Puppy Alert! 11 adorable African hunting dog puppies born

yes it's been an exciting day today and we could confirm we've got a new arrival of 11 African hunting dogs here at cellar so London Zoo which we've been able to go down and see hands-on today on our and vet inspections it's the usual vaccinations and checks that a pup would have just like a domestic dog except these are wild dogs so but more of a handful but it was the general vaccine very similar to what a domestic dog would have and a check-up so make sure that everything's all right it was the ideal opportunity at eight weeks to do their first checkup vaccinations identification with microchips and transponders and then give them you know give them their first dose of firming agent and make sure that everything's healthy and everything's well we've got 11 pups there's a big letter which has been a great mum and all of them look really good some really big heavy boys some slightly smaller girls we've got six males and five females so a nice ratio as well so from what we've seen it's been all positive we've been very very happy with the dogs and the adult males and the females taken so they're always beautifully the dogs all got Euston they've been working as a great units as they would do out in a while to ensure that they're protected and they're getting fed we've seen them going all the way down the length of the enclosure so it's very encouraging to see that the dogs aren't afraid of their surroundings and they feel comfortable here they just look like a litter of puppies you might see at home jumping around each other having a roll around in the grass and again when when mum feels like they're in any danger see she growls and they all run back in quite quickly so it's all encouraging behavior we haven't had a successful birth in for around 80 years here at said it's in London so so then have 11 and it's just great really and it's going to be perfect for the public to see and hopefully expand on sharing and some knowledge and the problems that the African wild dogs have out in the world in the wild they are an endangered species with as many as only 5,000 left so it's really important that we've had these here at Sodexo London Zoo as we are involved in a range wide conservation program and specifically in Kenya where we're trying to help the locals and the dogs share the land together you you

18 thoughts on “Puppy Alert! 11 adorable African hunting dog puppies born

  1. My brain says that these are some of the deadliest murder machines in a continent where lions and crocodiles behead gazelles daily. Yet, my heart just sees puppies <3

  2. It's so dam adorable to see all those little replicas/clones running around be. Too cute and adorable

  3. 'Specifically in Kenya'? I thought there were already no more wild dogs left in Kenya?
    (Also, it's a shame it's almost impossible to reintroduce captive bred/raised dogs back into the wild…)

  4. 1:02 dog is definitely in protective mode, vigilant lookout
    does anyone know what exactly happened to mama's ear?

  5. weren't they trying to get them back from China and other countries?
    I'd seen in another doc, brokers are making alot of money selling these beautiful wild dogs to foreign countries, China being one of them…and like most wild animals in captivity in China, they are treated very badly… it was also mentioned something about the breeding is no longer from the African dogs genes any longer, they have been breed for selling in nurseries… anyone have any info on that?

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    I wish you Merry Christmas to you and your family

  7. Congratulations! We need as many wild dogs as we can get; they're rapidly diminishing in the wild. They're extremely intelligent and opportunistic. I wonder if they can be reintroduced into the wild.

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