Proof America's Got Talent Is Totally Fake

NBC's America's Got Talent claims it's trying
to find the best talent in the country, but is the production as pure in its intent as
it claims to be? Like many ratings-hungry reality competition
shows, the series has faced allegations that elements of the production are rigged. But is there any evidence that parts of America's
Got Talent's are indeed fabricated? Let's review. Unvetted veteran You can't always trust those heartbreaking
contestant backstories — especially in the early rounds. America's Got Talent ran into a serious fact-checking
problem in Season 7 when singer Timothy Poe's story fell apart … "If tomorrow never comes …" Poe told the show he learned how to sing to
help get over a stutter he developed after being injured while serving overseas as an
Army Sergeant … "I had got hit by, by a grenade in Afghanistan." After his audition aired, reports surfaced
that his inspiring story was false. While he did serve in Afghanistan, it was
only for a month, and there's no record of the grenade incident. To make things worse, a photo Poe provided
the show supposedly of him in uniform was actually another soldier entirely. Plus, audio later surfaced of a stutter-free
Poe, calling his inspirational ailment into question. If that wasn't enough, he also lied about
serving and getting wounded in Iraq. Producers later clarified that the show only
does background checks on the top 48 contestants, so they simply took Poe at his word. Crying game Season 2 runner-up Cas Haley claimed that
during the audition process, he was manipulated by producers into triggering a young female
contestant to cry on camera. It was an incident he later called, quote,
"The first time I realized I couldn't trust these people." Waiting in the green room with other hopefuls
while the unnamed singer performed, a producer entered the room and told everyone she had
made it, so they should get ready to cheer and clap. Haley says she entered the room, everybody
cheered … and she broke down crying. Turns out, she hadn't made it, but the producers
purposefully misled her fellow contestants into cheering and clapping to trigger her
tears, at least according to Haley. Fine print
Watching the show, it seems like getting the majority of the judges to give you a thumbs
up qualifies you for the next round. However, according to past contestants, this
is not necessarily the case. Season 10 competitor Kayvon Zand said he received
three "yes" votes in the preliminary round, but was told in a "generalized email" from
producers that he would still have to wait to find out if he would actually appear in
the next round. Zand's claim was echoed by Season 7 comedian
Sammy Obeid, who said he earned the necessary amount of "yes" votes, but was later told
he was put on "standby." While Zand and Obeid both wound up making
it to the next round, it looks like not everyone who earns the judges' favor actually gets
to advance, and could be secretly eliminated without getting a chance to perform again
— a fact the show conceals. Controlling the narrative While the show makes it seem like the contestants
get to choose what to perform, some reports claim producers have a heavy hand in determining
what contestants do on stage. After he was eliminated in the second round,
the street performer and magician known as "Special Head" posted a video on YouTube of
an act America's Got Talent allegedly wouldn't allow him to perform: appearing to levitate
another person while producing lightning from his fingers, a follow-up to his self-levitation
that won him the first round. The tell-all book Inside AGT: The Untold Stories
of America’s Got Talent confirms that the show does get to ultimately choose what happens
on stage: "while the artist is allowed input, the final decisions are all made by the show." Wack magic For the initial audition and "Judge Cuts,"
America's Got Talent is not a live show, and some believe this could open the door for
fraud, specifically regarding magic acts. Speculation bubbled to a head in 2017 when
famous YouTube skeptic "Captain Disillusion" posted a long video explaining how the sleight-of-hand
magic act of so-called "visualist" Will Tsai was almost surely faked by producers
using some CGI and creative editing. As Disillusion explains, Tsai is famous online
not for his practical, close-up magic tricks, but for his nifty post-production video skills. So his America's Got Talent "performance"
was most likely pulled off in collaboration with the show's producers and post-production
team — something the show did not advertise. Disillusion also notes that this wasn't the
first time the show used editing in a magic act. "It's a reality show. It's all fake. They can do whatever they want." Thanks for watching! Click the Nicki Swift icon to subscribe to
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35 thoughts on “Proof America's Got Talent Is Totally Fake

