Puppy Music. Music Designed to Soothe Young Dogs and Puppies!

24 thoughts on “Puppy Music. Music Designed to Soothe Young Dogs and Puppies!

  1. I have an 8 week old puppy who screams constantly if you aren’t right next to her. This put her to sleep in less than 5 mins! Amazing!!

  2. 7 week old puppy won't let me sleep I go to sleep he starts whining thinking it's time to play at 1 or 3 in the morning this finally calmed him now to see if I can get some sleep

  3. This worked for my three week old chiweenie puppy. She fell asleep after 40 seconds and she's as calm as ever

  4. This played for 30 seconds and hypnotized me. I immediately subbed, without even looking at how old the video was or if this channel regularly produces content. I now know that it does, so I am quite pleased and will be playing this for my puppies, litter mates Potato and Cassie.

  5. i really need this when i'm sick and have to rest. i just cant but with this music it's so simple!!!

  6. my puppy is a reckless little beast and this put him right to bed after 10 mins , this was amazing! might just make this a routine for putting him to sleep.

  7. I put this music on to help my sister's puppy and now I want to go to sleep XD it's really soothing, thanks 🙂

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