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okay I hear you I hear you I'm coming yes how can I help you up you have to get out of the way oh my goodness what is this can we help you what are you doing here what's going on already you can't talk through the box I'll get you out looks like snow buddy you could use a little help this morning let's see if we can get whoever's in here out so we either have a little sister or a little pet who do you think it'll be put your guests in the comments okay little pet little sister I don't know but I'm excited to find out first thing I see here is style update oh but a style update is always so fun get to try out new things new colors new styles oh yes it's a good thing alright one more layer to go here awesome there we go okay snow bunny is ready to see why you have come to her house so early in the morning whoa what's here do we see okay Oh some shoes on those are really cute very turquoise color with cold on the bottom this open whoa what a fun bag oh right I love the style on this bag and hey there's some stuff that's in the bag all right we'll check that out in a minute Oh baby you're so cute okay now bear oh babe let me find out why you're here let's see what you can do Changez that's so pretty okay I'll figure babe can you please tell me why you're here so early in the morning I'm here to remind you today your wedding day then why I'm here I brought some stuff for you you did what did you bring I brought it in the back let's check it out okay let's see what we have here oh it looks like your wedding dress it's so pretty and what else is in here oh some shoes and a necklace come on we gotta get you ready yeah you're right to the bathroom let's go okay really do we need to use the bathroom let me get this mask off that's better first thing to do in the morning go potty I'm getting married today okay well then and now I'll hurry over here to the sink get my hands washed up how about I brush my teeth I need a bath on my wedding day I can't be stinky let's just get these pajamas off and I can hop right in the tub do a little scrub-a-dub-dub scrub-a-dub-dub washing my face wash it in my hair wash wash wash okay do it mmm smells good out of the tip we go to get nice and dried off oh this towel is snuggling now where was that dress whew here it is do you love this sparkle on this wedding dress and it's roughly definitely part of my style such that's not pink that's okay because I've got these pink shoes to go on my feet and this gorgeous pink necklace around my neck whoo I do feel like a beautiful bride just a little drying of the hair mmm and we'll comment out there we go ooh I'm ready I hope my groom is ready to rock and roll I guess I have to get in there hey where are you oh you're on the top bunk hello man wake up wake up yeah yeah okay one more song dude your dream of being in a rock concert wake up oh how am I gonna get you awake wake up Wow oops sorry about that man huh the grave walls dude what are you doing I was having like the best dream ever hello your wedding day remember whoa is that today I totally would have slept through it that's why I'm here all right just uh let me get my shoes on I'll be ready to go um I don't think so man you can't go to your wedding in that when I supposed to wear thank goodness you have me I brought your tuxedo oh cool all right I'll just get the tuxedo on we can go man come on you're a little on the how should I say this stinky side Oh am i I guess I do smell a little stinky come on head to the bathroom I'll get your stuff ready all right all right thanks huh good thing I've got scribbles around to remind me of these things was I really have to go hmm wedding day today wonder how my bride is doing I know she's gonna be so beautiful all right uh he said I smelled a little bit stinky so uh guess I better hop into the shower hey man I brought in your tuxedo where did he go where did he go you left the water running he's gonna overflow the tub I better shut it off here and check out this tuxedo it's pretty cool got some black shorts to get on all right glad they're not pants my bride must have picked this out for me she knows what I like oh yeah this looks great hey no shoes huh thank goodness I have black shoes they'll go perfect time to hop in on China red I think I'm the best-looking groom out there hmm but my breath isn't we'll just get a little stuff on here hey scrambles man I'm ready to go whoa just look at this place yeah it's amazing all right I better take my spot yeah I'll sit over here I'm here my groom I'm here but wait who is gonna marry you guys Oh I haven't thought of that I got my trance and set up those plays how we gonna get married without somebody helping us I don't know it's a disaster Here I am I can do it for you oh well yay thank goodness someone has showed up to do the ceremony for a bride and groom whoo but who's this gonna be an lol surprise glam glitter can't wait to find out they sure will be dressed up for this event that's good here is a riddle message what do we have here lights camera action I'd say that's pretty good for this event well can I tear this open a lot more wrapping in this got some stickers here let's keep going oh look at this yeah like it's been a while since I've done one where they had surprises like this and I'm hugely everything's all inside okay ooh very fancy