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A dark night “There’re rabbits with ears cut off” A dark shadow that goes for ears of rabbits The next day “Look at this rabbit!” Guardian: This one’s ear has also been cut off.. PD : It got cut? As if bitten by someone a part of the ear is torn off “What’s more strange is that if the ear got cut off during a fight, there should be traces” “There should be something like a piece of the ear left behind but it isn’t found” So what seems to be happening is that.. Someone is purposefully attacking only rabbits’ ear Wildlife Expert: This is a structure of clustered teeth. Wildlife Expert: The trace is that of the ear having been bitten in one bite. Wildlife: So ultimately, those wounds are made by another rabbit. The culprit is a rabbit?! Just then A wild rabbit found outside the pen Is this rabbit the culprit??? “2 years ago, one of the rabbits we were raising ran away.” “As far as I know, the rabbit stays nearby and comes down when there’s no one around and wanders around.” To see if this rabbit really is the culprit Installed a camera and waited And the rabbit appeared.. BUT The rabbit only sits for a long time… When the rabbit is approached the rabbit disappears to somewhere In the meantime The rabbits are urgently checked Not one but two rabbits’ ears got attacked “Ah…this is driving me nuts. Since it’s not just one or two..” “I really need to find a solution or something…” And among these rabbits.. one rabbit is separated from the rest.. Unlike the other rabbits, this rabbit’s ears are unscathed “When I come by sometimes during the day, I can see Tori harassing the other rabbits.” Suspicions fall on Tori who is known to bully other rabbits.. For now, Tori is isolated from the pack.. And night falls once more Someone has started to hunt?! Because it’s night, the culprit isn’t very visible..! The next morning A dead rabbit and another rabbit who’s eating the ear.. A clear trace of the culprit This rabbit was actually the one responsible..! “I’m shocked.” “I know that rabbits could fight but I never imagined that they could bite and eat each other’s ears.” A big question is then Why did Torang conduct such horrific acts? Vet: It’s abnormal behavior. Vet: It could be a symptom of some disease, or could be a symptom of stress. Vet: There could actually be many causes.. The reason why the rabbit had shown this strange behaviour “When there were 8 of them in the beginning,” “the rabbit got left out a lot by the others” Unlike other rabbits who have straight ears Torang had droopy ears “Maybe as the other rabbits gave Torang stress for being different” “Torang also had an illness (due to that stress)…” Because of the reason that they looked different from each other Torang was deeply hurt inside Vet: Due to psychological stress, there’re cases where this can lead to obsession over something Vet: Like in humans, the tendency for paranoia or concentration can be seen due to stress. Behaviorally.. Vet: There’s a big possibility of this being true for the rabbit as well. Not only that Even shows strange behavior of eating another rabbit’s fur.. Vet: The way to correct that kind of abnormal behavior that’s like paranoia is Vet: You would need to isolate the rabbit and stop the rabbit from repeating the behavior Vet: (When a month or so passes) the rabbit will come to forget about the fact that the rabbit behaved that way. Rather than total isolation So that the the other rabbits are no longer attacked even when together An individual space is made and the rabbit will be supervised.. “I hope that the rabbit’s obsession gets alleviated soon in the isolated space” “and join the other rabbits” “and live peacefully.”

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  1. i think you should take him away , or it will start again , rabbits are good at digging , we tried to keep the father rabbit away from the babies, as he was killing them , we seperated him , but he still got in , & killed all 4 babies . ?

  2. I have a Holland lop female bunny named Frosty and I love her with all my heart, I hope that rabbit gets help and hopefully changes ?⚘

  3. Poor baby. He just wanted to be accepted. The other rabbits were mean in not accepting him. Crazy that animals have prejudices too.

  4. My brother keeps rabbits, something I refuse to do. Despite their adorable, unassuming exteriors some can be batsh*t crazy. Some will destroy their own family members because of their hostility and stress. Sound like anyone you know?

  5. So, isolation from the group made the bunny violent towards others? Also happens with human beings. We are not that different after all — we as humans are social animals too.

  6. This is why I don’t find rabbits cute or adorable we had rabbits and I saw bloody fights and We had to isolate them and made two pens just so the bloody fights stops.. ik rabbits are bullies by nature but those fights were something else

  7. It looks like the rabbit has Encephalitozoon cuniculi, due to the slight head tilt, wich could lead to it's behavior. But it needs medical treatment ASAP, and a lot of rehab to get better. I have two bonded and neutered, freeroaming indoor rabbits, and it makes me so deeply sad to see, that the rabbit does not get the medical help it needs. Maybe not many vets in your country knows that much about rabbits and their illnesses? I live in scandinavia and here there are a lot of vets, who are specialized in rabbits.
    I really hope the owners will find a good vet, og get the other rabbits ears cleaned, so they does not get an infection

  8. I didn't understand why they let him to attack the others, as soon they knew what was happening they should separate him from the others…What they took so long to take him away of the others..

