Puppy Training & Care : How Often to Brush a Puppy’s Teeth

Let’s talk about how often to brush your puppies
teeth. First of all, puppies have baby teeth. They do not get their full adult teeth in
until they’re just about six months of age or a little bit after, and so it’s not terribly
important to brush a puppies teeth for the function of long term dental care. The reason
you want to do it early is to get them used to it. Because a lot of puppies really don’t
like the whole action of brushing their teeth. So the first thing to do is to use your finger.
Be careful, puppies like to chew on everything but what you want to do is just get them used
to you sticking your finger in their mouth and just gently rubbing those teeth, okay.
Again, always be careful about those teeth because they can be sharp, but with puppy
teeth they are a lot smaller than adult teeth and you know, they can be sensitive because
they’re growing as well and so what you want to do is just gently rub on those gums, and
gently rub on the incisors, and the molars. And what you can do is graduate up to using
a finger brush or a toothbrush that is designed for dogs. There are a lot of kits that come
with toothpaste and a finger brush in there and so you eventually want to graduate to
that but the first thing you want to do again is to kind of get them use to the overall
you know, kind of brushing ability that you’re going to be doing. Weekly is realistic. If
you’re trying to brush these guys every single day that usually doesn’t translate really
well as they get older so weekly is probably the most common thing, or as far as time frame
is concerned about brushing your dog’s teeth.

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  1. @frenchfeignx15 I know you made this comment 3 years ago, but I felt I should say that best bet is to train the puppy first to not bite fingers. Then work in to the dental. Never force. Training is best.

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