Puppy Dog pals Open Secret Life of Pets 2 Deluxe Pet Surprises Collection

all right Snooper snowball is having some fun today watch out who's in need of a hero whoo oh my are you okay I'm fine we like Amy go round and round I'm smelling something guys I'm smelling something okay what's going on what's going on uh supposedly some secret life of pets surprises have been spotted in the area we need to sniff em out oh I can do it I can do it come on guys let's see I know I can find them hmm I believe I have already found them they are back here behind the playground area I think I might be sitting on one oh yeah yeah yeah look at them back there whoa whoa whoa okay guys okay let's get ourselves together let's get these secret life of pets – pets open we all right come on guys oh wow let's see it looks like they have discovered some secret life of pets – pets here this is really exciting super surprises I do love the way they come and these like little appurtenant rooms here or houses it says mini collectible pets collector checklist inside find the rare captain snowball ooh that could be a fun one to try to find all right oh I just love our friends from the secret life of pets secret life of pets – let's flip this song and we can take a little look here at our house I love sort of this bright kind of pinky red and I can already see our friend inside let's go ahead and see how this opens opens like a little door the front opens oh my goodness so we don't have our super snowball but we definitely do have snowball here very cool and oh my goodness this snowball is so fuzzy soft I love his his long bunny ears little pink inside a little soft bunny tail oh and he looks super cute like I didn't do anything wrong really me okay let's go ahead and take a look at this collector side that we have so the secret life of pets too this is the ultra rare captain snowball I think I said super snowball he is a super snowball but he is known as captain snowball and on the other side we have our other friends where's Gidget max Daisy here is snowball that's our match then there's tiny pickles Chloe Duke and Hugh I love it so not all of our characters but so many of them and you can keep your little apartment building put your pet back inside so they have a safe place to be or you can come on out and play with all of your friends all right we've got a snowball yeah welcome snowball and let's go ahead and see who else we might have in here this apartment building looks a little bit different just you know go ahead and get this wrapping off there we go it's always exciting to think about who might be inside all right here you can just see the collectors guide turning around we've got a Beaulieu building blue buildings blue roof I'm gonna kind of make it a mystery oh oh my goodness we've got another snowball a little snowball twin okay come on out snowball number two now we have two fun fuzzy bunnies are so cute those little ears can go together and they can pop around super duper fun oh and we can even have them live together in the same little apartment or they can live separately and with our little houses here we can stack them together so it really will after you get quite a few make like a little apartment building and they'll be like living on top and side by side should I take this collectors guide out so that you can see all the way through the windows so we've got snowball here and then down here our other snowball and then maybe somebody wants to go in there with snowball like Daisy wants to hang out oops Daisy doesn't fit in this one we need somebody smaller and so we'll close in there how adorable excuse me please Piccolo's whoa alright now I do those snowball but I'm looking for maybe somebody different here let's see who we can get go ahead and peel off who's it gonna be where's my door so I've got another blue building get that box pick taken off our super cute fuzzy max I love his dark black nose here his little pink tongue is sticking out his ears are folded over so soft feelings little tail can see our big max hey hey hey you look just like me well I am you I'm just a little fuzzy version well Jim you aren't fuzzy yes and this is my home over here oh yeah max let's eat put it quite nicely in there and then you can come over here and I can put you next to our snowball or you can even get stacked up on top and be even taller what a tall building stacked on top of each other I think I like keeping you down here so you can be next to each other but I think everybody wants to come out right now I want to see all of you guys it's not time to go home yet because we can have so much fun around here what should we play hmm there are still two surprises back here how about we finish opening them oh yes okay rooster knows what he's talking about what do you really need to finish opening these before we go back to playing and we go get more to take off here this just slides right off you don't even have to try to like break it or anything all right another kind of pinky red building with the green roof and inside of here we have pretty miss acutest wait so yes here she is with her big blue eyes and molasses it's got this little tiny nose little tiny ears and so fluffy I mean just look at this big tail so soft and her beautiful little pink bow that she wears or like over here what she wears a little