  9. I'm sorry but it's true rabbits can be just as nasty when fighting as mice rat's cat's or dog's when in a group like that I'm sorry for our lost bunnies body may the spirit find peace in bunny heaven where all good bunnys go after death??????

  10. I hope and pray that the bunny gets better soon and returns to being a normal happy and healthy bunny again ??

  11. That poor bunny to carry such hateful feelings inside of such a sweet package of a bunny I hope and pray to God above for the peace to be found inside such a tormented little angel of a bunny???

  12. Pobres los conejos.Pobre conejito pero si necesita ayuda.Pobres los otros conejitos también.??????quien sabe que pasa por su mente.

  13. Interessant wie sich Kaninchen verhalten. Ihr habt ein Abo von mir erhalten, wirklich tolles Video und guter Schnitt! LG

  14. Bunnies are not quite the gentle creatures that people think they are. I recall a girl I knew crying because the her pet male rabbit killed all her pet female rabbit's offspring after they were several weeks old. Like in this video, overpopulation could be a factor among other things.

  15. I feel like he should just be placed sith other rabbits of similar ears. Even if his bad habbits die down, he is still gg to be alone 🙁

  16. Sebenarnya torang terlihat lucu dan menggemaskan dengan bentuk telinganya. Tapi teman-teman kelincinya melihatnya.aneh. kasihan juga torang diasingkan seperti itu. ?

  17. How do you know he's aggressive towards others because he feels isolated? Maybe he's isolated because he's aggressive towards others. He's shown clear cannibalistic tendencies by eating rabbit fur and flesh, and even killed one of the rabbits to feast on it…

  18. В деревне такая ситуация решается просто: отправлением агрессивного кролика в суп. В комфорте кролики плодятся как кролики. От агрессивных избавляются сразу же, что бы не вносили стресс в стаю и не портили мех другим кроликам.

  19. Rabbtis will always fight like this if they are kept in groups in an enclosed area. The owner needs to spay and neuter and rabbits to prevent fighting and unwanted babies. The male rabbit is just territorial and asserting dominance, but the others can't escape him in the confines of the cage. It has nothing to do with it having hurt feelings because of its ears are different!!! Owner needs to do research on how to house and keep rabbits properly.

  20. That pshyco rabbit can not be cured, just sell 'torang the rabbit' to the restaurant.. It win win solution, the other rabbits will safe, the owner got money, and the reataurant had rabbit menu, while torang will not suffer anymore.. Win win solution.

  21. This seems to be a little bit to over-interpreted. Like putting human behavior on an animal. Maybe he just likes to eat rabbit

  22. I think the separation/isolation needs to be a bit more of a divide like in a separate building or the other side of the house if the owner doesn't want him inside the house. I get that the owner wants things to be convenient for him and for the rabbit's transition back to the group, but that separation is not enough, the bunny may go crazy, and integrating him back may go awry and unintended

  23. Poor rabbit, he felt bad, his friends would not accept his lop ears, so he bit their ears off! Rabbits have feelings too! At least they didn't have to pay a bunny therapists.

  24. So you claim the rabbit is pissed that he was rejected for his ears… so… how is isolation going to change that? He's still going to be rejected once released and the cycle will continue. Are Koreans on average as retarded and inbreed as they look, act and sound in these videos?

  25. Очень жаль что у кролика стресс, может посидит один и все будет хорошо, может ему ласки не хватает.

  26. I don't know If isolating this rabbit will help him feel better. He is alone in a corner i don't think he would live his happiest life like that.

  27. Pierden tiempo en ese conejo no hay tratamiento ya le gustó moder orejas soy cunicultor de 8 años lo mejor seria matarlo y comerlo que enjaulado sera peor..

  28. Rodents need high protein diets, which can be gotten from varied greens. If they need protein they they will kill and eat other creatures. Sad, but true. Give them a higher protein feed like alfalfa. They will literally starve to death on low quality foods like lettuce.

  29. Well after seeing another type of rabbit video of a big rabbit paralyzing a baby rabbit I can believe this.

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