water bottle of course it is glittery this is a glam series super cool let's continue here like this one sparkly shoes beautiful pink sparkly shoes okay last bit of wrapping to go which reveals this spot up here whoa look how pretty that is what do we think is this like a grass skirt on a really pretty gold sparkly top so fun all right now I get to open this ball up oh boy let's get all this stuff I'm here check out prizes like Oh a pretty red bow headband and what's in here Oh some wrist bands those are pretty pink all right here we go wow I can see through there a little bit some very brightly colored hair very brightly colored hair we have we've got a coconut cutie look at how her breeds are glittered I love the shimmer of the hair it is time to get her outfit on this beautiful gold shell top a glittered little hula skirt so cute all right let's put the headband on super pretty and the armbands like this coconut cutie I'm not sure you're exactly dressed for the event but it's still pretty fun oh hey I almost forgot your shoes can't forget these beautiful glittered shoes all right well come on everybody let's get this wedding started we are here to join these two lovely people in marriage do you have anything you'd like to say to each other oh yes my sweet punk boy you are always so kind and you'd love to give me gifts and I really like that thanks for being my best friend Oh snow bunny I do love to give you gifts you're my best friend too we always have so much fun together I think we'll the happily ever after oh I think I dreamed about that that's because we're perfect for each other well I think that says it all without any further ado I'd like to pronounce to you for the first time husband and wife snow bunny and thumper yeah oh yeah we do that pun point we got married we sure did now it's time to get out of here for our special honeymoon yay look at them off they go they're so happy come on sweetie let's go on an adventure anybody's hurt inside okay hello how you doing in there let me see you can you come out we whoops hey you okay well guys look over here you won't believe it there's something stuck in the tree oh yeah I see it I see it who is it or what is it is it a little sister I think it made me a little pet how are we gonna howl I know I'll go get it no wait be careful convoy what I'm fine I can do this you're up so high I really wish you would be careful I'm almost there whoa whoa okay okay I made it oh Sh yeah you made it there but how are you guys gonna get down Oh haven't thought about that yes very chair are you doing the raid are you all right I may come in something goes oh oh oh punk boy be still be still pull in what about our little pet or little sister they my parent too huh I think we better call nine one one nine one what's your emergency oh hi hello this isn't young cutie and my friend and a pet or little sister just a lot of a tree and from a playground oh that does sound serious Wilson an ambulance right away oh thank you thank you and please hurry they might be hurt great point I know you don't feel good just be still Oh what about who's ever in here I think we should get them out yeah I don't think that's gonna fit in the ambulance we probably should open it up yes we want to check and see if they're okay too right the girls are super worried not only about pump way but whatever is in here like a little sister or a little pet so let's go ahead and check it out hopefully being inside of this means there okay that was a pretty big fall let's see our message here makeup queen all right little makeup queen we're trying to get to you might take a minute got a couple more layers to get through before we can find you there's that one now just one more okay got it okay this is off now I can get everything out of inside very carefully though let's see what we can open here oh okay we've got some sunglasses here very interesting frames very slender narrow black-and-white and hold that I can get I can share it okay oh this looks like a black and white kind of snakeskin bag with some tan straps really pretty lots of space inside with those glasses in there and now okay let's be ever so careful oh boy who do you think could be in here maybe it could be a little insta gold or insta bunny might even be Jet Set hot pop or little Jet Set cutie who do you think put your guts in the comments okay I'm gonna do this carefully just in case anybody's hurt inside okay hello how you doing in there let me see you can you come out this is this is Jet Set hop hop how are you doing are you okay yes you fell down very far I don't know how you ended up there in the first place hey let's just we're gonna take you to the doctor all right just to make sure your ears and tail and everything is okay here they come it's the ambulance hello hello are you the ones that are injured yes yes it's our friends right here pump point and then little Jet Set hop hop we're not sure she's okay or not all right I'll take them both in let me get the stretcher think you can move uh okay right onto this stretcher here all right that's good you're gonna be okay oh it's hard to breathe don't worry don't worry I can give you some oxygen here just breathe deeply and slowly huh come on jet set hop hop hop on up here time to get you both in this ambulance up you go all right we're off to the hospital we'll see you there come