Puppy Problems!! Part 2: Who took our Puppies?!?!

the story is so far my two earthlings got the cutest puppies you have ever seen named peanut and butter unfortunately the puppies were too much for camera dad he went bonkers and tried to give them away then he realized he made a mistake and tried to get them back but they vanished where peanut butters find out we still haven't found their puppies we're all taking this really hard eh but expecially dad yeah he hasn't even slept he's been looking around town but we still haven't found them we're not sure what to do oh here you know I put up these all over town how many did you put up since yesterday mm mm you have reward where did you get the money for the reward I sold some stuff don't worry dude anyone call that has any idea where exactly let's start making some calls our stuff I know exactly who to call all right me too let's let's make some calls get your boy on the phone right now that's that little brat nose up oh hi Morris I just have a quick question for you what do you want do you have to know where our you know anything but our last puppy let me stop you right there this video call is sponsored by squeezy toys that's squeezy toy you can buy you can't sell ads on a video call and why I'm still working first we need toys anyway oh hey whole movie rule pants did I interrupt you when you were talking yes yes you did time well no one cares what you have to say no listen you little monster tell us what you know about our lost puppies right now no I don't need a nap I need my puppies back I think he's actually for once telling the truth because if he had the puppies he'd be bragging and flowing in their face yeah all right ah we're done by Morris that kids constantly selling something yeah all right let's call someone else we know you may be responsible seeking squeezy salesman speak soon just put him on the phone favorite YouTube family so happy you're over that hole we tried to steal your channel to ruin your life thing we're not happy to be making this call selling junk to poor people like you is what makes queasy toys very rich and speaking of selling junk to poor people how would you like to buy a squeezy tea Oh poppies ropes here's a facts about puppies they smell and everyone eats them but kids love sock puppets that's why we're selling stinky stinking clothes for the Lomo all right never mind this guy does not know anything and he doesn't not know anything all right um bye hope they never see you again all right guys I have another idea let's go knock on some doors but see if anyone from our past or former problems we've had know anything about it let's go right now come on let's go all right guys let's see if the cat lady took our puppies all right I'll go up to the door all right here Bradley take the camera have you seen our puppies earthlings oh thank goodness you're here you gotta get me out of here that weird cat lady is cuckoo crazy you gotta save your old bunny floppy no we're not here for you slappy have you seen our puppies yes or no kiss once for yes and twice for no hmm alright that's that's a no here if if you've spread they let's go if you've seen our puppies let's go we uh dingleberries house we are hoping he knows something about the puppies we don't really want to be here since the last time he interrogated us but good luck mom dingleberry bites remember well well well if it isn't the earthlings you're here to turn yourselves in exactly we're actually hoping you knew something about our lost puppies I might know something about him you really happy you know where our puppies are listen you Earthlings have been a pain in my butt ever since I met you and I've got cameras all over the place watching so I know everything that you guys are doing wait you have cameras in our house that's illegal – it may be illegal but it's not illegal as long as my bosses don't find out oh very nice dingleberry what kind of cop are you listen we won't tell your bosses that you have illegal video cameras in our house if you can believe that if you give us the video because we want to see what happened to our lost puppies not giving you any video – you couldn't answer some questions from me all right guys here she is thanks for bailing me out guys I can't believe think'll berry arrested you yeah I know but guess what he kept his end of the agreement cuz I got the surveillance footage of the our puppies getting taken so let's see what our yes let's finally see who did that maybe we can find her puppies I hope so and there's some so much let's go alright let's let's play this finally see earthlings huh they're everywhere Oh earthlings whoa I got thrown in jail oh I'm gonna fast forward a little bit alright now accepting the award for best policemen of the year is Perry dingleberry hi thank you thank you very much I'd like to thank all those little people except for the earthlings no they riddle my timbers what is he to me oh my oh hey Miami nos Braga and I'm hunting for Crocs pun oh hi I think I see one now right over there oh that's not a crop oh all right that was plenty fast for fast work oh here it is aliens aliens have stolen peanut in photos how will the Earthlings ever get their puppies back find out next time in part three

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  1. Ur channel is sooooooo sweet I wish you get your puppies back. By the way I wanna meet Bradley and Vivian. I beg you come to

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