Prinoth Leitwolf – Snow groomer | Deals on Wheels

we just experienced doesn't it kill Shane Buckingham here from repair unless I'm the grooming team leader here at posterior this is the pronoun flight wolf what we're sitting in its a winch cat it has 1200 meters of cable on it and it exists the machine up the mountain or out the piece so you can groom up to about 45 degrees an angle and do some really interesting to train with it and it works really well for us here at Parker we've got this machine last year for a demo and we purchase purchase at this year and it does everything what we need it to do oh we definitely have a lot of challenges here at Fokker papa and with our Weaver extreme conditions so she's fully set up with all heated windows mirrors so she's got good visibility we'll also got the GPS system going in so I don't get lost and no one else gets lost and we can see the snow depth where we are on the trails and we can get a bit of peace so the challenge is what we have here at this ski field is we have a lot of rocks being a volcano so we have the border now runs up to get them nice and flat what you see overseas so we do a lot of pushing from the sides of the runs a lot of steps pushed down side of holes to get our runs nice and flat with the winch cat side of things you can actually do a lot more than a normal snow groomer machine and it performs 100% better when you're hooked on with the winch get yeah today with in conjunction with Leica Geosystems we're installing the snow howl measuring system so that basically uses GPS referencing in conjunction with a data map like a Aero photography map of the ski resort and measures the distance of the snowcat basically off that base layer so there is some calculate at the snow level it has sensors on the blade and on the cat itself so it can basically tell you what part of the blade is going to theoretically hit something and so you can adjust and groom the resort accordingly you'll basically know where they grab snow from and where to dump it the ski fields that we see in today's will require these machines to build them they're not just like that we use these machines to push the snow around to create the trails and everything else that people want to see on the winch technology that this one has got on it allows us to grow in a very steep pitch and move a lot more snow up and down the hill of people skiing downhill as they turn it brings the snow down we need to bring do it over again typically we run these all night almost every night we have a fleet of seven machines here that we push snow around 11 to 12 hours of grooming every night and through the day then your tiller on the back here comes along behind and cleans up everything else that's been left behind leaves that beautiful cord that you get to see and ski on in the morning

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