  1. How to win AGT

    (1)Have a sad backstory

    (2)Have a very sad and depressing backstory

    (3)Have talent

    (4)Have a sad backstory

    (5)And have a sad backstory

  2. i agree with magic part, it must be a colaboration to entertaint the audience and the judge is no 1 person who can manipulate all of this

  3. I don’t think X Factor is fake. Especially that guy in the bird costume. He never got a yes. He insulted Mel B, then got kicked off the stage. There’s even been a case when someone got arrested because she assaulted the camera men

  4. Well I mean this year that Magician won and he won the championship and second me and my mom we to the web sight or something like that and u could sign up


  6. I don't see a contestant getting 3 or 4 yes votes but not making the next round as proving this is "fake".
    Let's say there are 24 openings to be on the show and of the first 50, 24 get enough yeses.
    What do you do with the other 3000 people waiting to audition?
    They let everyone do their act then take all the ones with enough yes votes and decide who deserves to go on.
    That doesn't make it fake, it makes it fair to people farther down the line to audition.

  7. Oh gee, a completely polished talent show has a few background issues. I’m stunned. And we take the word of a guy who lost and is bitter? ?

  8. I went to go watch AGT live in Pasadena 2 days ago and I can confirm that whole show is fake. Everything is such a set up it really was an eye opener for me. So basically the first 30 minutes of getting in the auditorium they make the whole audience stand up and clap even though there’s nobody performing on stage. They also made us boo and act all excited as if we were watching an act. Yes, it is for entertainment purpose but it’s just sad how they have to use us for clips when a good act actually happens ? I forgot to mention there was also this act that had to repeat their choreography because their illusion wasn’t right and this was after they got 3 yeses!

  9. I don't like this comment section. I know you all are just agreeing with everyone else and making other people feel like sh*t because they didn't "see" it before, but this is all we've seen. How the hell would we not know. We're mislead about so many things through television, its not even funny. I know many of you liked the show the other day and hate it now because you saw other people disliked it. That is called instability. That is why you never truly know yourself. Because you're trying too hard to follow popular opinions.
    Make a biased opinion, be the first domino. Be an independent person, you dimwits. This is another person. It is not as if they have the facts…
    It is just that I see this all the damn time, and I am not in the best mood right now. Maybe it is fake, but this is just another human being. We all have brains, we can all use them. We can all make our own hypothesis. The reason I am being so brutal and blunt is because I did this, and it ruined things for me. I pissed myself off. I would mindlessly read comments about something and never check it out because they didn't like it, after telling myself I was "different." Listen to yourselves, god damn it.
    I know you aren't going to read this because of the loss of likes, and even if you did like it you wouldn't like it, because it doesn't have likes. I know. And if you do because I said that, or you purposely didn't because I said that, either way I'm happy you've read this all the way to the bottom. I'll be nice to you now. Have a great day darling. Please, if you will, let these words guide you.

  10. I don't believe that. If you did believe, then don't fret. Its kind of like propaganda. How we were mislead on what love was, how to be there for someone, just the whole world in general. I am so disappointed… are they aware how much this actually effects people? How I perceive life, and how many times I have disappointed. I have to fight that part every day, and am learning to accept life for how it is, rather than letting my expectations of what it should be get in the way. I know I didn't explain this correctly, and you can add on, but thank you for reading…and I hope you get a sense of what I mean.

  11. So that's why not one of the audience members who's been on throughout all the seasons never said anything ?

  12. I'm as shocked as seeing Italians eat at an Italian restaurant. Blacks eating at a Soul Food Restaurant. Asians eating at Chinese, Tai, & Japanese restaurants. Mexican eating Mexican food with jalapeno peppers. People gambling in Las Vegas!

    I'm so DAM SHOCKED!! HELL NO!!!

  13. How to win at least level 1 of an talent show :

    Just be a miserable poor with a very happy family and boom you can win for sure just because your a poor

  14. On Britain’s Got Talent if u get three on four yeses it doesn’t mean your going to the semi finals. After all the auditions the judges pick 40 acts to go through to the live shows. So even if u get 3 or 4 yeses you still might not get through to the next round. That’s what happens on BGT, I don’t know about what happens on AGT though.

  15. Do an analysis of the America’s Got Talent contract and compare it to the Britain’s Got Talent contract (which is awful and make you a slave)!

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