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okay hi I'm Danny at the paw spa and the other day I posted a black Puli that I did now I'm doing a white Coulee and a lot of you are interested in seeing the dreads and seeing how Holi is done really it's not that hard it's basically a glorified bath dog you're just going to pull the dreads apart so this is Marley she's coming here for a really long time she's been boarding she's a little more in worse condition than normal she's in here about every month but anyway I'm going to show you like in here it's kind of clumped and matted these are some short here is here is some breakage has happened along the way I'm not sure what but but anyway we've got these dreads here and you can see how they're kind of just growing together and all you need to do is just pull these apart doesn't hurt the dog you're just pulling them apart so they don't grow together and one whoops Merton with money one big Matt so let me go and through and show you how the coat these white pulleys I've noticed that they're a lot more frizzier than the black puh-leeze I don't know why she's got some straight hair curly hair straight hair curlier but she take the hair like this that is growing together clearly and there's the skin that's growing together now these dreads are a little thin but just pull them apart it's really therapeutic I love doing these could do this all day long and find some other areas okay and here's another area it's just kind of kind of like a spiderweb here is what I call controlled matting but you can pull these apart and it doesn't hurt the dog she's not flinching and just pull them apart so that they don't grow together like that pull this part come a pop pretty easily yeah and I took this dog and washed her and let her so with my hydro surge in the back my recirculating pump and a letter soaked and get all these dreads really clean and then I put her on my drawing bench and put a carpet dryer in front of her stay baby and see this this is all Yuki again together like a like a web but this is good matting this is controlled netting anyway she took I timed her today she took an hour and 45 minutes to dry I didn't have to really do anything on carpet dryer and stands to our stand our dryer so she'll be on my table here for maybe 30 minutes or so and I just pull these dreads apart I could literally do this dog all day long she's it's calm it's relaxing she's not minding it the only tools I need or a pair of scissors that you cut paper with because you don't want to use your good scissors to trim these big thick dreadlocks you'll ruin your scissors you need a pair of nail clippers you need a 501 cordless clipper blade for pads and sanitary and hemostats and that's all you need and for this dog she's going to be charged about $85 you could probably charge more but she it's not a not a bad dog now as you can't see but the owners like it like that pretty normal but there she is hi Harley hi baby the book girl and she's just got the red egg thing going on and she doesn't mind this she's very thick but it's actually very fun to pull these dreads apart women here grows out yeah that it's going to grow out like a regular dog but what reason why they come in is so you can't pull them apart because it's not going to grow in a drag it's going to grow exactly as you see right it's going to grow together like a spider web but to keep this dog maintained you have to pull these dreads apart or you'll get to the point where you're just going to shade and start over and starting these dreads is really time-consuming so a donor or a groomer doesn't want to let this go you want to get these dogs in on a regular schedule you know and pull this apart but it's just getting repetition it repetitious at this point but you get the idea they're just growing together like that that would look like a map and if a groomer didn't know any better she might cut that out but this doesn't need to be cut cut out let's just pull it apart it's just all of it growing together because it's been a little bit over months and she came in so Nick Rosine it grows in together it has the look of a map but like Debbie said it's not you just as you see pull it out and it makes all these separate drinks I wish I wish we could do this with regular mats and other dogs but like easier wood but this is actually a very fun dog to do I could do this again all day long you just have to be thorough and going through and I usually go through and in grows and start pulling apart making sure I got it all and then once she's done up baby I'll go and look at her dredge and see if they're all even not always that a lot of times I'll stir or pause and just kind of trimmer heard red so that is circuit driving on the ground he's silly they're not the sharpest but again you don't want to use your good scissors on it you'll just ruin them and you go through and and kind of even her up a little bit but they're supposed to look messy they're you know when she curls I love it when she twirls around because all these dreads come flying out she looks like big mop if you have a girl and that's how you do a pulley so if you want to ask questions I'm happy to answer that thanks calculator

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  1. What about the belly? Do you keep that short? And by the way. The correct way it's not a "pooli". It's a puli. Pronounced as "pulley".

