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Hello, my name is Jill Phillips, and I’m co-owner
of Squeals on Wheels, a traveling petting zoo and pony rides. My name is John Phillips. We have horses, miniature horses. We have miniature llamas and alpacas, chickens,
ducks. We have bearded dragons. Our website is Rabbits are a wonderful pet for families,
adults and children. They have a very calming influence on families. They’re a very sweet and very affectionate
little animal. When they’re happy, they’re very expressive. They will run across the room and leap up
in the air and twist around. That’s called a little binky, so if your rabbit
does a binky, then you know it’s really having a grand time. They are a low maintenance pet in that they
need, of course, a cage and hay and vegetables and rabbit pellets and fresh water and a few
other items, but they’re not ones that you need to take outside when you really don’t
feel like going outside in inclement or snowy or cold weather to walk them because they
can be litter box trained. Rabbits may live up to ten years of age dependent
upon the breed, so it’s a significant commitment and responsibility to adopt or purchase a
rabbit. If you’re buying one for your children and
if they lose interest you want to make sure the family understands you still have a commitment
to that little bunny which may last quite a few years. And of course not all bunnies like to be picked
up. They are prey animals and when something leans
over ’em and then picks ’em up that can be a little scary for ’em. And it’s always best to adopt or purchase
from a breeder. A bunny that has been handled, fed, and socialized
and handled from birth, so that you have a calm and docile and nicely tempered animal
brought into your home.

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  1. Ok thanks. I was just wondering because people give them baths and they look so sad when ever people give them baths ): ssdly i dont have one ): i really want one

  2. just take good care of your bunny! never forsake the sweet lilttle rabbit. take it with you wherever you go.

  3. you shouldnt need to bathe your bunny. but there are instances in which it is a must. feces encrusted long hair isnt good. it happens. just dont get their ears wet (or dry them inside and out) and theyll be fine.

  4. i know. you said you shouldnt bathe them. sometimes its necessary and can be done safely. that was my point. just dont get water in their ears or let them get chilled.

  5. true. the parents need to educate themselves thoroughly on rabbit care and treatment and pass that on to the children. bunnies like attention and need a lot of it. they are smart, very very curious and easily bored.

  6. My rabbit drank dirty water in a tub(sprinkler did that) and it was filled with fruits, chemicals, and bottles. So is he ganna be ok?
    I hope he lives.

  7. oopsy! didnt mean to call you a dimshit. id been drinking at the time and doing belligerent battle in an incompetent way on various sites. sorry lad.

  8. rabbits as pets are best suited to adults. i takes research and diligence to feed and care for them properly. do it right and they can live 12 years and more.

  9. Agree, this lady is trying to make money or something. Rabbits are delicate and high maintenance. Buying from a breeder is the best way to get a bunny with birth defects and disease that won't show up until you're attached to it – some responsible breeders will tell you but they're not required to advise you by law. Shelters will disclose if the bunny will need regular tooth trimmings or if it has snuffles, for example. They'll also spay or neuter the animal as part of the adoption fee.

  10. for caring kids over the age of 11 not for distructive mean people or kids at all .. they need to be pet gently ..the only con is there piss it smells terrible

  11. got my bunny from an animal shelter he had a bad temper but after a year he got to love me and realize i was NEVER going to treat him like his previous owners did.

  12. We have four rabbits. We house ours outside year round! We feed them fresh veggies from our garden….love our bit bits!

  13. I have two gorgeous rabbits and they are the cutest little buggers. I never realized their jumping around meant they were just happy! I'm so glad. <3

  14. this is bull,you do need to take you'r bunny out, it's been raining for the past few days and he's been rather grumpy and nippy, and also their need alot of things like chew toys, fresh hay every 2 or so days, health you need to watch and make sure they don't get sick just to name a few things this vid didnt

  15. EEEEK! This lady has got a few VERY important things wrong here … Rabbits are NOT low maintenance!! This is a very common misconception! Having owned 4 rabbits myself, I know that rabbits are much more work than a cat, but just as expensive as owning a cat (or sometimes even more expensive!). Hay, bedding, pellets, and veggies are all expensive and need to be bought on a regular basis. Rabbits also require vet care; and its very difficult to find a vet that specializes in rabbits these days. 

