Proper Blade Maintenance: How to Clean & Oil Clipper Blades

hello everybody this is JIRA and I am the dog groomer today I'm going to show you how to properly clean and maintain your blade it's clipper blades and I got the idea because I see a lot of groomers I get a lot of questions actually I'm asking why doesn't their blade go through smoothly why just keep catching and so a lot you may have the experience to yourself you're going through a dog with the Clipper blade let's just say it's going through pretty smoothly and it starts catching just catching it doesn't really go through smooth and starts pulling hairs and the dog starts nipping and you know it's no no fun so then you pull the blade out you put another one on and it seems to go through fine so what do you do you take this blade that wasn't working that was catching you throw it away but he put in a desk somewhere our drawer somewhere if that's the case I'm going to show you how to actually get these blades to start clipping smoothly and cleanly Abraham Lincoln once said if he if he had six hours to cut down a tree he would spend the first four hours sharpening his axe and I think that's a very it puts emphasis on how important it is to take care of our tools to take make sure sharp that way with quality tools with good sharp clean blades we'll be able to cut down our cooking time it's going to give you a nice smooth cut you won't get as many tract lines you know it's just all around good things good all right um I like to use a little old toothbrush so whenever the toothbrush starts getting really old rather than throw it away you can use it to actually clean your tools with you're also going to need some clipper oil and the Clippers that I that I use personally and you know I'm not they don't spawn smear anything it's just the blaze I started the Clippers that I started grooming with I've grown used to so it's I Angie's AGC super speed to speed and the AGC just stands for animal grooming Clippers what we're going to do is before we actually put the Clippers the blade into the blade wash what I like to do is I like to slide it open right once you slide it open you can get all of this that here that was caught in there get it all out and then we'll do it to the other side sweet so you close that and pull it back out on the other side and that way we get on both sides they're all clean now well maybe not clean but at least the hairs out of there and even just by doing that these blades will actually start this blade will actually start clipping smoother again if it is catching on here just by clearing out the hair that's in between the cutting blade Oh No okay great I'm glad that happen so if you do if it does come out like that by accident of course then you just kind of wedge it in there don't know what happened was this little plastic liner thing fill up fell out so and my hands are not really nimble you know if you look at them they look like construction hands so that's why I have a little bit of troubles a trick I learned back in Nam that's good okay so you put your little hemostats in between right there and then we're going to use this the hemostats here no some on a weird angle to lift it and we'll slide it right back in okay so now we can slide it right back in there okay so just by clearing the hair that's in between the cutting blade and the guide blade there you'll get a nicer cut but we like to go a step further and then you want to make sure it's running turn it on that's a seven blade so what we're gonna do I'm going to dip it into the Clipper wash and just the tip you want to dip the whole thing in there you just want to get the cutting part right there so right in the blade wash for about ten seconds all right now I'm going to wipe that clean you can take it off really can't wait and then there's to dip their 's several ways you can do it you can slide it out again and you can wheel it like that just get the oil on there and on both sides so right there so you can oil it like that and that's alright or sometimes what I like to do is just turn it on and just drop a few drops of oil on there as it's money and that way you kind of distributes all that oil all there and anytime you're working with metal on metal anything that's you know meant to cut things you want to make sure it's oiled so it doesn't it doesn't you know dull it down so you get a nice smooth cut also prevents rusting you know just oil is good thing you want to keep your blades well or actually this blade 7 Wade I can't remember the last time I got this sharpened I mean it just they seem to last longer and you don't have to get them sharpened this often if you just keep them clean and oiled this clipper here it runs on a blade drive see that okay so this blade drive goes back and forth and I just replaced this very easy to replace you just want to take off these two screws and then take this slide this out so slide it out and then put the new one in and just put these two screws back in and I just I just replaced it recently so you no need to do so but the thing is when you keep your blades clean and your blades are well oiled and they're clean and you know just not putting too much wear and tear on the Clipper blades I mean on the Clippers itself you won't really have to change the blade drive out that often either because it's not working as hard to keep moving these dull you know unroyal blades just by taking a little bit of time every day you actually save yourself a lot of time and money in the long run and you'll actually get better quality work as well thank you guys so much for watching my videos I really appreciate it keep the questions coming in this video actually was a result of somebody asking me a question about their clipper blades and why catches you know how do we clean it how do we maintain it properly my buddies my buddies Gary Gary Kucera who actually is a guy responsible for me even coming up here in Utah I love you Gary but anyways he told me that he didn't even know that these blades came out like this he said that he just thought you know that this is how it is you don't you don't move this out like that so you know the more we know the more we and the more we grow the better we get so I really appreciate all the questions because even when I get stumped and I don't know the answer to the question that gives me opportunity to research learning more myself and grow and get better myself so I really do appreciate that keep the questions coming if you have anything that you're interested in I may make another video about how to change the blade drive as well when it comes time to change the blade drive so yeah I love sharing information especially if it's going to be helpful that's what that's my main intention is to make videos that are helpful practical informative um you know I'm hopefully fun to watch I know the production quality or sucks well because I'm I'm using work in commentaries but um pretty soon here we're gonna be making some really professional videos with Heather and crew she has a film crew and everything producers and all this stuff so you know hopefully we'll be making some really high quality videos I'm in a little bit here but I'm not for sure but I like just just my thoughts I guess everybody if we pay film like professional film crews and you know juicers and complain all the stuff then I'm pretty sure I'm not gonna be a lot to put it on my youtube channel so that's why you know I decided to make this video just on my own and just show you guys how to keep your clipper blade clean maintain just like Abe Lincoln said you have six hours to cut down a tree for hours he would spend sharpening his axe so I here Libre Hamm Lincoln was a pretty smart guy so maybe you know he had movies onto something there so if we have two hours to finish the dogs haircut or an hour maybe we should spend about five ten minutes you know cleaning them and sharpening our blades you know so I really appreciate everything thank you guys so much for all the support I never imagined that my YouTube channel would actually become anything that it is now I really never never expected this so I'm probably the luckiest and the most surprised rumor you'll ever meet and I really appreciate it guys thank you so much none of this would ever happen without your support without your encouragement so thank you so much I really appreciate it namaste things that exist the small things that are blessed begin to realize that everything is a gift

