31 thoughts on “Puppet Class with Seth MacFarlane – SNL

  1. The look on Kenans and his puppets face after Haders puppet blows smoke out of his mouth has me dying. Unbelievable. Props to the camera man on this too

  2. I love how Vanessa Bayer gets really into it when the puppets and Anthony start making out. Look at her face. She made that scene 10x more hilarious.

  3. Man even with seth MacFarlane the SNL writing is bad. They need to fire all the writers and revamp. SNL has been terrible since 2007

  4. Nobody was laughing out loud that day in Grenada. But many people were saying OMG. Me…..I was saying TTYL to my innocence ?????? lmfao

  5. It's so weird seeing Seth MacFarlane looking, and sounding like the most reasonably normal person ever for once.

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