peanut er I mean she's just too adorable all right let's join your other little friends down here and I can show you how you can make like this apartment building stack them higher and higher and higher or put them next to each other so that they can all kind of see and talk to each other because they're so close all right here we go last of our surprises so many characters are still fine including that ultra rare snowball captain snowball but I mean there's even so many other characters I mean do we pickles Daisy tiny who's gonna come my bean now open the door please and show yourself with it tiny I can tell by the long floppy ears that see tiny yep here he is so of course he's got this white body he's got a large black nose kind of reminds me of Max's a little bit and then the best part is these long long floppy ears they just hang all the way to the floor they're even longer than he is they'd looks like sweep the ground sweep sweep sweep sweep okay he's got some other spots on his back its tail super happy little smile and his tongue sticking out he's just so adorable here's one of our other tiny knees so you can see seen singing big black nose floppy ears little spot really cute red collar so adorable alright can we play now come on let's go people yes we are clear for playing yay well we're having so much fun out here in the sea yeah but the boat is slowing down why why there must be something in the water I'll take a look I'll take a look oh my goodness it's filled with something like surprises what would what did you say surprises whoa be careful huh thanks Skye I got you oh my let me see all of this you're right it is filled with surprises down there we're gonna have to get all those surprises out if we want the boat to go anywhere yeah but how cheese I know the crane the crane super pup rocky we'll get to it hey what's this button whoa bingo sorry about that I guess this is sort of an emergency though we want to keep everybody safe in the water okay lowering the crane here it goes here we've got our first surprise in the middle and whoa here's another big one gotcha more surprises huh Wow something from shopkins with this Lion King oh let's try again it's so heavy cuz it's a rock what's this I'm not snackable whoa things are getting full in here Disney Princess keychain lowering again whoa spider-man I think there's one more surprise Hotel Transylvania alright then the waters are clear we should be ready to go now ah it's still not really moving what's going on sometimes when my belly gets really full I have a hard time moving great point Roli what I'm hungry no no I think the boats gotten so heavy because of the surprises now we can't move so what do we do now oops I hit the button again I think we've got to get some of these surprises opened up so it'll lighten the weight good thinking everyone I like the idea of opening up these surprises so I can see what's in them okay let's start with that Disney keyring I see lots of Disney Princesses on the front of this there we go what do we have in here who do we have in here it's it's Mulan I love Mulan she's so brave to fight against the bad guy oh it's so pretty with the flower in her hair and her earrings and she's all dressed up not like a soldier anymore she's so beautiful and we can take her with us and I think you'll be much lighter since you don't have all that package around you okay listen seconds you can stay for the ride now I think it might be good to get rid of this big old lion king Rock Pride Rock that is because what we really want is to see our friends like Timon and Pumbaa Simba I'm Alfonso Rafiki Zazu I can't wait to see who is here probably trying to make sure things are safe for animals everywhere all right just need to get the rest of this packaging off there we go okay there it is oh we've got two lion king figures in here this is our first exciting hey Pumbaa he's a warthog of course and it's kind of like a pig you can see his long tail here and the hair he has his little face there it is and look at these like tusks that he has so cool but he's gentle of course he's very friendly all right Glenn why you hang out here and let's see who came with you come on out whoa is this grown-up Simba yes I think this is right it's grown-up Simba how cool he gets to become king all right you can stay here with your friend Pumbaa now what other surprises did we have in here Oh something from Hotel Transylvania to this monster trunk doesn't look too happy let's see if we can make him happy by getting him opened up and seeing who we've got inside okay here's our key to the trunk on the side really nice kind of blue kind of turquoisey color I guess we're gonna push in here we go key pushing in oak there we go popped right open and let's see alright see you are monster character is here we've got which oh man look at this nose on her pretty big and it looks like some warts got those long gray hair and little witches hatch what is this little wings and she's super green well I think maybe you'll have to let our trunk float around in the water you might be too heavy for the boat wait wait I know that's not all I mean I've got um is this church its ultimate spider-man six characters to collect look at our different characters here so neat they're in action mode very cool got to find out who's in here whoa they want to get out