PRIMITIVE SKILLS and TRAPS in the WILD | Animal Traps and Snaring | ASMR (Silent)

Fresh snow really hides these snowshoe hare (or varying hare) See if you can spot the live hare! You should be able to spot it now! They rely on their camouflage to protect them from danger. Look for the black eye of the animal! See it yet? Right there! Try to sneak up and catch it! Gone! I’m setting up a traditional snare made from thin wire. The small stick helps direct it’s head through the loop. The loop will tighten around it’s head and cut off blood flow. It’s important to set these perfectly. Setting multiple snares increases chances of success. Whitetail deer track. This hare smells the snare and walks around it. Checking traps next day. Lots of fresh tracks! A successful day! Cleaning the hare by pulling off the fur. The skin is very thin and tears easily. Washing the hair off in the spring fed creek. Snowshoe hare have hardly any body fat, very lean meat. My son joined me for dinner! Cutting dead hardwood to make a warm fire! Yellow birch bark lights up easily as tinder. We have to make very big fires as the wood is often very wet because of the snow. Making a kebob with the heart and liver. The heart is pretty chewy! Drying the meat so I can sear it on all sides to keep it juicy. Very healthy and 100% natural meal! Thumbs up, means it is good!

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  2. Bu adam üniversite okumuştur kesin o tavşanlar sana ne zarar verdi onları canlı canlı donmasını bekleyip acı çekerek ölmesini bekleyip yiyorsun bide you tubeden yayınlıyorsun vijdanını sorguluyormusun bir gün aynı muammeleyi görecekssin allahın adaleti işleyecek pis faşist ben karınca bile incitmem

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  4. Это настоящий любитель природы ! Закалпашил четырёх зайцев , кастрик разводитит тремя палочками спит зимой без матраца .
    Я тащусь от этих робинзонов !!!

  5. HA HA HA! Great Vid/but some kid is missing "FLUFFY" the rabbit looked lost out there, like one of those pen raised quail they turn loose for low IQ hunters to shoot down and most miss them anyways! HA HA HA We will be missing Fluffy!!! LOL Bon Appétit!!!

  6. 토끼 잡아본 사람은 알겠지만 저렇게 얌전히 죽어있지는 않습니다 아들과 보기 좋네요

  7. Growing up i didn't care what we were doing as long as i got my dads undivided attention. I used to ride in his semi truck just because it was him and i. This is so cool.

  8. 子供カッコいいね??

  9. Cuando mueras dios te va tener algo listo pa ti por lo que as echo los animales no son pa marcarlos son pa quererlos y cuidar los y lo que tú ases es inaceptable hombres como tú van a ir al infierno y pagarás por lo que as echo

  10. I always try for at least one rabbit hunt into a rabbit cook out in the woods every year,,just to be primitive ..yuga boog a ..thats cave man talk by the way ,,my wife says huga bugga nug to your wife .that cave women talk ..what ever that means ,,still today can't understand women talk ,,o well ,they'll understand what it means

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