on come on let's go let's see if they're okay here you go doctor you've got two patients they both fell high off a playground and out of a tree oh my I'll check on them booth Thanks gotta get back to my ambulance hmm let's get over here let's get you two over here on the examining table we're here we're here are we too late no no they've just arrived well you were going fast I could barely keep up all right maybe somebody can help me transfer him over to the table yes I can help oh it's hard to breathe doc oh my goodness it sounds so serious well it could be but it doesn't mean it has to be okay let me just check you out here I'm gonna listen to your heartbeat heartbeat sounds nice and strong oh that's wonderful I'm just gonna get this ultrasound machine over here and check you out but I'll give you some oxygen to help you breathe in the meantime how's that better out my chest hmm your chest you say I think my ultrasound machine could help us figure this out I'm just gonna put a little cream on you then I'll use my paddle let's just see doesn't look like there's any broken bones we'll check your chest oh wait look right there what is it what is it I'm afraid you have a broken rib what oh no broken rib that sounds serious well it is but it's really just cracked it should heal on its own but it is going to be very tender and bruised I'm sure it's just going to hurt to breathe but you can breathe I can help give a muscle relaxer too huh I'm glad it's not worse was there another victim yes oh it was Jet Set hop hop here but she seems okay hop hop hop let me take a closer look at you hop hop hop well it is good that you're hopping it should mean that all your legs and paws are okay and can you give me a little ear wiggle good job well she seems alright you know we should really check her color-changing though and you go little dead cent hop up whoa what do you see this she turned all over pink that's incredible she's pink except for this one little spot on her neck and a little heart shape on her cheek up in a little spot back here on her bum she is a super cute little hop hop bunny I'd say she's super okay oh that's greatness I'll just need to bandage up punk boy and then you guys can take them home huh sounds great doc all right Punk point and bandage you all up your friends can take you home thanks doc but uh no more climbing up on playground equipment and take it easy for a while okay you bet doc Oh we'll make sure he does come on hop hop here you go be gentle with them Jet Set hop hop hmm they're so sweet I feel better already come on come on is this gonna be wild waves ice Parker or maybe bunny champ put your hips in the comments okay this is a big day for us we're running the McDonald's all on our own we have to help all our customers okay see I'm gonna work here back by the register and why don't you go check on our customers and sitting at the tables I can do that see if they need anything okay on my way hello how are you doing today is it anything I can help you with or get for you well as a matter of fact I realize that I don't have a drink to go with this not only do I need a drink but little friend over here needs one too oh hello little friend is this a pet well it could be or it could be a little sister Wow no way that's so cool would you like to see yes please please please we would like to see what this will be will it be a little sister or a little pet put your guests in the comments now to find out just a little pair here lets us get this open and our riddle message is strut your stuff okay another little bit of tearing and peeling come on alright we're getting closer to finding out if you've guessed correctly let's just get this giant curler opened so we can see these surprises now let's get to these surprises opening here whoa oops if you go down all right I think that's better Wow look at this it's a little like um shirt collar with a tie a pink tie Oh what do you know it's a hat that says ooh hey oops baby can you wear this huh hey your pigtails might get in the way see if we can stuff them in there not cool I will have to change your hair these are the Hatchin fit it's him right suit him can let's go around you let's see not too bad you two look really cute together and now to finish that meal did you guess we would get a pet if so see I've got it in the comments all right I'll go get your drinks now oops ham we want to show us what you can do Oh after you eat okay no problem oh hello there how can I help you today yes we just stopped by to grab some lunch what can I get for you hmm let's see how about a burger cheeseburger a regular burger oh just a regular burger please um some fries what size fries a small fry is fine and a drink how about some soda hmm and what would you like Oh are you out there it's my new fuzzy pet Wow how fun I know it's really exciting I have no idea who's inside that is exciting it could be almost anyone yes and I get to have a new fun oh it's my own that's super special well what do you think your pet would like to have hmm I bet my pet would love a happy meal well how will your pet eat it if it's still inside oh yeah I guess I haven't thought of that maybe while you're getting the food ready I could open up and see you what my pet is yeah then I can see too and that would be super exciting I'll get right on it all right then let's find out what we have