Protect Your Dog’s Feet In Winter

protect your dog’s feet in winter dog foot care protect dog foot pads how to care for dog feet snow ice tips for dog foot care Alaska Granny maltese rescue dog Alaska Sammy winter is here and it can be hard on
your dog’s paws foot pads here are some tips to Winterize your dog help you keep your dog’s paws happy and
healthy protected from ice snow in the winter trim the hair around your dog’s paws foot pads paws to help prevent ice
balls from forming between toes and around the paw pads apply a thin layer of balm
such as bag balm Vaseline petroleum jelly along the pads of your dog’s feet salt and de-icers are chemicals and can
be toxic so you want to make sure you look for pet friendly de-icers to use on
your own sidewalks and immediately after a walk wash your dog’s paws with warm
water to remove any salt or chemicals that may be on your dogs foot pads paws dogs can get
frostbite and hypothermia so use common sense when you take your dog outside in winter
keep your walks short watch for signs of shivering anxiety and slow moving
consider dog booties if you live in an extremely cold area enjoy winter time
with your dog but make sure you take the best care you can of your dog’s paws foot pads keep your dog safe healthy happy comfortable please subscribe to the AlaskaSammy channel

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