9 thoughts on “President Obama's Approval Rating Hits Record-Low

  1. Yes, but in Obamas' defense, all the haters and enemies of America both foriegn and homegrown STILL love the sh-t out of him

  2. Watch the video "The Obama Deception'', to see and hear Obama lie right to your face. Change you can believe in? Transparency in government has become a war on whistle blowers. Accountability in government, has been replaced by a Police Spy State. Obama's legacy? An unbelievable Liar, and Traitor to the People. Michael Taylor [Mr. Monsanto] to head food safety at FDA? Yet another Knife in the Back from Obama. Honestly, what has Obama done for the People?

  3.  Obama fucking up because he let Russian government do whatever they want. now the russian think they the boss now. Obama i known you the first BLACK you don't want to look bad. But you got to put that LYING ass Russian government in they place if you don't the whole world will look at US funny and step all over US, that cause more problem for US in the long run… let FUCK THE RUSSIAN GOVERNMENT UP we are with you 100% and WILL love you. WE APPROVAL IT TO YOU.

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