in here you heard her it's time to find out who's in here going going and pulling this off unwrapping see what we have this is fluff ball hmm football who are a little fluffball beef nice and open up here it's really got them wrapped in tight okay now we're really close just gotta get this open and pull out these surprises that's a bunch of them plus look at that I'm Sammy I expected this to be the same peachy color but it's actually a bright pink interesting here you go lots and lots of fun surprises look at this that is super colorful yellow with pink bottle awesome and here's what's going on something ooh a bright orange little bunny scoop love these colors watch Oh looks like a head sweat pan and a neon yellow these are fun colors more and more surprises yep it's our chain and now a big exciting moment as we get this bag open oh boy who could it be is this gonna be wild waves ice Parker or maybe bunny champ put your kiss in the comments whoa look at this light pink this fuchsia pink fuzziness on the outside of our pad this is so cool so it's often fuzzy like this but we really want to see how you look let's get some water in here and we're just gonna dip you right down in there get all those fuzzies wet I know what she's soaking I can go ahead and look in here let's check out what's in the sandbox time to see whoa Oh kind of a purpley Sam scooping away and I already have found something here let's take these out cool glasses aren't these me more fun colors they'll match the headband on now I think look the fuzzies are already just coming right off of you they get so loose in the water it's just getting rinse right off let's tip you down this way get so nice and all over wet in the bath how fun maybe a little wipe down will help get all those off think back with your food and look who we have hopping in this is bunny champ he's your guest we would get bunny camp if so is say I got it in the comments now let's get her dressed up here a little bit what do you say about this fun pair of glasses and her so wet man she does look like a champ but hey let's find out what she does let's check you out anything happening here I can't tell if your hair changes or not maybe not oh no see like so let's go we're at water here's lazuli let's check out loop Sammy Oh Sammy's hair turned pink and look around her eyes too let's put her back in the warm so we can see it all again not really anything there now pink look at the back of her that's a fun design so cute hey can we share the table with you of course come on and join us hey Kiki yes what a treat yum-yum see what we get in here should be some more surprises – oh just look at you want aren't you so adorable yes they certainly are but they look too little to be here all by themselves yeah I don't see anybody here watching them hi guys are you here all alone do I like all your colors who Oh somebody fell sorry it was me we're not here by ourselves we have somebody watching us are you sure I don't see any bunny yeah maybe they laughed or something no they're right back there what we're up oh I see some over here yeah there's something over here – oh look their hair goals handles in a box I don't remember that and right this is curious when we need to see who these and mystery chaperones are they can't be in there and watch these little ones – yeah yeah yeah they need to come on out so let's check out these hair goals that are supposed to be watching our little friends the first thing that strange is it looks like the hair spray bottle in there but it um we actually have a box around it that seems kind of strange and we do have our dolls like am I gonna here's a picture of sweaters and we've got oops baby and skater girl shows the different it does show some different surprises that you can get in here what is this a hair dryer and a sleeping mess it's so strange well maybe we should go ahead and check this thing out let's just start by opening the top and then we'll go ahead and pull a canister out and it does look very similar to a real lol hair goals but guess what this one is fake it's not a real LOL i wonder what one of the fake ones looks like let's see if we can figure it out this is it for looks a little bit strange I don't think there's anywhere for me to tear it so I'm just gonna have to pull that worked pretty well alright so one layer is off and I can already see the container and inside a little bit there was no like surprise or spike box or anything in there so I've just got this last layer to take off so I can actually already see some of the surprises in here I see there's some bags but I'm seeing a little hat let's look under here Oh some surprises right here under this little lid that flips open see what we've got Oh a little it's actually a sticker and also sort of a secret message looks like a crown Oh Queen B is what I think it's saying here and then in this first little surprise bag a few things it looks like yes okay so I've got a water bottle here that is blue and pink and love it actually comes off of that then I've got this little hair clip hair comb kind of thing you can stick in your hair probably won't really fit in like a or even a fake a lot I think that maybe you could use this in your hair and then I've got this pair shoes it's a little pair of red shoes they're pretty cute it looks a little bit big but we'll see how it goes