19 thoughts on “President Reagan Grooming Horses at Reagan Ranch

  1. Great guy….loved animals like me he’s a god! Respect mr President and respect from Scotland ????????????????????????

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  5. Good Day to all Thank you Kindlly YAFTV For This wonderful Video of President Ronald Reagan!President Ronald Reagan was not only the Greatest actor of all time,he was the Greatest U.S.President in U.S. History We Love President Ronald Reagan from all of our Hearts!Very Sincerlly TG-

  6. Boobiett = dumbfuck.
    Name one president that did not make us go into more debt. Let see how you would run this country, I bet you would've made it worst than Ronnie, since you have no fucking idea how presidency works. Ofc, a dumbass like you wouldn't know.

  7. Why anybody wants to glorify Ronald Reagan, THE WORST President in History of this country.
    He is the reason we are in the deep debt today. He totally dismissed Aids. and he led
    led a false economy and started Reaganomics..Many people, including me, lost there homes and was deep in debt due to his stupidity.

  8. El Alamein — such a beautiful stallion. Ronnie knew how to take care of his horses……even in old age. Only Ronnie could ride the wild stallion into his 80s.

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