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oh no bingo and Roley look like they're gonna get into some trouble who better find out what they're up to No now look what they've done they've knocked over this whole vehicle all right guys you got to fix it no no no not go on a mission I said you've got to fix this car actually Rolly Rolly listen to me you've got to fix this car well rolling bingo maybe I can fix it nope nope oh no no no no no where are they going now yeah yeah yeah no no bingos gone to cook i'm getting tired of looking after these pups time for some candy here's some sour patch kids do we have some jelly bellys right here hopefully I can eat these and then I'll go find the pipes to see what they're up to I also have some starbursts some Andes chocolates very yummy very good okay this is all for me hmm what should I have first candy okay okay if you can just get up that would be great no no no no no roley's now walking through my candy Roli get out of the candy this is this is my food for the day you're spreading my candy everywhere he's ruining it oh no no no don't go back to my candy in there oh no oh boy my candy is ruined well that's it you pups are in timeout so Roli you're going over here and bingo you're gonna go over here and the last thing these sour patch kids okay I've been able to clean everything up now let's go gets bingo and Roli and hey wait a second they're supposed to be right here where did they go well if they're not here where do you think they are you know what I think they went to the park I knew I'd find these pups in the park all right pups come back here Oh bingo what are you doing in that tree you've got to get out of there bingo you're gonna be no bingo fell down thing are you okay I think he's okay Oh yep he's back to wash around all right bingo you've got to be more careful huh oh now where's he going bingo get back here so Rolly can you go get bingo back here think you guys are getting into more trouble well now where did they go and what are they up to guys you shouldn't be running right toward each other that's not good oh boy where are they going now come on bingo let's go back home no no stop paint why you chasing somebody okay Roley it's time to get home back to Bob okay good good good let's go wait wait that's the wrong way well I guess since bingo and Roli are gone I can now play in the park with my little action figures here without them interrupting me oh no oh wait wait wait a minute oh no what's think I'm doing here oh he's gonna ruin my action figures hey bingo you get that Robin action figure out of your bag look at this what a mess you guys bit up all of my action figure Legos oh boy hey thanks for watching the toys featured in this video are the brand new puppy dog pals we've got surprise action Rowley right here you've already heard he can talk move around do all sorts of fun things now these toys were provided to us by just play so thank you just play so this is cool you press this little button on his back and he seems to go around and he can talk and everything we can hear all sorts of fun phrases so these characters look exactly like the characters on the TV if you receive this series so far this is super cool so Roley here he's got these huge kind of blueish eye you know each pupil is everything the both dogs look what kind of cute and everything it's part of the action figure goes of course he's got his collar and he's got the the bone on his collar which is super cool and then we've got this button on the back now this here's the speaker box here and it's gonna cause these dogs to walk around pumps to walk around and also to make sounds and everything so we can actually physically turn his head like this one way or another and I don't think it'd turn this head when we press the button so you can turn it every which way and when you press the button it's just its legs how's the while you can also notice that they have curly tails [Applause] the next toy featured in this video is the brand-new puppy dog house we've got surprise action bingo now bingo is the older brother of Rowley so he's sort of the leader of the pack here and he also makes tons of sounds that everything we are going to check it out so now we've got bingo and Rowley so bingo here he looks exactly like Rowley just different colors of course he's got the green eyes kind of like green teal eyes and they're really big so it looks sort of adorable here he's got this little mouth right there this mouth doesn't move Oprah cause it's just a static mouth just kind of painted there of course he's got his little floppy ears you can see a little bit of space to there so they're not like you know matted down payment on these are actual ears what they did up to attach such good detail here we have his collar and this is like lightening on the the collar he's got a blue collar he's got a waggle e town or his town does twist back and forth and this Tower actually points down so roly's points up and then bingos points down his legs also are gonna move when we press this button or not gonna press it yet and then we've got his head – we can turn ourselves back and forth so let's just compare right here the – let's see so you can see they look a little bit different oh no how no I had Roli I accidentally pressed the button okay so we've got you can see they're like he kind of has bingo has a bigger face all together and and Roli has maybe a smaller face a little bit smaller eyes and everything smaller mouths so they do look a little bit different even though they are the same type of dog you know on the backhand side like I was saying this tail is curl that pointed down this child is curled and pointed out wondering yeah we can twist this tail as well otherwise they've got the collars and they look pretty much the same now his ears are also pointed like further up heal a little bit goofy or whatever so his ears are pointed up and then they're curved over where his arm or just laying flat he's the more practical one of the tail Wow now when you get these pups it's probably important to get both of them so you can have them play together so let's see what happens when they go against each other let's see if one will knock the other over who will win get ready 1 2 3 they just walked right by each other all right let's try this again once let's try round 0 1 2 & 3 oh boy oh boy oh it looks like bingo got knocked off so that means Roley wins all right no it's wait a second okay let's do round 3 1 2 3 Oh who's gonna win Oh looks like they just like no she didn't see it but he fell off the table so he actually went okay let's see who's gonna oh let's say you push tonight oh no it's gonna fall off the table up tonight come back Robbie here we go oh boy now looks like he's just giving him eskimo kisses yuck okay look looks like Rolly stronger cuz he keeps pushing back bingo oh no no bingo fell off again okay let's try this one more time push the back oh wow no now bingos trying to get into the toy store push them back slowly hey thanks for watching don't forget to Like and subscribe to the toysreviewtoys channel let me know in the comments if you've seen the shell puppy-dog pals and who your favorite pup is is a bingo is a Roley is it are for somebody else and then tap word click on a picture to watch another fun video have a great day

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