Puppy Crate Training

hey guys just wanted to do a quick instructional video with Luna so I can't stress enough when you have a puppy if they go in and out of the crate all day long so this is one of the things we talked to Lunas owners about that they're gonna start incorporating everyday weather is sending her in the crate even when it's not bedtime so she might hang out in there for five minutes ten minutes an hour so even when they're home so she's gotta learn to go in and out of the crate without doing this and this is just basically puppy hissy fit she I don't want to be in here it's not bedtime just stuff like that things that will help her calm down in the free I'm gonna show you guys we're gonna do some crate games and create exercises with her so I'm gonna do just like we do with the adult dogs open and close the crate door until she's quiet and he's pawing at the door she's probably used to having the door be open right away when somebody comes over to her so I want her to just realize that it doesn't matter if I reach for the door doesn't matter if I open and close the door you just hang out in there so we're gonna do some of the opening and closing the door stuff that's better she's trying to figure out what a lot she's trying to figure out how to get what she wants how is she gonna get what she wants by doing what I would like for her to do this is really hard for some people with a puppy but they're young and they're smart and they're willing to learn so the easiest thing to do with a young puppy is just wait them out especially with a young puppy but especially every dog that you bring into your home that might be new to your residence always have a leash so when I let her out of this kennel I've got the leash up on the windowsill behind me she's going to be leashed so now at the end of the world there's nothing wrong with her just can't feel bad for her it's hard sometimes I'm gonna state could I see a lot of people make us once they get to this point where the dogs calm they let them out and they don't put them back in so the next step of what we're gonna do is once I got the leash up I'm gonna take her out of the crate and put it right back in and then we'll do this again then I'll take her out and I'll put it right back I'm gonna put the leash on but she's still not allowed to come out of the crate you guys that's an important part to a lot of times when you go to put their leash or their collar on they'll try to scoop out of the crate Luna brick good and now probably one of the most important parts is to send her right back in so that initial coming out of the crate doesn't become a huge reward for her a little excited but she's kind of containing herself that's much better picking up the leash isn't a release kill standing up business and send her right back camp no see if she's putting on brakes if she's like wait a minute once I come out of the kennel I'm not supposed to have to go back in so there's a little bit of leash pressure there but already two three repetitions I can see a huge difference in her thinking about how this situations gonna work to her benefit before she was like this is what I want and this is how I want it to go when I went on you know little puppy hissy fits now we still got a little bit of whining going on but she's thinking more so she's not just acting on impulse she's trying to use her brain that's what we want a little bit that's not a release I'm not gonna release her when she's whining I want her to be quiet good leave the door open she's not trying to shove back out which is awesome still not gonna let her come back out of there while she's whining whining can get you into a lot of trouble if your pup's or your dog is whining when they want food whining when they want to go for a walk winding in the car that can lead to barking I can lead to anxiety you can lead to all sorts of bad behaviors quiet calm relaxed is how they should be and then also you can use treats with food for this you know give him a little peace for going in just to add a little positive reinforcement but she was pretty worked up and she was pretty bratty so I didn't want to give her anything food-wise because I didn't want to reinforce that type of behavior and you can see each time she comes back out she's moving slower calmer more relaxed sending them in and out of the kennel camellias to support just as important in this place command sit stays down stay as stuff like that much different girl opening it much different you can see you're thinking I love the thinking process the puppies go through they want to figure out the quickest easiest way to get what they want and they're willing to do anything good or bad to get that to work out in their favor and we're gonna take her out for a quick potty break in a walk but I think that's pretty good so far we're definitely going to be working on quiet behavior in the crate because she's used to only going in there for bedtime so during the day she wants to be out she wants to be involved in stuff and she isn't used to just going in there and hang out and calmly watching stuff go on around her so we'll be working on that for sure all right let's go

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