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let's see what we got today so that's some treats look how cute that is that is too cute snaps in the front so cute instance oh good job and stance good girl that's okay okay okay okay in here hello health bars we're almost out of milk bones so we thought we'd try these instead look at these great big cookies can you eat a whole cookie all by yourself you can try do you want one sugar that's a big one should I break it in half Hey it's right there do you like it kid eaters they smell good they are baked with apples and yogurt isn't that good maybe sugar leave it then okay you wanna see what's in here it's a little piano melody big dialer phone as I am going to teach kitty to play the piano look here's a treat you want a shaker you're not scared of the sound I want to teach kitty to play the piano for a treat but he's stared at the noise this is not gonna work it's got these little sticks underneath I'm gonna have a piano lesson so stay tuned see if I can ever get Kitty to play the piano I'm gonna make a noise come back here you're found a tree lookout cute sugar is in that dress this is our new favorite outfit oh you look so cute sugar oh you find in the treats are you finding the treats

42 thoughts on “Puppy Haul | Dog Clothes, Toys and Piano |Mail Monday

  1. Those are the cutest outfits I have ever seen! Leo may or may not have a crush on your little fur babies ? Let's be friends! 🙂

  2. Adorable unboxing film! She looks so cute in her new dress! Awesome treats and a fun new puppy xylophone. Wishing you all an amazing day X)

  3. I love that dress on Sugar! Kitty is not a fan of the new treats? I so love the piano idea!???

  4. I think kitty didn't like the treat…and sugar looks so cool in that dress….
    God bless you and your family….

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