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hello everyone this is marina and Tori here and we are back in so East Ellis just about ten minutes away from downtown and where we've been seeing nursing mama dog and yesterday we crawled on her house and confirmed that there too so Tori caught MoMA by him this morning when we crawled under the halls but I'm sure she was protecting their babies so we have mama in the car right there and AC because it's creating hot here and we're about to go and get the puppies and we're bringing you with so you can see how it is without crawling under let's go all right the pretty tight squeeze that's what we gotta do and the puppies are way way in the back and it's very hard to get to them because there is a pipe that runs across underneath the whole house so that's why I have my little digging tool anyone to get through there well actually I think tori is there slimmer of the two oh she will have honors of squeezing into that tiny space as you can tell it's pretty tight in here a bunch of glass and dirt and it's also poking and that's it but we are at home stretch we got the momma which we thought was going to be the most difficult but things are looking good looks like work your own noon is planned that's right so there is story this is the pipe that we're gonna have to dig under on the side poppies there are unfortunately but I have nine more at home for her that mama so it she'll have a lot of company and pretty tight are you cool going under there I don't think I can squeeze my pregnant but in that hole I'm getting too big these are some of my last under shatter under house adventure pretty creepy this is on dolphin road and and Longview so it's not a very safe area not for dogs because of all the speeding cars and not for people either so we are very happy to get mama and the babies out of here and home where they don't have to worry about finding food or being unsafe I'm like claustrophobic just watching you go under this is our hero Tory Thank You Tory for going under it I'm glad that I don't have to that is any hole like that way doing like once and they like pretty sure you all I'm sure they have worms but I'll take care of that as well so now we need to shimmy our way back you use all the panting pretty hot and dingy and pretty tight Oh gosh my knees hurt from all the rocks should have worn like neat ads or something I got large dad rug burns or dirt burns the other day when I went under here that was not a smart of yet to go under look scary all right yeah so we told you their eyes are still closed so they're just tiny babies yeah right let's go reunite them with their mama and meet them home this is amazing this is the fastest rescue ever magic touch with them all of it would not let anyone approach her in the past few days and especially not when we went under the house to look for her babies yeah opening the car alrighty I am going to disconnect because I'm sure you guys don't once um see me cleaning the poop but I will be back once I set them all up at home and then they will be going to a foster once we process the foster application and do a home visit and make sure that it's going to be a good fit for Mama into babies so I'll see you in a little bit on hey everyone we are back as promised just got home got this two little babies from under the abandoned house all settled in and here is their sweet mama she has just sold precious she's just a baby herself she doesn't want to show me her pretty teeth but she's probably only around a year old herself and her babies are teeny tiny their little eyes are still closed so they are very very young there are only two babies but the conditions where they were in are so bad that it's a miracle that we even got two of the puppies out of there and these two babies seem pretty healthy so momma didn't to me see job taking care of them you come on my mama's good girl yeah yeah let's see if they're boys or girls this baby is a boy a little boy right here and then let's see about this little baby and this one is a boy as well so we got two tiny little boys and mama girl so if you guys have any cute name suggestions please drop them in the comments both for the two boy pups and for their sweet precious mama girl and this whole family will be going to a foster we have someone applied to foster them and we are going to be processing their application to make sure that it's a good fit for everyone and then once babies are going to get weaned and bat it they will be ready for pre adoption and so will be the mama you can tell mama is just the sweetest girl ever I'm going to give her some food probably hungry she needs some good puppy food so she buttons up a little bit milk to feed her babies some treats good mama's make those treats thank you so much for everyone who's supporting us was donating who's fostering volunteering donating supplies like puppy pads and bowls and dog food and blankets and sheets all of this stuff is donated and we are so very thankful for every single one of you for helping us help them and giving us an opportunity to go out and rescue dogs from terrible sad situations and bring them home and feed them really amazing delicious nutritious food and give them yummy treats and have them comfy on a nice soft blanket next to a soft toys that when Mama's taking a break babies can just cuddle up on there we could not do any of this without our incredible supporters so even though I know it's giving day I want to give many things on behalf of Dallas dog er for all of you incredible people who made all of this possible and like I was saying there are million ways to participate and to be part of the dog team even donating a blanket that you no longer use or some towels of course monetary donations are always much appreciated because most of the street dogs that we pick up are heartworm positive and we have a lot of dogs with medical issues as well and these little babies they will need to get better as well too so yes everything everything is much appreciated so many many things to you guys on this incredible day thank you again for giving us the opportunity to get this precious family to safety we love you all and stay

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  1. You young ladies need to invest in the paper coveralls that zip up the front and have a built in hood. They're light weight but extremely durable, and can be washed in a washer like any other clothing. You need protection from spiders and other critters, otherwise you're not protecting yourselves. There are paper booties, too, to wear over your shoes. The last thing you need is to have some creepy spider hitching a ride on your clothes to then take a bite out of you. Some are seriously life threatening. It's wonderful you were able to rescue this family. You were lucky this time. Please be careful These zip up overalls are cheap and can be worn over and over again. Be safe out there, not foolish.

  2. To anyone reading: THIS CHANNEL DOES NOT DO ANY RESCUES. They post videos videos of other dog rescue stories after getting the rights to show them!

  3. Omg! I’m freaking out just watching her under the house, I am so claustrophobic. Thank you for saving these puppies. I’m so glad you didn’t see any snakes or spiders. You are so brave.❤️❤️❤️????

  4. Thank you for saving this beautiful family!!! How about Precious for the mom and Blackie abd Blue for the puppies

  5. Thank you for rescuing the young beautiful Mama and her beautiful well fed puppies. So cute I wish I could reach thru the video to hold them and give a hug to their beautiful Mama.

  6. Momma looks like a "Foxy" because she is so pretty. The babies look like chocolate chunks, so I would name them Babe Ruth and Tootsie Roll.

  7. You ladies are so brave. I could never had done that, I'd have died from panic attacks! Thank you for your bravery and humanity.



  10. Heureusement que des gens comme sa existe ces vraiment extraordinaires ce que vous faite j ai moi-même 4 chiens pitbull que jai récupéré et qui sont chez moi je trouve sa vraiment bien merci pour eux

  11. Call momma miracle cuz her and her babies are miracles. Will think about names for the puppies. God bless you all for all the hard work you do and for everything you do for all these animals. Blessings and stay safe and healthy

  12. Mary K not Vic
    OMG. What an absolutely beautiful rescue. Mama is just SOOOOO SWEET, those babies are TOOOOOO CUTE!! You ladies did a great job on this rescue. Thank you for your work. It shows in Mama's face that she appreciated it. ?

  13. Thank you for saving this beautiful family!!! How about Precious for the mom and Blackie abd Blue for the puppies

  14. Good work,a small tarp to slide on,elbow pad to pull yourself and protect your elbows, saving a family ,wonderful job !!!!

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