Puppy Surprise Reaction #16 ❤ Tears Of Joy ❤ Try Not To Cry | Happiness Kingdom

[Aplausos] [Música] ay a [Música] esto sí d por eso vive el tiempo bien y [Música] [Música] [Música] que miller a mí y aunque [Música] deja el psoe al menos en chicas la mente a mí [Música] nunca pues y [Música] [Aplausos] [Música] en guayaquil [Música] eso es [Música] en el inicio i [Música] [Aplausos] mi papá y sí no [Risas] [Aplausos] [Música] el tiempo el amor [Música] bueno como él [Música] sí [Música] hay que ver anillas abiertas me ayudan 6 y bueno este sueño de género [Risas] [Música] [Risas] vida [Música] i [Aplausos] [Música] sí [Música] [Música] 2 [Música] sí y sí aquí cardinal y no a mí no [Aplausos] [Música] más 2 a diario todos o no [Música] música [Música] [Música] d huele dije sí la ciudad [Música] yo [Música]

36 thoughts on “Puppy Surprise Reaction #16 ❤ Tears Of Joy ❤ Try Not To Cry | Happiness Kingdom

  1. 안녕. Jesus christ loves you. Jesus died on the cross. Instead of me by loving cana. For God so loved the world. That he gave his only begetton son. That whosoever beliveth in him should not perish. But have everlasting life. Jo 3 : 16.? ? JO 14 : 6. ? ? Good action plan.

  2. I really want a dog and maby I'm getting one for Christmas ?it would be a maltipoo cross between poodle and Maltese my fav dog breeds

  3. All kids should have a dog, if not their own at least the family dog,
    I don't understand people who don't like dogs. Most of those people just don't like messes, cuz dogs are a mess sometimes, but then so are kids.

  4. the clip around 1:50 is the little people at my social gatherings. always helping unwrap presents, getting in the way, and being as annoying as possible ahahah

  5. In the second video girl:is it a real dog? Other people: hahahhah yes it’s a real dog . girl: yay it’s a real dog

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