    Also, rabbits are NOT good pets for children to own!! Rabbits often freak when around kids because kids are naturally rambunctious and not as gentle as adults; they can squeeze the rabbit too hard when holding it; and rabbits require a lot of care and attention. A LOT of time and energy is spent with these guys each day; feeding them, making sure their water is clean, giving them health checks, cleaning out their cages and litter boxes, massaging their ears, petting them, playing with them, and letting them run outside their cage.

    Rabbits ARE wonderful pets and ARE very affectionate, but you MUST do your research before getting a pet rabbit. Remember, you may need to get more than 1 rabbit as rabbits are social creatures and can become ill and/or depressed without a member of their own species to interact with. So that doubles the time, the energy, and the cost.

    Please watch my videos if you need ANY help whatsoever with rabbit care. And take good care of your precious bunbuns!! <3

  16. They don't have a clue about rabbits. Rabbits are NOT low maintenance. They require a LOT of attention and need daily exercise.

  17. Rabbits are not a tremendous amount of work but I would not call them low maintenance. You cannot leave them for more than a day like you can with a cat. Also, anything that goes medically wrong with a rabbit is enormously expensive, especially if you want to spay a female. Hard to find vets that spay females and it costs way too much, I would call it exhorbitant. 

  18. Jayden Girly, why are u looking at rabbits??? U don't even have a rabbit, a can proove coz I went to your house yesterday or the day before

  19. I miss having rabbits. I plan to get one when I have room and more money saved up.
    I've owned 4 rabbits throughout my life, and they were definitely my favorite.
    I had one in particular, Cocoa, who was amazing. She was a little black mini rex who was soft as silk and SO loving. She would often lick/kiss my hand, if I was laying down, she would scoot as close as possible to me then flop over and relax. She also did a funny thing if you scratched over her tail, she'd start manically licking whatever was in front of her. She was also litter box trained! It was so funny to see her rush over to it every time she had a bunny pebble (what we called the poops because they are so small). I miss her a lot, she had a good long life of 7 years.
    They have a lot of personality, and are wonderful pets.
    Great video! 

  20. rabbits are one if the highest maintenance animals of the small pet world.people often get these animals think they'd be the easiest thing to care for but considering they're one of those pets that need a lot of time out of their cage and really good diet.low maintenance they are not.most pets actually require some sorta of maintenance but for small animals hamsters and gerbils are low.rats and mice in the middle.guinea pigs and rabbits are at the top before hitting the pets you'd find only in specialty stores to find them.

  21. Rabbits are NOT LOW MAINTENANCE! They don't know anything! Check out like @Budgetbunny or @101rabbits for real info

  22. I have a pet rabbit and they are NOT low maintenance pets. So i have no idea where these people get this information from

  23. Anyone watching this, do not listen to the part where they said rabbits are LOW MAINTENANCE. They are not low maintenance and they are not the type of pet that you just cuddle and feed once a week. NO! You also need to find a rabbit vet so you can take them there for regular checkups, injections etc. They also need a variety of diet and they need to be either kept indoors or outside. And, if they are kept inside, they need a WHOLE ROOM. I would advise you research them before buying them. THEY ARE NOT LOW MAINTENANCE, IF NOT, THEY ARE ONE OF THE HIGHEST MAINTENANCE PETS !!!!

  24. The first time my bunny did a binkkie I freaked out and put him in his cage and went to search up what does it mean when a bunny jumps high and wiggles around


    Rabbits need a fair amount of exercise, special veterinary care and can be just as expensive as owning a dog or a cat.