  2. Its called new growth wich means its time to re dread them.. and if there that thin at tha base its best you do just let it grow together and dread them as one cause if there that thin there guna pop real soon.. i use to have dreads down to my chest that i grew for 4 years till i cut em off

  3. I see it as the lazy owners that done want to take the dogs to the groomer, all that hair pulling on the dogs skin is cruel. I see it as animal abuse.

  4. I used to be a dog bather for PetSmart, But never have I groomed this breed and was curious on how if I ever came across one! Thanks for sharing! ☺

  5. Although it is culture based, aren't the dreads heavy and hurt? Does the fur naturally dread? Would they be happier with them cut short or just shaved all together? or is this purely for human culture?

  6. I have corded pulik and komondor for years. This puli's coat i in terrible shape. The haphazard way you cord is the reason why. When starting to cord their coats you have to bear in mind the weight of the cord as it gets longer. You have failed to do so. As a result this coat is breaking and the cords are all so thin. Please learn how to do a proper job so as to no longer share misinformation with others. I can't begin to explain the horror I felt watching you hack away at the coat with the scissors. There is a great book on cording your puli written by Stephanie Horan. I recommend you learn from an expert. This is why all breed groomers are not a good resource to teach people about specialty coats. It would be like me trying to teach others how to groom a poodle show clip.

  7. You need to hand roll the dread once is has been pulled from the mat. Pull the dread holding close to the mat so you don't pull the dread off! And you hap hazard way of cutting the dreads was HORRIBLE!! I have 2 so I know what I am talking about! the white coat is different then the black coat hair and is more soft and fragile.

  8. If I got such dog, I would shave it right away. I only understand its use only if it's working dog, but a house pet? Abuse. It's heavy, dirt and everything gets to skin, the dog gets infections…

  9. Because of the fact that the Puli's appearance is inherently pure cultural appropriation; I'm lobbying the AKC to list it as the Most Offensive breed in the Canine family.

  10. im thinkig of starting with my min poodle and i was wondering if i can do it with her hair long? she has a continental right now and im really interested in doing a corded continental. i really wouldent want to shave her down because…i might just cry xD sentimental value i gues it was my first continental.

  11. I don't think you should dread a dog. They shave matted dogs for a reason. Dreads and matted fur can lead to skin infections

  12. I would find this therapeutic too. I'd love to cozy up in front of a movie and just pull these dreads apart. Beautiful dogs!

  13. Hi, I am Puli breeder in Hungary. I live in Hungary as well. There are 2 types of fur. 1 called "corded" and the other one called "tressed" or "cluster form". Sometimes it is mixed in one dog. forexample corded in the hed-neck regio and clusters in the back. We usually get the fur out when we pull apart those long fur chunks (when you separate them), so they can not stick together that easily. The first type (corded) we separate them more easily, it is more curvy, light, you almost do not have to touch, but you still have to get rid off those dead furs. Usually we make it smaller strings. The other type, called cluster, you have to make a bit of more energy to separate, it usually takes more time, you can get more dust but less fur. If the fur do not want to came out easily you do not have to force it. The texture and the thickness is different. You need to leave a bit wider those strings. Sorry if I tell something that you are not agreed with. But I wanted to tell how we do it here 🙂 I am so happy to see someone take care of a Puli properly and you do. Lots of love!

  14. sorry for bothering.I have a 8 months old puli, and i don't know one thing, should i make his dread or it'll grow by the time.Sorry for bad grammar, I am from Balkan

  15. Yes Elle Knowlton do what Jason Hillian said. Let the hair grow and then separate into 1 inch dreads. Too thin and you'll get a lot of breakage.

  16. Hi Debbie. How could I get in touch with you and ask a question? Have a 9 month old Puli puppy who is getting his undercoat. Need advice on starting the dreads.

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