so dads go down we're getting you we're getting young okay okay okay here we go just opened up oh my goodness Oh ready for action and I must say I'm not exactly sure what to call this but I mean look at his arm raised out these like kneepads and his table boost and his shoulder pads it's like armor pads really dressed in all black with this kind of white spider on him and he's on the rocks like I'm coming to get you don't worry don't worry we're all friends here okay hang out over here by Pumbaa let's see if we can find somebody maybe a little friendlier Oh like this someone from yummy world such cute little keychains a little fruity friends they're adorable so can I just get my box open here yummy yummy yummy well cute little clouds on the package outcomes what is this is this a little orange slice really cute he's got his orange peel on the outside then on the inside all these little pieces in there and those little eyes and smiley face yum yum come on little orange slice and this is pretty neat so you can use this kind of keychain where it goes through the line or it actually comes with this little clip here so you can clip it on something but what you could also do is if you get other yummy world friends you could clip them on too and have a whole little bunch of yummy world friends with you all right all right what else is going on in here whoo shopkins wild style will you find the precious unicorn pet bard I would love to okay you see what I've got in here you go there we are this is this a little kitty cat it's kind of what it looks like really super adorable there let's pop her open we've got some prizes and kids oh so soft and squishy already I can feel it ha ha how cute squish squish squish I don't know it's just like warm bread or something I'm not sure I've got somebody else here okay I'm not so squishy but sparkly it looks like we've got a camera say cheese click oh geez everybody how cute I love a little purple bow it's so fun you've got like these different styles so you've got this one that's like sparkly shimmery and this one that's softy squishy and then you can just say maybe that's all go together and have some fun yay so you can see here on our guide from the sweet and squishy tribe we had olena loaf so she was like birth a loaf of bread and then from our glitzy dancers tribe we've got Pamela cameras all right what else what else I know there was more stuff in there whoa shopkins micro white squeeze me oh it's a little mop and bucket not pop pop pop pop give up there mop all wet and then slosh it around cute little mop and bucket and if we squeeze whoa there goes let me show you it's a bright green light if it looks green to you but it is kind of green greenish blue maybe fun fun fun now wait if it gets stirred we can find our way all right any surprises left in there we're almost light enough to move okay chase okay I think there's one last surprise and it is kind of a heavy one think you'll be able to move after we've got this out hey maybe everybody needs a snack around here let's check out this non non snack a little different but all right I'm gonna get out our packages and then our dunking dip here all right bag number one is this a waffle stick yes indeed it's blueberry waffle I'd like to take a smell yummy sweet and looks like somebody got a bite already all right who else is with you last look in here whoa Hey look at this it's Camilla corn chip a blue corn chip she's great for dipping here's our dunking sauce here is our dunking sauce just wanna get a little look at this super squishy dimmable now we've got a piece of plastic in here that is keeping both sides separate and I just smelled it and it smells so very young this is two flavors this is cotton candy icing Wow I'm gonna pull the plastic out that sort of is separating them that they're stuck to how much fun time candy icing I will dip our waffle stick in there yeah have a bite mm everybody some for you guys over here Oh somebody wants the corn chip okay here we go oh yeah you go you need some more energy some of our pups over here really cool and I want to get this sauce out and have some fun hey wait I'm feeling something in here who's in here oh another little surprise guess what it's choco chip hey I'm glad we didn't lose you in that slime but look here it is super fun scented stretch huh doesn't stretch too well actually rips apart that's okay so fun maybe I can kind of mix up the colors and make them all swirly pretty pretty we could save that and have some fun on the ship later how's it look now cheese can we get moving let me give it a go sorry just gotta do it cool sound yes yes here we go oh but you know so everybody's safe we should get inside okay everybody in Oh inside you guys here too dummy we didn't forget about You Mulan hey all right now we're off to find another adventure whoo-hoo I'm glad those snacks showed up what's coming out of the slime believe this time we've been standing on our head all day I know but it's so much fun I can switch arms and do cartwheels we're yay aah I'm not feeling good oh my stomach what what what's a-matter bees boy gorilla my stomach doesn't feel good oh no I know what you've got one and then it's so I'm ballet oh no not slime belly yeah we've got can you checked out quick help help somebody out

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