  26. Hello everyone! My apology for saying this but, I think we should be a little more friendly to our words. I'm a newbie in the rabbit world and I am reading messages, hoping to get ideas and tips that could help me along the way. We'll we also have our own opinions and point of view on different stuff but learning is a process. Rabbits are there to bridge friendship towards other enthusiasts. As newbies we would like to know different experiences from different people that will nourish our ability as rabbit owners. Your words will enlighten us on how to deal with our cute little angels. Instead of posting those words that we do not expect to read- Help us! Help us understand the broad spectrum of caring our little angels. Learning is a continuous process and as rabbit keepers (ahead of new ones) teach us of what you know that might help future keepers like me 🙂 .

  27. Lots of misinformation here. Hope people don't watch this before picking up a bunny and then see how difficult it is to keep them happy and healthy.

  28. pet rabbits are high maintenance, livestock rabbits are low maintenance, the thing that makes them high or low maintenance is how and what you raise them for.

  29. Low maintenance no not really! trust me i have four rabbits ahaha Four hours or more exercise out of the cage is very important, How would you like being in a cage all day? put yourself in their invisible shoes 🙂
    Otherwise she was very right defiantly very affectionate animals 🙂
    Also If you like bunnies maybe subscribe to my channel?

  30. relax guys. look how many different animals they have. their definition of "low maintenance" is probably the average guy's definition of "high maintenance". certainly i would find a rabbit a lot of work if i owned one, but she probably doesn't.

  31. They are not a low maintenance they need a lot of care and at my house i have 4 bunnies they need more than you think it just shows that your not a good rabbit expert or breeder or whatever you do

  32. Not all rabbits are sweet. I have a little Lionhead who does not like to be picked up, only likes massages on his head and will bite me if I do something he thinks is wrong — and they bite hard when they want. Fortunately, I have been a good human (his opinion) and haven't been bitten for several months.

  33. weather they're low maintenance or not really just depends on the person really
    I personally own a 3 year old male named bamboo and I get his hay and wood shavings from a friend who owns a ranch and for vegetable and fruits I just give him the one's I buy for the house plus obviously he's pellets and he's litter box is an old cutted storage box and am an art student so he's room is my art studio he runs in it, plays in it and he's cage is in there too

  34. There not good for children's. Cause at a younger age I killed multiple rabbits by accident.

    I left the water on inside their hole and they eventually died due to lack of oxygen and the 1 that did survive died later due to catching cold.

    The rabbits look dirty and I wanted them to have a shower, but forgot about the water being on after I left the house

  35. I advise everyone to get their child a pet animal. The only reason I say this is because it will teach them life lessons. I remember having a pet rabbit and I grew an emotional bond with that animal and the day she passed away I felt really sad, but I was able to overcome the loss. In life you'll experience a lot of losses.


  37. different kind of rabbits requires different types of maintenance. They’re freaking farmers they know what they’re talking about

  38. Okay but like my dude that truck thing needs a make over

    Also your rabbits need attention, like any pet {Like birds} they require that attention and socializing just like a child. Also you should of mentioned what rabbits can't eat, and how to groom and so on so basically this "how" cast is just lacking information so if anyone is reading this I recommend actually looking at pet YouTubers that have pet rabbits or go to someone that has had and still has rabbits they might be glad to help you take care of your fluffy ball of fur! ?
    I barely know about rabbits but I know some basics
    So carrots has some benefit but only carrot tops a while carrot is like candy to your rabbit/bunny so too much isn't good, if you have a garden and you let you hop around make sure to read on ehat flowers they can't eat believe me they eat any flower they'll see? Or at least the weeds, but clovers are good for them so there's that. They can eat apples but not the seeds. And last of all they can't have chocolate! Just look at a list of what they need for food and maybe try filling their plate with all of them they do need the vitamins and nutrains after all!

  39. Everyone screaming, "Rabbit's aren't low maintenance!!!". Uhh, my rabbit takes far less maintenance than my cats lol.

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