going in
certain places according to landmarks. This component won’t be in place until you
take them outside, but getting the Olfactory and Substrate dialed in will absolutely streamline
the outdoor process. This is why I hate puppy pads. Based on these three preferences pads just
teach your puppy to prefer pads which will hinder your work later on. And if you remove the pads, they’ll find something
else in the house to go on that feels similar to them like bathmats, rugs, or even in the
spot where the pads used to be according to a spatial preference they formed if the pads
were used too long. On a side note, though, pads might be a good
solution for people that cannot or do not want to outdoor train their dogs. Disabled dog owners, or people that live in
high-rise apartments might actually want to pad train their dog. Just be aware of the ramifications and go
into it intelligently. Otherwise, making the toilet is a snap. You can just get a cat litter pan, baking
pan, or plastic gardening tray, and line it with whatever substrate you intend to have
your dog go on. If you have grass outside, use sod; if you
have gravel outside, use some of that in the toilet; and if you have only pavement outside,
use some concrete pavers in the toilet. This type of toilet works super. Whenever your puppy is with you, you’ll be
taking the puppy outside. But on those occassions when they need to
spend time in confinement the toilet will keep the potty training on track and aligned
with your household needs. Try to have short play and training sessions hourly. If and when you cannot pay full attention
to your puppy, this is the time to put your puppy in their Play Den with proper chew toys
and their self-training toilet. This is just like putting a baby in a playpen
or crib when you can’t supervise them! Keep in mind that any potty or chewing mistakes
your puppy makes are potential setbacks that anticipate more to come. If an inexperienced puppy is allowed unsupervised
free run of your home, potty and chewing mistakes are guaranteed. And your puppy could become hyperactive and
anxious. As we said, problems are predictable and preventable,
so steer that ship where you want it now, instead of just being at the whim of fate. Of course, once your puppy has mastered their
household manners and enjoys time spent by themselves, they can potentially enjoy full
run of your house and yard any time you want. All right puppy owners, good luck constructing
and using your puppy Play Den. If you have some creative builds or alternate
solutions, we’d love to hear about them in those YouTube comments. Don’t forget to thumbs up this video if you
found it helpful and as always, keep learning, keep practicing, and we’ll see you next time. Thanks for watching.

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  12. I love the idea of putting sod in a litter box! I do have a question though… how often would I need to change out the sod?

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  63. Ian! Love your videos. I've created a puppy play den for night time, puppy alone time, and when we have to leave the house. Our puppy is 10 weeks old and he always goes in his puppy toilet, but won't go outside on our porch (since we can't walk him outside yet). Instead, he'll eliminate as soon as we come back inside on our rug. How can we teach him how to go outside when we take him? Should we go outside or take him to his puppy toilet instead until we're able to walk him outside?

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  65. My puppy den isn't working for me and I'd like to fix that. He's just 7 weeks old. He won't use the "toilet" in the den. I took him outside and he peed and pooped. Yay! Then I brought him inside and put him in his den. Within 3 minutes he peed right next to his toys. I was thinking he wouldn't pee in the exact spot where he plays, particularly when he had just finished going less than 5 minutes earlier. I love the videos here. They're in the training style I aspire to with my puppy. They're engaging and easy to follow. It's just not always as easy as it looks and I suppose there are necessary tweaks.

  66. thank you SO MUCH!!! best dog training videos ive found. youre straight to the point with great info. Love it.

  67. We just got our first puppy about three weeks ago, and we've had his potty area be a pen floored completely with pads. He's about thirteen weeks old now. He's pretty well potty trained so far–at least in regards to going in his area–but this seems like a great option. Do you think we could safely switch to this method, and are there any setbacks we'd maybe need to expect? Thanks so much! Your videos have been super helpful!

  68. I've been binging your videos this past week and I've gotta say, I've learned more about babies and children on your channel than years of watching mommy videos ?? well of course about dogs too, which I'm grateful for because we're planning to get a dog this summer ?

  69. Have you ever heard of a puppy that won’t pee and poop in the same place? I live in a high rise apt. so I set up a fake grass pad on the balcony where my 8 week old puppy pees pretty much on cue. But he won’t poo there. He’s done it on my hardwood floor, living room carpet, and outdoors on pretty much any surface, but he will not poop on his grass pad on the balcony. Stumped and can’t find any explanation online.

  70. Hi!
    I am bringing home an 8 week old puppy and I have two cats. I my husband and I both work, and we cannot come home during the day to let out the pup. The doggy den will be our best option!
    We have a spare bedroom to create a den. How big is too big of a room?

  71. I.. a grown man.. was giggling when you were listing off the toys and said, "Squirrel Dudes" and "Atomic Balls"… great video as always. Looking at getting a puppy soon and I appreciate your logical approach to each of the topics!

  72. This video is great, found it just in time. We got a 3-month-old Labrador who is not a fan of her kennel. We are attempting to train her to use it but she just is not a fan. She eventually tires of her kennel and whines/barks continuously. Which we are training her out of but it has been a challenge since we both work. We currently do our best to come home throughout the work day to ensure she has the right amount of potty breaks and some company. But we were hoping for a longer term solution, at least till she realizes her kennel is a safe and comfortable place. I am hoping this puppy play den will be exactly what we need till that happens. Thank you again for this video, recommendations are always welcome.

  73. What are the thoughts on settling a puppy at night and do you recommend a certain night routine for a new puppy?

  74. Any recommendations on what to put underneath the grass to clean up/absorb pee? Also, if using a playpen on a hardwood floor, any ideas on what to use to keep it from sliding and scratching floors? Thank you!

  75. You mentioned to only feed with chew toys and not use bowls. Is that only meant for the playing den or is it generally better to feed with chew toys only in the first few months?

  76. Love these videos. I’m getting a rescue puppy this weekend! You really give good realistic advice. I’ll be referencing these videos for many months to come as I’m training Rocco. Thank you!

  77. What do you do when the puppy just wants out and won't eat her kong, and just keeps barking and barking and chewing on the puppy den's gate? Do you leave her, or does that contribute to barking and fear of isolation when she's older? What do you do if the puppy won't pee on the tray, but keeps going on the floor instead?

  78. We made a DIY toilet for our puppy with grass but he's decided he'd rather lie in it and eat the grass than use it as a potty (because he also likes to do this outside in our yard). Any tips for correcting this behaviour?

  79. If you always take your dog out when you are with them, how are they supposed to know that they have to use the toilet when they are alone?

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