Greetings everyone! It’s Whindie here! And I’m back with another video! This week, I have a lot coming. And, I do expect to have a little bit of a better quality video in the future With Thanksgiving break coming up. However, I needed something a little bit quicker and easier this week. But I still wanted to upload. So this video isn’t going to be in Animal Jam itself, but it is going to be Animal Jam-related. On Instagram, I create Animal Jam edits for people who pay me in items. I send them a progress shot of it midway through, just so they know that I am creating–that I am starting to create their commission And then they pay me the items. I finish it, and then I send it over to them! Whether it be email or DM, it’s all up to them. Anyways, I do create a lot of these commissions. And I’ve created a good amount of them so far. So in this video, I am going to be sharing my Animal Jam, uh, edits. When I say “edits”, just to be clear, I do mean edits. This isn’t free handed drawing. Although some of it, like the items, I do draw by hand, a lot of it is traced. That’s why it’s called an edit rather than a, um, new piece of art. So just wanted to credit Animal jam and WildWorks for doing a lovely job on the actual art itself. And um, I think that’s it! So without further ado, I’m going to show you guys, my favorite edits that I have done! [intro music] [upbeat music] Those are the commissions! I hope you guys enjoyed this video! And liked getting to see my art process with the edits. Uhm, if you guys want an edit, you guys can follow my Instagram page and check my story and my bio whether or not they’re open. They probably won’t be open for a little bit of–for a little while. Just because I have a lot on my plate at the moment. But yeah *nervous laughter*, you guys should follow me! This is my Instagram handle right there. Also, be sure to subscribe if you guys enjoyed this video or you want to see more art from me. Or, ya know, ya just wanna subcribe 🙂 heh Also be sure to give this video a big thumbs-up if you liked the art. Or because, heh, I have a very attractive little penguin here. I mean, he is just such a big guy and he just he deserved it. How could you not give that look — how could you not give that little penguin a big like? So all in all, thank you guys so much for watching again and I will see you guys next time! [outro music]


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