Puppy CPR

she gave us a bit of a scare the night she was born 2 a.m. we get a knock on the bedroom door wake up from my boyfriend's daughter and she has told us that you know come here come here you know is he had let out a Yelp and kind of woken her up and she realized that you know something was going on I go in and check on both of them realizing once moving and kind of you know squirming around and you know obviously you know seems to be ok and and one little Mary here she wasn't moving at all so I knew I had to you know step in and help and at least try to see if we can get her to to wake back up picking her up at this point you know and just kind of stimulating her you know giving her some some blows and trying to clear her airway of you know just looking you know dogs Anatomy is obviously different than humans but I could definitely see where her little rib cage and everything came together and I'm not taking my at that point she was much smaller and I held her in my hand took my thumb and started giving compressions it's just like I I knew I had to try you know wasn't certain you know that it would would work obviously and I knew it was different for for pets and then fur for people but like you know the same principles apply I mean I think it would have to act like gonna work at that point I took her and you know held her up to my mouth and gave her a little bit of breath and gave her some more stimulation you know kind of patent or it rigorously kind of get some you know some response and lo and behold she she started pinking up hurt her little nose you know did mouth turned really really pink and I saw her I mean even her toes pinked up and in you know a little miracle it's a good a little their little miracle happened and she started breathing on her own and we tried to warm her up and get towels and kind of keep her keep her doing well

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  1. Nice work. I'm a First aid Instructor and this is really cool. Love Bulldogs! Good work and bless you all ! x

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