Puppies in a Pool | May 5, 2019

good morning grandma and good morning willow hi yeah and Brody that's right we're taking care of my aunt's dogs while she rides in the AIDS lifecycle race and in the meantime let's have some fun here oh joy I mean it is definitely it's already getting there in the warmer range so joy I got the bigger pool so we could get in – thank you yeah we're in with in with Brody the slobbering machine I gotta show you something right Brody here has this ball that he loves and he's been trying to out look he's doing it now yes you see all of that white stuff on the ball that is slobber that is just pure slobber that's the most disgusting thing I have ever seen that's true I know the neighbor got out and I was like Lee your ball look your ball with your ball yeah and he did and I had to pick it up and throw it so I hope you appreciate the sacrifice that my left hand made gee huh what do you think will oh are you gonna have fun you can have fun yeah you are yeah cuz how long cuz I remember we used to play in that pool right was it that one dang and now it's been downgraded or upgraded depending on how you look at it two dogs because I have very good memories of filling that up and dumping it out and just absolutely destroying this grass right here right here you remember that yeah and you too afterwards trying to repair all the damage you take it down in like the two weeks that we visit it looked like this the first day second day like a desert yeah because in between this pool we had a slip and slide that went this way until we discovered we were slipping sliding into the metal gate guess how we found that out yeah unfortunately this way goes down we can't have the slip and slide go up well we could have we totally could have but as a kid you know you're like oh I have to have maximum slide ability so yep yep yeah I know we climb up this tree and then like jump down into the pool how did we not break any bones to be fair that wasn't just us that was my mom yes yes everybody yeah so many generations have climbed in this tree this is a project that my aunt made and it's still hanging it's still going strong I mean it's been how long has it been there look at how old this rope is goodness made contact with my head many a time absent-mindedly thunk that is the number one cause of my headaches right here and but it's cute it's true every square inch of this giant front yard as you can see yeah hold so many memories right you should never go back to your old childhood places they shrink I tell you anyway are you ready to get in the pool willow are you ready to get in the pool it's gonna end up out Rudy ready ready are you ready to get in the pool you basically made your own pool there with your slobber oh look at all those bubbles what Oh another ball nope they're good puppies what do you think willow Rudy Rudy there's a whole pool here look your sisters having fine then look at how much fun she's having she's just having so much fun Brodie's really that's growth right there Brody over there is just entertaining himself there is so much effort put into this nope rejected okay hey buddy Oh Oh what now oh now your balls under the car Oh at some point my friend Ryan's coming over and we're gonna hang out but which I probably should like you know shower and get slightly changed for considering it is oh I don't know 1206 puppies but puppies oh those were our toys well they were I don't think I'll be taking it back anymore what do you think too much yeah well oh you're having fun I think Oh Blue's Clues Oh were you fighting blues cannibalism right there it's a dog-eat-dog world you know what that was that was a shampoo bottle head I remember that very clearly not anymore oh wait yeah that's what she's gonna do she's gonna come over and hide it oh is this like a perfect way to spend a summer June day can you believe in June already I know like this year just started right I still kind of think of it as 2018 I know I found myself labeling projects as 2018 will over here speaking of projects is just going to town on this little submarine she is yep you have a one-track mind girl Bodie there's more fun and excitement happening right over here nope he's content with his ball in that corner of the yard slobbering it up and willows quite content over here to be chewing this up so really the pool is just for yourself to see you and some dog slobber yeah but dog slobber is in there oh I wasn't even thinking of that do not helping your kids a little kick here here here I'll pull my pant leg up are you ready this is this is the sacrifices that I make for you grandma it struggles the sacrifices I make for this family the ocean FairPoint especially down here [Laughter] it does feel good it does feel really good you were right but also hey Brody bring your ball over here yeah dog it's like when you're a parent and you're like oh my kid would love this gift also I do speaking of like giving gifts I just realized do you remember that drum set that you gave us yeah that right that is a sneaky gift I did my parents didn't know I was in my room directly by like above directly above my father's office I think you're way too late okay we have an idea I'm gonna pick up the roadie ball and then toss it over in the direction of the pool are you ready Hey oh that was so much slobber hey Brody hey Brody I don't want to do this tonight can I use a leaf as a buffer Brody oh oh is the chase on the chase is on oh well what now Oh what now no that's the it's literally the opposite corner of the yard we need you in that corner boy yeah yeah oh oh oh we're making progress we've gained like a foot Oh Brody that's the exact opposite corner of the yard that we need him in okay I'm gonna use this leaf well I was going to use this leaf as a buffer what did that ball ever do to you oh oh oh what now Oh Oh that is legitimately really impressive oh my gosh I feel like he's gonna earn the right to just play with that ball now yeah one point in the future you'll find that there's a pool right over there and you love the water well oh yeah you have your little pile there of destruction I I think this is a lost cause look at this well that is just utterly obliterated I think it's too late it's already gone that ship has sunk is attacked by the wild beasts Rose is still content you'll just enjoy it your pool apparently [Laughter] it's bird where oh my gosh hello little buddy you have no idea you're in the presence of two giant pit bulls I shouldn't have said anything and scared him off and that is man I decided to go inside the shower and kind of and the blog the blog kind of ends abruptly there so this is just an outro to give us some kind of finality so it doesn't just feel like a mistake stay positive

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