Puppy Training Classes Started Today

good wonderful beautiful mornin audience hey miss Tara kids pretty much already figured out the routine in the morning she's like we get up we eat we play we nap and then that they actually nap for quite a while in the morning so I'm able to get quite a bit of work done well you're not being crazy but you're gonna have to wake up for a little bit because I gotta go get the oil changed on my Jeep and I think you're going with me I think you're just gonna go with me to go say hi to everybody how does that sound and guess what else guess what starts today guess what starts today Bobby classes yeah we start our puppy training classes today so we could to go do that today too and it's raining so it's a good day for it we get to find lots of indoor fun things to do what do you think yeah okay are you out here playing in the rain playing in the rain so Jamie moved most of the leftover rocks what my mom and dad didn't take over to the base of that tree so we don't have a big pile of rocks in the dog hole anymore what are you do you are insane you're insane you're both insane both eh yeah let's do zoomies let's do zoomies I'm surprised she's awake I took him with me to get the oil changed and then I had to run out to the vet's office and drop off some stuff for her she has an appointment tomorrow and she's pretty awake considering I thought she'd be tired Memphis is like I'm tired leaving me alone so it's raining today which makes it hard because it's not like we can just go outside and play outside it's raining we're gonna get soaking wet right now the rain has stopped a little bit but even like I've been trying to take them for a short walk just about every night I mean these two girls get to go a little bit longer but I've been trying to make sure that Kira goes on a short walk but once an evening we're not gonna be able to do that because it's raining it's raining guys it's raining so I don't know what we're gonna do I mean she's got puppy classes we got to go to pretty soon here hi you look super happy right now were you having fun out there and you feet are all wet is it great you're like I don't care if it's rainin I'll get out there and play in the rain you too huh yeah you too you hmm maybe she'll be good for a little bit now get some work done what do you think what do you think should we clean up all these toys look at this I'm afraid if I put them all the way though she'll start chewing on stuff that's not hers so far she's done pretty good on chewing on just the toys the see what's going on here do something she wants she has all those toys but she wants the one you have maybe yeah yeah I'll just come over here in view of Memphis instead you have one why do you want the one that Shelby has yeah is that why she's not even chewing on the one she has she just takes it to antagonize her cracks me up I love you Shelby and one of the vlogs the other day we're never doing this somebody's like you can't trust Shelby with her I'm like this is what dogs do Shelby's not being mean you're you not be a mean to her oh here is testing you though isn't she she's like how much can I get away with and there's the toy that Kira wanted and she got it it's all you wanted huh is it you got it you win somebody was just holding it to be a Brett yeah she's like now I want to be petted Thanks what you want miss Memphis she's like I just wanted to take a nap I just ate my lunch and I'm supposed to take a nap after lunch so could y'all just leave me alone baby she sure did she took it we're gonna snuggle with dad on the couch whoa here's like I want to snuggle on the couch can I have this but look you both fit getting pets I'm gonna teach his puppy how to be vocal like you could be a wiggle worm here dizzy you ready go puppy classes you're gonna go get smart and learn all the things okay you're gonna eat the camera all right okay hey don't eat the camera all right guys we're going to puppet classes I don't know if I'll be able to film there but we'll see well I didn't film anything inside the class but I'll show you guys what we learned as soon as we get home so I bought this hummingbird feeder that's it something up oh did you guys see him sits on the window and apparently the hummingbirds are using it yes I got this feeder for the window and apparently they're using it that's the first time I've actually caught one on camera most of the time they take off well before I catch my camera it's kind of a bad location because of the lighting they're hard to see the birds we can see them but the camera doesn't pick it up real well but anyway we've had some hummingbirds that's pretty cool anyway we're back from dog training and all the girls just ate dinner we should let her out of her box gonna let you out of the box all right Memphis is like can we open this door in the row let's let you out yeah I know I forgot to take a collar off don't worry I'm right here with you Machel and the two things you learned sit you sit I know it's hard when the other dogs are here sit good girl and then the other thing she learned is here look look oh man you're so good so we learned sit and look today don't cough up all that water you just drink you're not a cookie you want a cookie good job so those are two things we might have to make a video on to show you guys how to teach that to your dogs oh my goodness whoa whoa and snuggle back down she was just snuggled right here Memphis is but really the past hour this puppy had a long day today you had a lot that you did today huh went with me to get the oil change had your first puppy class she's pretty exhausted we played out in the yard for quite a while I went for a Debbie a oh-kay she had a day how about you do you have a good day yeah she's still down there that puppy's still here she's now going nowhere uh [Laughter] getting ready to let these girls out and then I think we're heading to bed and call it a night for the day so we hope you guys enjoyed today's video as always thanks for watching Oh stay positive dream big I'm a ji-yong know is he against you good night audience if you loved our husband come along for the ride all you have to do is hit subscribe follow as we share our lives with their dogs and join our adventures on snow dogs loves

