Puppy In My Pocket – Webisode #10 "Puppies And Pandas"

I'll be in my pocket teeny-tiny I'll be pop itty bittys doctor pretty gonna love so much Happy's and Santa's it's so strange here at the good tiny people way computing now it's okay puppies that's why we're here so you can get used to new things and new places you guys do we ready go up to be service dog just like you huh service dogs go wherever their owners go that's right because it's our job to help people but first I think mrs. Mac needs to help you okay you two let's see if you can behave off leash show them how it's done dot come on there's someone I want you to meet hello a bamboo dog I wanted you to meet my babies smudgy and Dotson and these are my two cub chopsticks Ben ciao ciao why are they crying What's Wrong little bandage it's nothing really they're just sad because they lost their ball and we don't know where it went yo EDA right what Maggie Maggie Maggie got chewed here comes your mouth thanks for your help that you are come it's your job to help people dad dad good uh-huh be sure to LIKE this video and subscribe to our Channel you

34 thoughts on “Puppy In My Pocket – Webisode #10 "Puppies And Pandas"

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  2. I have a puppy & kitty in my pocket. Sierra is my Kitty in my pocket & ranger is my puppy in my pocket.

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