23 thoughts on “Proper Blade Maintenance: How to Clean & Oil Clipper Blades

  1. Your video is great! Love the idea of spending time cleaning and sharpening blades! You are really nice!

  2. Great video, Jun. I have a problem I hope you can help me with. I have the same clippers as you and wanted to change the blade but couldn't get the blade off. It is as if the blade seized up onto the clippers. Any suggestions?

  3. Thank you for this. I have been getting very frustrated with my blades catching and not cutting smoothly. Hopefully this will help.

  4. thanks mate, my ANDIS 4FC has gone blunt after 10 cuts on our west highland terrior, i have cleaned and oiled as per your video, but it feels sharp as on the finger, if i was so get sharpen do i only sharpen the small teeth or can i buy just the small teeth? my 7F and 10 are still good thanks

  5. You don't need professional filming! Your videos are exactly what we want to learn about. We want the information, not fancy background etc. Stay doing what you did here! Thank you!!

  6. I have a question June, I had to laugh, this is not my question, my name is Gary. Anyways, my question, my blade does not open on both sides. Only one side does it slide open. I cannot figure out why? It is clean, and oiled. I cannot see what if anything it is getting caught on. gary

  7. I have the same clippers, and very nice video by the way. I have a poodle with the thickest hair you could ever see and that tool works. I use 5FC blade. It takes a lot of skill to groom efficiently. It takes me about eight hours to get her done. She's 42 pounds. A standard poodle.

  8. Actually I'm glad the balde fell off. The other day I was cleaning and oiling the clipper blades of the place I work at and I found myself thinking about what I would have done if I took all the blade out of the metal part… Now I know, you saved my life in the future! =D Thanks!!!!!!

  9. I didn’t know the blades came out like that either, but I’m not a professional. Thanks for another great video. This is a very helpful video! Where do you buy your blade drive replacement? Yes, please show us how to change it out. I’ve had mine for six years, and just groom my pups.

  10. Hi Jun, you are a real inspiration. I'm not a groomer, but I have two dogs (a Cockapoo and Bichon) whom we adore so I wanted to learn how to groom them myself. I suffer from various allergies so I would struggle going on a grooming course. But somehow since my dogs don't malt very much I no longer react to their hair. Your videos are great and your story of how you became a dog groomer is fascinating. And your wife must also have a beautiful heart for supporting you

    I been to Vietnam the culture and people are beautiful.

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