Puketoki Pest Control Group Video

Hi I’m Terry Edwards I’m just one of the dozen
or so Friends of Puketoki who have been looking after it for years now controlling the possums,
rats and the mice, hedgehogs etc. We’ve done an incredible job you’ve only got
to walk through the bush and see the amount of birdlife in there from Kereru to North
Island Robin’s to many many more. When we first started there was hardly any
foliage on the trees, there was no seedlings or young saplings whereas today it is one
of the best pieces of bush to be had. Hi I’m Adrian Brackenbury I’ve been with the
Puketoki Reserve for five years. We are always looking for volunteers to come
in and either assist with a trap line or there’s pruning on the tracks and general maintenance. John Budden. This section of the reserve is part of the
old O’Brien tramway that used to run from Whakamaramara right up in the hills here when
they were extracting the Kauri logs, right the way through down to Te Puna wharf and
then the timber was taken out by sailing scows on the Tauranga harbour. From Friends of Puketoki we can’t thank the
Regional Council enough for all the work and all the effort that’s gone into it. They’ve met us half way and given us the knowledge
to do what we do. Anything we want we’ve always got and they’ve
seen the results from it so its a win win win for all the 14 years we’ve been doing
this. We can’t thank them enough and it certainly
makes our job a lot easier.

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