Presidential Dollar Coins 2008 Overview

hello guys thanks for watching my name is Ben thanks for tuning in to my part 2 of the presidential dollar coin update this will be covering the presidential dollar coins it came out in two thousand eight again the presidential dollar coin series is a series through the US Mint commemorating all of our past presidents in chronological order they come out for a year starting 2007 and this happens to be the two thousand eight coins which james monroe john quincy adams andrew jackson and martin van buren so we're going to go ahead and look at this now if you notice my last video in the mail came something like this well in 2008 the Franklin Mint which is where I got these from see right here Franklin Mint envelope they started to ship out the boxes these wood and leather gold leaf boxes that were part of the set when my mother ordered these for me back when I was in high school from a graduation gift so it was kind of cool they give you a nice little commemorative box to store it and it's very nice quality so without further ado let's go ahead and open this up and let me just pan up here so you can see it's very very nice it's got Benjamin Franklin's bust on here with the Franklin Mint around there and gold leaf on velvet and down in here that's where the business is a little chart of the u.s. presidential dollar collection to show you all the presidents that will be commemorated on coins with their in office state so let's move that aside actually I'm sorry that's the birth date on there I was going to say George Washington did not serve for 70 or so years alrighty so in here we have the certificate of authenticity the US Presidential dollar collection okay look at this 24-carat gold edition it says this guarantees that each of the coins in the US Presidential dollar collection is genuine legal tender struck by the US Mint each coin has been hand selected and individually inspected to be in brilliant uncirculated condition and richly layered and 24 karat gold by the Franklin Mint each gold-plated dollar is sealed in a capsule with a hologram meant security seal so let's go ahead and zoom in on this stuff okay so I already took the liberty of putting these coins in the box when I got them in 2008 but I'm actually you right here we have focus in on that here we have James Monroe there we go and in the back you can see his little card which i was explaining in the first video Joe give you guys a moment to read that if you'd like tell us a little bit of information about this president as well as a nice little biography terms of office basically stuff he did as in his presidency and it is life that we're interesting and that card is true for all of the past presidents John Quincy Adams as you see here Andrew Jackson and Martin Van Buren I'm sorry I'm selfish let me go ahead and let you read this if you'd like you can pause the video alright let's go back to andrew jackson right there and martin van buren awesome name kinda looks like my grandfather with crazy sideburns alright so going back to the coins just get you zoomed in so you can see this John Quincy Adams and there's that protective seal that I was reading about earlier so I thought these were just the regular coins on cost saying in the last video the Franklin Mint is not a US Mint but it is a mint for coin collectors that takes coins from the u.s. mint and puts them in little collections or curl and commemorates them for you so they actually took these coins and brilliant uncirculated condition as they were saying and gold plated them 24 karat which is kind of nice yeah let's look at this one I mean I really like coins as I was saying earlier most people don't use coins anymore they hardly use coins you know mainly cash or in my case a debit card I mean I barely carry cash on me anymore as that is but there's something that's really cool about carrying coins in your pocket I used to carry a piece dollar in my pocket I thought I was like you know lucky I thought it was cool but you know after a while I didn't want it to where I mean it was a pretty poor condition peace dollar anyway but I just wanted to kind of preserve that much as possible so I stopped keeping that with me and then one day when I was a coin roll searching and through half-dollar rolls which should be on the YouTube on my youtube channel if you search half-dollar roll search on my channel you can find it I went through and got i think it was like a couple hundred bucks worth of half dollars and i found a few that i needed to fill a book and then i found a few that were forty percent silver and then the rest were all just spending money basically so for about a month i would buy you know food with it i'd go out places and do stuff and I'd pay with stacks of half dollar coins and I thought that was really cool because most tellers don't see that anymore but that's it for this part of the coin collection actually let me go ahead and fill in these first four spots with my coins from 2007 the first four presidents that way we can start filling up this nice little box all right guys all right guys take it easy thanks for watching and I'll see you in the third part of this video coming up next stay tuned you

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