I'm ready to open the doors on this let's see there we go and the first thing that comes out is this cowgirl hat what a cute cowgirl hat I hope it fits and it stays on sometimes hats can be a little bit tricky all right I'm gonna pull out looks like I've got this one dark bag I can't actually see into oh here's one of the little like mirror things and then I've got another bag this looks like the chain to hook on so you can carry it around okay very different from what I'm used to looks like maybe you clip one end of the chain here oops I missed a link that's okay and then this one see if I can get this one in it's kind of hard to hold because this piece is so tiny not you need a hold okay I did get that in and I should be able to stick it in the side over here gotta admit that's not that easy alright so now I've done the same thing and I just need to connect this one end to this side got it it wasn't I mean I use just a little hard to get some of the connections together but then it does really really well to be able to take it with you let's check out this guide here because I kind of want to see what it shows does it show the hairballs yes this is really close to what a real hairballs okay so this is what's kind of interesting is that it is a hair bows like container and everything but if we look here on the inside and just got the one side it's actually under a wrap that it's showing on the guide so I'm not quite sure what exactly will get inside it won't be something hair goals will it be something that under wraps but we are about to find out hair of gold has more like real looking hair the body together here we go let's get you put together alright I think yeah looks like one of your rubber bands broke that's too bad she's supposed to have a pigtails see this rubber band broke so the other side is pulled together we would just need a little rubber band to kind of give her her little pigtail but let's see I'm thinking our outfit isn't here so we can get her all dressed up all right it isn't all yellow outfit very much like something bonbon or neon cutie would wear but it's all yellow might be fun it with it was you know some different colors or something and right here let's put this oops sorry about that and it's put this skirt on him that was actually kind of a lot of work and then this shirt isn't staying on very well it's like not really wrapping around under her arms a little small and it was really tricky to kind of give it over her belly and up through her waist let's see these shoes look pretty big if you look at yeah I was a DC the size of her foot compared to the size of the shoe um let's see how this is gonna or they're really really loose on her feet really really loose and let's see I guess with the ponytail out and a little pigtail you can kind of see if the comb work it's getting really that's kind of fun we could go ahead and think the other one out if you wanted to or you could just wrap up this side that's getting a little bit old in there and it looks like she actually doesn't even take in water or anything the mouth is kind of closed off oh hey thanks for watching these little ones when we were put away in our boxes that's okay we just want to make sure they're safe oh yes let me just get my friend out and then we can watch them yes you do have one more fake lol see see here I will surprise hashtag hair goals hairspray ultra hold so it does look like it's with me hair goals and we had one has and we got one that has like the kind of real type hair but so funny that the guide was actually an under wraps guide but we'll go ahead and check this one out see what kind came and start with the top it just pops open like this and we've got the same queen bee sticker message and here we go well we have some new things some different things okay so here's what we have is our water bottle blue and pink same water bottle that we got before we also got these and we got these big red shoes of course they're tiny but they're kind of big for an lol but our little hair comb is different before we got the green and the same we got pink so that's fun and then here we go ah let's see yep we still have an under wraps guide here I'm seeing ping packs and there's the chain it is different okay nice let's go ahead and get her put together here we go so we do have a different hairstyle this is pulled up all-in-one curly ponytail oh and you know what Oh her clothing bag was inside of this bigger bag before and the other one it was just inside of the hair spray bottle I just peel these open and okay look at this so it's the same outfit that our other one has that was all yellow this one is all blue let's see if maybe it fits a little bit better we'll try wrapping this one round it goes in Nancy this is where it gets a little tricky getting the skirt all right I finally got it on there the shirt really doesn't want to stay on it's just like it's not quite big enough for her it doesn't tight wrap around very well and we know those shoes are just gonna be so so loose under feet they just fall right off oh my goodness I'm here I'm here I'm so sorry we were meant to be on time but we just couldn't get out of there thanks for your help oh it was no problem at all we always like to help but we really do need to be going oh yes we'll take over we'll stay

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