Puppy Kindergarten Week 5 Feb 11 2019 Puppy Play Round 4

[Applause] don't want to use that to recall what you really want to do is you want to make sure you write so when your dog leashes out too far you want them to come back and they're stressed and they're resistant when they get back I'd be paying her right I would be paying her why does she want to be up to see you're not providing any reinforcement she knows the sit stay you can even just pay your dog for standing there and looking at stuff because they're getting reinforced right she's stressed she's stressed she's stressed they're like yeah the seat sucks right and it does compared to running around with the French this is probably right even Lola who's playing at the gate you know how many dogs relationships I have fostered with the gate and then they eventually could play with those dogs right so all the dogs in this room are playing technically Lola they are addicted to puppy play you guys have phenomenally well socialized puppies and they're playing rough and with mouthing and jumping there isn't growling I just got a handful of treats none of the dogs had any sign of resource guarding you how lucky we are you know great that is right treats high-value food in her face dog in her face she's not growling and snapping at them so that's why they're stressed right they want to go play but we got to do work we got a teaching that hey sometimes you have to chill good job with her right and again she's she's you're doing perfect right no leash she's laying down you're paying her intermittently that's how you guys are gonna go have an iced coffee in May just like that and if you're really smart you bring a frozen Kong or a bully stick and you give it to her when you get to the bench and then your Instagram story is really cool it's not alive it's not a lie it's not just two seconds she was good he's like no there she was good the whole time give me props you know but really no that's the deal reinforcement why do you why should they want to be at the seat yeah give her a back rub give her a butt rub like all that stuff you guys have toddlers for life exactly belly rub who doesn't like a back rub and a belly rub right well yeah and you know what it is that simple no it's not the only thing that's gonna get them through right it's a multi-layered affair just like with your children got the iPad got the videogame the Xbox you got all these things to help them stay entertained right so same thing with your dogs oh goodness all right that's it hi Mike well she's probably a little tired and she's probably like stop talking guys guys talking alright good girl we'll get these kids back into play and because they do play so well we are able to I mean asked Danielle ik we have we have more play groups in this class and a lot of other puppy classes because they do play so well I don't mind running around they bother me where I get concern is when dogs can't play and their stress of biting each other so awesome all right hold harness to take off leashes stop – Gavin let's get this party on let them go now what I think you guys should be doing with Phoebe at least six times a day if not more each of you should just walk up to her grab her harness a collar say yes pay her and walk away gonna be doing this same thing with melanin all your dog I mean think about it how much do you want in the bank with that sudden grab out of nowhere you go to grab your dog two years from now because they're about to jet up the screen door at your vacation house and they turn around and snap at you because you didn't do enough collar drabs walk up to them and at least expect it and go yeah but you know what though I'm gonna wrangle you I'm gonna get you I'm gonna make it happen I'm not gonna scare them but I'm gonna make it happen right yes yeah I'm gonna all my all my dogs knew oh yeah dad's gonna get me I'm not getting away he's the Impella fur David Bowie eyes no smell good all right you get nothing kid I freeze you out 10th Avenue freeze out baby girl you got it you got to stay on it stay on it under the chin right there you go good good good touch that's her treat hold on you didn't do any work jumping in the line getting food remember you can always walk get ready to pay watch your back if it don't work it in right so if it don't work it in there if you really want to separate them and they don't come out on the whoop-whoop right you got to get in there or go louder the only one that's not jet now the only one that's coming out for social facilitation is Xena the other three are coming out she's just following because I'm not getting I contact her she doesn't care about the treats she is running because dogs are running which is fine hey if I need four kids to come for dinner and three run and one just follow of him good know she's coming but not because of the sound she just tell me because the other dogs are running right because the other dogs are looking for me there look I can see them they're looking for me to make contact because they know they're gonna get a treat right just distracted no dog plays humping the food right so it's not that she's not moved more than play is gold food is silver but I could raise the bait right too bad I could give her something a little bit better right that might that might do it but I don't want to have a handful of turkey pepperoni with four dogs snouts that could create an issue right it's not a problem right you know it's really not for the amount of initial stress he had no yeah no I mean categorically categorically you know if she's like a husky mix yeah you know Huskies are kind of categorically a little bit more aloof Yeah right but she's eating the treats it's not like she's not you know it's just a lot of puppies are you know dog plague old foods silver that's great you know and again how many puppies is she playing with every day yeah well there you go right how many dogs this should play with every week okay right but what I'm saying is if she was if she was playing with dogs every day then dog play would be satiated it wouldn't be so novel right and then you might see a change where she's like oh I'll take some food cuz I get play all the time so dogs hit play stars I see it with like a tug rope right the tug rope breaks you order it takes a week you don't play tougher we and then you get to play tug with the dog and then they're like oh my god and they can't drop it but they were dropping the old one but this is a new tug Bella's on some porzingis stuff over here though she's got all that length and all but she's really athletic you see the jump she did over these guys that was great oh what a go girl yeah you're not copying off Bella's paperback we allow cheating in here like that you can copy off anybody's paper I'm here right yeah three penny therefore that you know she might do okay with CV as well well that's why I'm holding pennies because body weight wise she might not have as much weight but she's got more strength she's a little dog he's got some terrier in there Terriers are you know they got a lot of Gus go in there game wait wait too bad right so you see the little I got your pant legs right no no problem but what I want you to take home from that is it isn't hey huh I don't dance you're gone you're gone all right hold on Delma here's Louise go get him especially get a little shy to know all right gang let's do it quick

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