1. I have to say what's funny is my first dogs name was Elijah a white sheppard and the dog I have now is Prada a Dogo . #Greatnamedude #onelove

  2. jail dogs that daft fucking solicitor who couldnt handle them and they ripped the shit out of the poor wifey.my uncle had a flat in tenerife and there was a ton of presas gorgeous dog but the lifespan is shite

  3. Beautiful Dogs well done ? I have a 9 month male brindle Presa canario and a 4 year old female pit bull. I would agree with everything I heard in this video Defiantly not a first time dog and extremely protective of the home which we also have kids and a cat. He loves the cat. I have had the opportunity to foster and home many different dogs from chows to retrievers multiple pit bulls & I feel these dogs are very special,unique and extremely intelligent ?

  4. Humans can opt out of cosmetic surgery, but dogs aren’t so lucky. We choose for them—and we often choose painful, unnecessary procedures such as ear-cropping and tail-docking. To give certain breeds so-called “desirable” traits, unscrupulous veterinarians perform cruel, disfiguring surgeries that cause dogs great suffering.

  5. If you want a mastiff, get a Dogue De Bordeaux. These dogs are "gentle giants" they are a family friend and not overprotecting. Pity that their life expectancy is short.

  6. I was gonna get a presa but ended up getting a cane corso because I already have a 5kg miniature pinscher x jack russel and I thought the enormous size difference may be a problem when they play lol but to be honest my cane corsi is 2 and now 45kg and extremely athletic and when the 2 play together it’s quite a challenge for the little guy anyway but he’s a tough son of a bitch and likes the challenger lol

  7. This cunt cut his dogs ears …Fuck him …For that alone he is now an OXYGEN thief ..I wish harm upon people like this

  8. Anda inbecil lucrador de animales trabaja no vivas de los animales vago profesional no se cortan las orejas a los perros mejor cortante él pene los dedos huevonazo

  9. Jesus a 40 pound American pit bulldog can easily take down a full grown man you don't need a big ass dog they're just more intimidating

  10. Want an ''Ultimate Protector'' breed for your property or yourself? Out of more than 400 breeds, there's only 2 breeds that will kill just about anything, including brown bears and grey wolves, if need be, to protect you or/and your property. However, they are working dogs and don't do well as companions/pets, they do best when used as attack or guard dogs or even as shepherd dogs. These two breeds are the Caucasian Ovcharka(The military USSR bloodline Ovcharka not the mountain dog) and Sarplaninats(The plains type). These breeds don't need any training whatsoever, when it comes to guarding and fighting as they are ancient primitive breeds and it's in their genes and training them actually messes with their fighting efficiency because they are not used to biting hands and legs like other breeds and like it is taught in attack training by trainers – and they won't attack to fight like other breeds they instinctively go for the takedown and then for the neck and kill, its in their genes and that's why they are so effective. By far the only two breeds that are on another level when it comes to defending and fighting.

    And by the way, I'm talking from experience here, my brother is a Vet and a breeder so I had the chance to work with almost every single Molosser and Mastiff breed in existence over the past 10 years such as Bully Kuttas, Tibetan Mastiffs, Kangals, Cane Corsos, Dobermans and so on… But not a single breed was as good as these two, the Caucasian Ovcharka and Sarplaninatz are really in a league of their own. Another thing about these two breeds is that they are ancient primitive breeds and genetically pure, they are not used as pets which means that U.S and Western European kennel clubs, breeders and people don't use them as show dogs or companions(pets) which means they didn't mess with their genes so they are still genetically pure and not ruined like other breeds are. I ended up buying 2 Caucasian Ovcharkas and one Sarplaninatz myself, just about 4 years ago and I don't think I will ever own any other dog breed as a guard / attack dog. <3

  11. I feel like The USA has the worst breed Standards for many dogs… Dobermans, Cane Corsos, Presas, Rotties all look much better in Europe & Canada. American Dobermans are just a wreck. These presas dont look so good aswell.

  12. I'm fairly certain that I own a Presa that was rescued and believed to be a mastiff mix. I'm fairly certain now that I've accidentally discovered this breed that he may be one, even if it's mixed with something else because he looks like one and even has the personality traits that you were talking about. Everything so far about the Presa sounds and looks exactly like my dog. I was wondering if you would be willing to talk to me about them somewhere else so I can show you pictures of him, if you would like, as well as talk about presas

  13. See guys on here talking about dog fights and what a pit can or cant do in fight with presa….thats sort people hope never own my breed as gives them bad name and is lethal in there hands.. stop talking about dog fighting you sound so childish and stupid ..hopefuly no dog has the misfortune of being in your ownership truely hope not just presa but any breed or animal in your care …as your sad excuse for human being

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