Puppies June 2019

good morning how are you hi Desmond T knows that hello how are you Prince huh my little boy I know that's really cute Muthu ran right up to me as soon as I came down here but everybody else yeah she's right in there on everything isn't she so scary Scout is definitely a lassie dog hey you can see it well you can see it in his facial shape too he's gonna look like he's gonna look like mom looking for food you should set them up with a water bowl two of it I still think Romeo's my favorite over there yeah today is Marley supposed to meet my dog are you hey yeah he's doing that Oreo has a really cool marking meet my eyes I can see on the other side so the light from the window doesn't get blocked then I get really good hiya hi babies oh my goodness there's such a beautiful puppies Queen T very Quincy Oh Quincy's got blue eyes too who's this coming up to you Prince looks like it nope that's princess with you right now holding your hand oh that Romeo I couldn't no Prince's small spots Romeo huh oh no Romeo has this small white track on his head and the black eyeball right so this is Prince an Oreo Prince an Oreo look like twins except for the big cookie on the Oreo side so that was Prince that came up to you that's the one Bethany likes let's double check our sheet I still have it who's chewing on the box Marley what are you doing chewing on a box yeah I'm just doing a little video right now

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