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i'm julia szabo also known as pet reporter and i am the 'living with dogs columnist for i've actually written 6 books and I'm hard at work on my next one it will be about dogs that's as much as I can say right now I love dogs and I think nobody's life is complete without one so I'm here to tell you about a variety of different dog breeds that might suit your lifestyle I hope you'll adopt one soon the dachshund may look like a little dog but he is actually not in the toy group he is in the Hound group because he is a ferocious warrior he's actually bred to fight Badgers to the death um DOX hund means badger hound in German and the way the dog is built with that long body and the little short legs and the really sharp teeth with the lungs now this is like hardwired design for burrowing down into the badger hole and going after the prey so you're looking at a dog once he's at home he loves to burrow in things so don't be surprised if your dachshund is going to be wiggling under the covers they frequently like to sleep all the way under the covers like totally not just tucked in but like enclosed and that's normal if it's a surprise they're bred for that a lot of really legendary people have had this breed of dog we're looking at Pablo Picasso William Randolph Hearst and the great artists Andy Warhol and David Hockney were huge dachshund fans too he's not really such a little dog he has a huge attitude if you've ever noticed dachshunds don't really smile a lot so a lot of dogs like have a little smile like a little dolphin but dachshunds are very her serious the great humorist HL Mencken once said that a dachshund is a half a dog hi and a dog and a half long so you have to be aware when you're walking one or caring for one that they're going to walk differently they're going to have their own pace and their own kind of gait so let's say you want to mix two kinds of dogs in one home just be aware of that that you know one dog with long legs is going to go in one way and the dachshund is going to go in her own way

23 thoughts on “Pros & Cons of a Dachshund | Dog Breeds

  1. I have one, dachshund chihuahua mix. Got the Doxie’s face and body except longer feet. Loves to bite but not hard and very athletic. I love her, her name is Lucifer.

  2. I’m thinking about getting a new dog a larger one than my dachshund does anyone know if he will get along with a larger dog???

  3. I have a Dachsy. (standard) She is fearless and loving. If you treat your dog right ,they are all great and would give their life for you.

  4. This lady does not have good information about dog breeds. You need to learn more about dog breeds before you decide to make videos plz

  5. Hello I've recently lost my fur babies in the last year ages 14, 16 . I really been thinking of getting another one but I'd like to have a med. Sz one / no shedding . Help . Thank you

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