Public Service Announcement From Your Dog

today is my birthday do you know what I would like to do today go to the park maybe play a little ball it'll roll on some grass come home to a treat then have some quiet time alone day and appropriately lick myself before an afternoon nap do you know what I don't want to do today I don't want to wear a tiny hat nor do I want a party where all the guests have to wear tiny hats I don't want you to sing happy birthday in my face it's really awkward I can't read so getting me a card is kind of insulting and if you haven't noticed I don't have fingers or opposable thumbs to be able to open my present that you decided to gift wrap balloons freak me the out there like colourful ghosts what made you think I would want to be haunted by a colorful Kohl's I don't walk fancy overpriced cookies wait are those peanut butter you

41 thoughts on “Public Service Announcement From Your Dog

  1. Hahaha! I guess my dogs are lucky I can't remember their birthdays and I never know the current date anyway. ?

  2. Hello Dexter and Peppermint! I am a talking dog too, except instead of talking, I write stuff down. I have been watching all of your videos in hopes that I can learn how to talk! Do you have any tips?

  3. Dexter can't read????? I find that hard to believe!!!!!! He's such a clever little boy. Happy birthday Dex xxxx

  4. I'm making a show about my little yorkie louie, he loves your show, and sometimes he listens to it with me. So he might like being a star.

  5. HA!! HA!! HA!! HAPPY BARK-DAY DEXTER!! I Never Wrap My Yorkies Gifts…I Just Watch Them Tear Open The Packaging They Come In.

  6. Happy birthday Dex! I haven't been watching videos for a long time because I lost my fur baby in February and seeing more yorkies makes me kinda sad. But your hat is adorable so I had to check it out. I hope you have a wonderful day

  7. Happy Birthday Dexter!!!!!  Tiny Toby is going to be 19 yrs old next week!   He still knows how to party!!!! So rock on!!!!

  8. Ok Dexter, we understand, but what about some Birthday Bacons? Yay! However you spend you special day Dexter I hope you and Peppermint enjoy yourselves. Lots of Love from Linda in England xx

  9. Hi Dex! My dogs want me to tell you that they are so glad you made this PSA. They are ready to put their paw prints on the petition for "skip the singing, skip the balloons and just bring on da bacon!" pawties. Hope your Woofday was special!

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