President Trump Says Having A Pet Dog 'Feels A Little Phony To Me' | TIME

you know I was with the people and they're showing me this incredible computerized stuff and where it goes I say could I because Secret Service took me out there the place that they were showing me these German Shepherds are unbelievable they'll run past all these empty boxes and one of the boxes has drugs in a deep down in a box and that comes to a screeching halt barking at them every time so I asked the people that sell the machinery and a lot of money I said let me ask you a question this stuff is incredible I'm really impressed how does it compare to a German Shepherd guy looks at because sir honestly it's not as good can you believe it Germans have certain types of dogs you do love your dogs don't you I wouldn't mind having one honestly but I don't have any time by don't have to how would I look walking a dog on the White House Lord with that right sort of not for I don't know it doesn't I don't feel good feels a little phony phony to me a lot of people say oh you should get a dog why it's good politically I said that that's not the relationship I have with my people we want to have yeah Obama had a dog

46 thoughts on “President Trump Says Having A Pet Dog 'Feels A Little Phony To Me' | TIME

  1. He does not owe you to have a dog. You all just looking for a reason to pick on Trump for whatever he says. And he is actually straigh forward person and say what he think. There is nothing special about dogs. Not everyone want a dog, not every dog owner is a good person. It's not a mandatory to have a dog. Just as Obama smoked. People smoke. Not all smokers are bad people, not all non-smokers are good.

  2. And there it is he mentions Obama, can this man ever go without having to throw Obama under a bus oh, what a piece of crap

  3. Great comment. Dogs are incredible to fight against crime. Phony in the sense that other presidents a have to get a photo opt but really don't have time to spend with them so yes that is phony. Dogs need time love and defecation


  5. Dogs are often good judges of character. My dog loves everybody but once in a while someone will skeeve her out. Maybe that's why he doesn't like dogs.

  6. Yeah, phony like when he parades up and down the stage at a Trump rally clutching a bible and pandering to his fake Christian flock.

  7. As much as Time wants this to be a smear against Trump. This is why people love him. He's authentic. He doesn't do corny disingenuous stunts to try and seem in touch.

  8. Everytime he talks, it's like watching a train wreck. He is the most cringy president we've ever had.

  9. Not hard to see why Trump wouldn't like a dog for various reasons related to being an awful person, not least of which is probably the narcissistic fear of being continually upstaged by it.

  10. To all the imbeciles out here in the comment section, allow me to clarify what your feeble minds could not process.

    Trump did not say owning a dog makes you a phony. He said if he owned a dog at the white house it would make "him" look phony. Keep in mind he is our commander in chief, he is supposed to be running this country, he travels and meets other world leaders, he is a really busy person. Why would a very busy person want to own a pet when you know you wont give it any attention because you lack the time to do so.

    Trump would also look like a hypocrite if he had a dog. A pet requires attention, and when your not around someone else must provide that attention. Trump always criticized the Obama's for having unnecessary(unessential) staff on government pay roll. A dog would need a sitter and this sitter would get paid close to 6 figures. Obama's dog trainer earned $102,000/ year. Paid by us taxpayers, just so the dog can roll over, sit and do some flips. So remind me again why would someone who has criticized unnecessary government workers want to have someone on payroll whose roll isnt essential to the well being of this country?

    Now if Trump did have a dog, and he would be seen just strolling down the white house with his dog on a leash, then me as an American would be worried that my president is lollygagging up and down his gated fence, when this country has problems that need fixing.

    Dont mistake charismatic traits as strong leadership qualities. Sure we all love dogs, but the wiser man knows not to get a pet when your not gonna have the time for it. Its like when you first start fostering and rescuing animals, at first you want to take in as many as you can until you lose one because you could not provide the attention it needed so then you just rescue and foster whats within your reach, there is no need expending yourself.

    There is no need for Trump to have a dog if he is not going to have the time for it. And if he has the time for a dog then its obvious he is not doing his job as president of the United States.

    Also dont compare yourself to our President, you are not of eccentric qualities or importance as our President. Our roles in society are minute compared to that of being president.

  11. He says he doesn't have time for a dog…what about for his son…I'm sure Barron would love a friend! But as ways, it's always about Trump!

  12. Bipartisan Senate Report was released today – “No evidence of Trump-Russia conspiracy.” But the leftwing corporate television news media continues with its Fake News narrative.

    '' These German shepherds are unbelievable, they'll run past all these empty boxes … and one of the boxes has drugs deep down in a box, AND THEY COME SORT OF SCREECHING HALT…..

    Did you know that German shepherd's have feet that 'screech' like car tires?

  14. Good job TIME – an entire hour long speech with great content and you pick the dog thing as "newsworthy" (as if TIME is news) – then you guys wonder why everybody hates you except idiots an traitors.

    If TIME and AP stopped being propagandists today it would take 20 years to get the audience trust back. You guys better start learning to code.

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