33 thoughts on “Puppy Training Classes Started Today

  1. Thats a memphis happy face :). Yah Kira you tell shelby to get off the toy 🙂 there shelby goes to daddy for snuggles all sorted cuteplosion :D.
    She sure learnes fast that was good.

    Thanks for a lovely video. Stay Frosty, Stay Positive. The Danish Viking.

  2. The good thing is that Memphis doesn't seem to be wanting to be a baby since Kira, which is good considering that Memphis was the youngest and baby before hand. By the way love your videos!

  3. i had my first husky puppy 5 yrs ago and i wached a lot of gone to the snow dogs to learn and see whats it like to own a husky ? and naw you have a puppy ? and it brings back great memories of husky puppy cuteness ?❤

  4. Hey Jessica and jamey, I noticed that you mentioned my comment in this vlog. I didn't mean to offend you or anything by saying to be careful with shelby and kira. I love watching your vlogs and I've always loved husky, mostly because they are so vocal. At the same time I know nothing about them. I guess I just got a bit concerned with shelby grabbing kira around the neck is all. Is this how huskys play? Kira is adorable, I'm looking forward to seeing her grow up

  5. Hey just be careful with the hummingbird feeder you need to clean it every couple of days or bacteria will build up in the sugar water and it can kill the hummingbirds. : (

  6. Maybe you should take Shelby out one day, just Shelby. She seems a bit jelous/unhappy with all the attention Kira is getting from both her humans and Memphis. Maybe some quality one on one time with either of her humans will make her very happy. Just a suggestion though (or perhaps you already do this off screen). When we got a new dog while having an another one, she was very insecure/jelous (not a dangerous kind, but that kind that made her mope and withdraw and look all down/sad). On days we took her and only her to the woods she really cheered up. And eventualy she and the other dog got used to eachother and as they got the same ammount of attention she wasn't so mopey anymore. Of course I only see bits and pieces of the lives of these wonderfull dogs so I don't have the full context. but from the bits I have seen, Shelby seems to be in a little need for some quality her time.

  7. Kira "Come on big sis, I wanna play with you, come onnn, come on now!" Shelby "No i do not want to play with you" Kira "Then gimme that toy your hiding!" Shelby "Your so not getting it" Kira "come on come on come onnn" Shelby, looking up "Okay, I am sooo giving up, she is annoying" LOL

  8. Don't use the pink/red dyed water for the hummingbirds it can make them sick… make your own at home with no dye just mix 1 part sugar with 4 parts water please!!! It is just as successful I am a wildlife photographer and I have photographed these beautiful birds so many times with just this simple mixture.

  9. Awwwwwe ? Kira an Memphis Playing together So cute ??memphis is a sweet girl … ? loved kira talking to shelby an Shelby is like ヽ(´ー`)┌
    Ok ! She's a real diva ??

  10. please do not put dye in the water it is bad for the hummingbirds and not necessary plus they don't like the color hummingbirds know what to look for and don't need the sugar water colored in order to find

  11. How do you think Shelby feels about Kira? She lost Shi, Oakley and new puppies Memphis and now Kira?

  12. I lost my husky to illness a few days ago, I miss her greatly, these videos are helping me cope. Thank you

  13. I cannot believe Shelby just did not react to Kira jumping etc. She was magic. Kira is learning to play in the sandbox but anything anyone else has, she wants.

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